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Kitten can't breathe through her nose

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Please help, I've been to the vet and my new kitten, 12 wks, has a virus. The vet had to give her fluids to get her pepped up and she has a fever. She's on antibiotics but she can't seem to get a breath through her nose which seems to be very stressful to her. I've done the saline drops and the steam from a shower. Is there anything I can do?
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You may try to put her in a closed room & put -a pan which contain vix or any chest rub which used for children- on a stove & let your kitty inhale the vapour.
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You can use a decongestant spray (neosynephrine/tolazoline containing ones). But you shouldn't use them more than 3 days. I have read that sometimes they apply antibiotics injections directly in the nasal passage ??

What kind of a virus does she have ? Lysine (500 mg) is good against the Herpes Virus.

Antibiotics kill the disease causing bacteria as well as the beneficient bacteria in the intestines. So you can give her some yogurt or lacto-bacillus pills for her gastrointestinal tract.
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They will ultimately inflame the nasal passages and close them off causing your kitten further distress. What does your vet tell you to do? He/She is the expert after all. That is who you really need to listen to. What type of virus does she have? What type of antibiotic is she on, you need to give it time to kick in and work...
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My older cat Mollie Rose had an upper respiratory infection that caused her nose to be stuffed to the point where she wouldn't eat because she couldn't smell her food.

There are pediatric nose drops called "Little Noses", made of saline that's used on babies and is also okay for cats. It does clear up the nose. I know cust I've tried it.

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I am not a cat expert, but I know both of my kids have used the plain saline nose drops. There is no "drug" in it, just plain saline to help open up the passages. I can't imagine that these could be harmful to a kitten either....maybe you could ask your vet if you could use some of this type of saline to help.
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My vet was the one who suggested the non-medicated saline "Little Noses".
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Saline solutions aren't dangerous. They are just salty water.

I have a deviation in my nose, so my nose gets stuffy a lot. Unfortunately, saline solutions don't make my nose comfortable; they don't do anything to me actually ! But that's me

I wrote about the drugged nasal spray for a more serious case. (I have read this as a vet's advice in one of the web sites). Drugged nasal sprays work for a few days but as Hissy said they will cause more inflamation of the nasal membrane when they are over used & will cause more stuffiness. So the user will want to use more nasal spray to get comfortable, thus it will mean more inflamation, more spray, more inflamation, more......

And please don't think that I'm trying to prescribe any drugs like a vet. Lysine is an amino acid supplement which is found to work against the herpes Virus replication mechanism. I have learned about it from internet (from veterinarian sites) but my vet didn't know about it. That's why I mentioned it.

Your vet always knows better about your cat(s)
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