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Oh no.. chicken bones!!!!!

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My foster cat, Max, is 5 months old. We had buffalo wings for dinner and he got one of the bones out of the trash This has never happened before, Im not sure what to expect. What do I do? Should I take him in to the vet right away? What can they do? What should I watch for in him? Hes currently acting fine, but Im scared to death
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Kat, I believe the main danger is that Max would choke on a bone splinter. You can probably relax a bit now, but there is always the possible risk that bone splinters can puncture a kitty's gastrointestinal tract causing internal injury, so of course if he shows any signs of illness or distress, you know to contact your Vet promptly. I'm sure your Vet knows your voice as many babies for whom provide such wonderful love and care.
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Are you sure he ate the whole bone? Search everywhere.. maybe he just played with it? I would just keep a close eye on him and if he vomits or stops eating then I would probably get him to the vet.
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Thanks Steph and Sicy
I found part of the bone this morning, all the way in the den! Looks like he only chewed off one end and then lost interest, thank goodness! Hes acting like his usual obnoxious self, which is a relief. I'll keep an eye on him though just to be sure.

Its difficult getting to know a new kitty... hes terrible to have around when Im trying to sleep. Last night I got so sick of being woken up every hour, many times, that I finally shut him in the bathroom upstairs. He woke me up about an hour later with a shattering sound... raced my butt in there and saw that he pushed a candle off a shelf and shattered it. *sigh* Its a good thing hes so cute, because he sure is a lot of trouble
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my kitten has a habit of getting food out of the trash. my sisters room is less that sanitary and she leaves chicken bones on the floor after shes got a take away - bleurgh!

maverick just takes the bones out of her room and either brings them to me as a present or plays with them for a while. the worst was when we heard her crying and she had a chicken bone stuck on her tooth! shes managed to pierce the bone with her teeth and had it caught on her tooth and couldnt shake it off or shut her mouth.

shes also chocked on a spare rib and my boyfriend had to give her the hiemlich manouver.

moral of this story is keep a better eye on bin raiding kittens!
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This is great, Kat! He's just his into every thing self!
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