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Kitty Shots

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I have a friend that just lost her 3 year old Cornish Rex to Lukemia. He had been tested before & tested negative & was current on his shots. He has had Herpes Virus also. Does anyone know if this goes hand & hand. Also has anyone ever heard something about the shots can cause the diease. And that yearly shots are not necessary? Just wondering ...
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sorry to hear about your friends cat. yes i think that on very rare occasions a live vaccine can cause a disease. i aslo dont really find it neccessary to get all the vaccinations if a cat is stickly indoors though there is that one small chance that the cat could escape one day and thats when you would regret getting those vaccines.
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I thought I had heard that some where before. All of her kitties are inside kitties. I do not get the shots for my kitties. They are inside kitties also. Living in Texas it is State Law to get the Rabies shot once a year even though the shot is good for 3 years. My kitties do not get that either. My 2 dogs get it though. Thanks for the info...
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Hi Uscats

There was a thread about vaccinations before. I thought you might want to read it maybe.

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Although this page deals with information gathered about vaccinations and dogs, it's nonetheless interesting reading and makes one wonder...


I, for one, have decided not to vaccinate my dogs or cats again, having weighed the risks and benefits of vaccines.
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