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New Job!!!!

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Well, I am no longer unemployed and haven't decided how I feel about it I start at 8 AM tomorrow!
I quit my previous job for a few reasons, 1) I hated it 2) It was getting to be too much for my back 3) I could afford too
Now I have been very bored and would like some extra money... money that doesn't go to bills
So I applied for a job to be a Gas Bar Attendant (nice way of saying that I will be a cashier at a gas station )
AND I got it hehe, It is part time 3 - 4 shifts of 8 hours per week, either
6 AM - 2 PM or 2 PM - 10 PM. The major plus is that I will make more at this job than I did at my old one which was FULL time Another PLUS!, it is only 3 blocks from my house!
The bad side? Not as much time to spend on TCS
I know I should be happy about it and in time I will be but it will be such a change from anything that I have done so I am a bit nervous!
Hehe I just thought I would share with you all and I'll post about how it goes when I get home after my 1st day
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Heyyy congrats.....I need a new job...I dont get any hours and crap for pay..I hope you like your new job, and I am real happy you found one because the market out there sux......and my last job was a gas station cashier...its an easy luck again..I am so happy for you
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Congratulations, Ashley! Even if all it is is the thing that allows you to bide your time for the perfect (or closer to it) job, that's no small thing.
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Congratulations, Ashley! Wow, 3 blocks from your house, how great is that! Hope you love your new job, look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow!I know you'll find time for us in your new busy schedule!
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Congratulations!! I did the same thing in September and I have to say I love my new job, and feel more appreciated even though I have only been there 3 months,(they even gave me a Christmas Bonus). Enjoy the new job and let us know how its going.
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Congratulations!! Don't worry you will be fine it's always hard to start a new job good luck.
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I'm sure you'll do fine! I'm always very nervous to start at a new place too.
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Congratulations! Sounds like a good deal!
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Congrats Ashley! Best of luck for tomorrow!
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Congrats is very intimidating to start a new job. Being the new kid on the block, having to learn new things, etc, but take it from me, hang in there and you'll be fine. Can't wait to hear how it goes........We're with ya, in spirit!!
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Congratulations - what a nice Christmas present!
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Don't get cold! Hopefully you enjoy your new job and at least it is close to home.
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Congrats. Good luck for your first day - we'll all be thinking of you.
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, and good luck!
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I'm happy for you! Congrats!
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