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What a rotten night........

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Well, tonight I decided to start my holiday baking. It hasn't gone too well so far. I've had to throw out 2 batches of chocolate fudge.......for some reason it just won't set. After the fudge episode, I moved on to cookies........ I won't go any further......I just don't know what the *^@% is going on!!! I'm a really good cook and love to bake but someone, somewhere has sent some evil thoughts my way.

Oh well, off to the store to pick up more ingredients to start over tomorrow.........
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Oh Catherine! Bummer! I sure hope that you have better luck tomorrow.
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sending you some good vibes Hope they turn out better tomorrow.....otherwise, make up some chocolate chip cookie dough and enjoy!
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Cathrine no worries....if you bake as much as you say you know that fudge can be a very fickle thing...and then because of that it probably rattled you so that the cookies also shared an equally unapitizing fate...I am sure tommorows baking will be much more productive.....
But just in case here are some good vibes to counter act those evil ones

(<--- Good Vibes)
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Wanna hear something really funny?
I called my mom tonight and she has also thrown out 1 batch of chocolate fudge, 1 batch of peanutbutter fudge and 3 batches of divinity fudge!!!! But get this.........she's a chef!!!!

Oh boy, oh boy......I guess it's just not our night!
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Originally Posted by Nebula11

(<--- Good Vibes)
Ah, I've never seen the actual vibes. Cool Nebula11!

Catherine, don't worry about the fudge. That's how a definition of fudge came to be: Avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues). (I use WordWeb's free dictionary... )

Your fudge wanted to fudge and not become fixed fudge.

Hope it goes better for you tomorrow!
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the saddest part though has to be the loss of all that potential fudge...
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Originally Posted by mrsd
Ah, I've never seen the actual vibes. Cool Nebula11!

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Geez it's just not a night for fudge is it? Once you have made a perfect batch, let me know!
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Originally Posted by Nebula11
the saddest part though has to be the loss of all that potential fudge...
Not to mention, the loss of all those expensive, chopped pecans!!!
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yummy! fudge
Sorry it was less than productive in your baking adventures tonight. Better luck tomorrow!
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Can you convert flubbed fudge into ice cream topping or something? I always made the marshmallow creme fudge, I think it is fool proof. Becky
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Oh sorry to here your haveing a bad cooking night hope it works out better for you tommorrow
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Oh, I have a hard time making fudge, Mine doesn't set right either so I melt it back down and cook it a little longer till it sets year I had to re-melt it twice!
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I also burned the life out of my first batch of cookies this year, and I agree, it's just like throwing away money, not to mention the discouraging feeling! Sure hope tomorrow is a better baking day for you, Catherine! Please let us know how it goes!
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Oh Catherine, I think that has happened to all of stinks, doesn't it?
Hang in there................
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Thanks for all the good vibes guys! It worked!!
I started over again tonight and it's such a great batch of fudge that I broke the spoon stirring it!!!

Oh well, one batch down, one to go then on to cookies!! I guess last night just wasn't my night.
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Sending you the "go buy Pillsbury cookie dough" vibes and hope they turn out O.K.
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I once had a cooking teacher that told us that if we weren't in a good mood when we cooked, our food could possibly not turn out as well as if we were in a happy mood.

I have actually found this to be true - when I really am in the cooking mood everything turns out great - as soon as I'm stressed about something it's not so good.
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