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Wish me luck today

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Today is my first day back at work after my surgery this past Thursday. Hope all goes well My desk is more than likely covered with stuff for me to do too Two days off and a week to get caught up...oh well Wish me luck.
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You got tons of luck coming from me Cathi.......hope my surgery goes as well as yours!
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Prayers for you today!
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Good Luck hope all goes well
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Thanks I am armed with all my medications so hopefully that will keep the beast at bay. I also have my portable heating pad to help with the pain too. I guess as far as I know that it is okay for me to go back to work, I can't really remember what doc said. Man where is Ken when I need him oh yeah he's at work too. Guess I need to give the docs a call anyway to let them know how I am doing.
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Don't overdo it today! If you need a break take one. Remember you health always has to come 1st!
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Good luck today and remember to take care of yourself
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Good luck and take care of yourself!
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Oh Dear Cathi, definitely you count with my good wishes and thoughts!!!! Good luck!
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Good luck - I hope it all goes ok. Sending ((empty desk)) vibes your way.
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Best of luck with today Cathi!
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Good luck, and don't overdo it!
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Thanks all Things went rather well today, I only took one Tylox at work today. I also used one of those stick on heating pads for your back on my bladder area today and that helped a whole lot. All in all it wasn't a super horrid day, I am just real tired tonight.
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I'm glad your day went well.
Go get some rest.
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So glad to hear everything went well for you today.
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Have a good rest tonight Cathi. I'm glad it went well.
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