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CFA & TCA Reg. Himmies

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Coming in Late November- Brand new Himmie furbabies, This is my first litter with our new Blue point Male. We are expecting some beautiful colors in this litter! Some of them are Blu point, FlamePoint, Lilac, Blue cream& Seal Point. Stop by my web page and fill out a kitty application today to reserve your furbaby today! www.tysdalkittens.com
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Hi Deb! Glad to see you here!

I didn't know that CFA was registering doll faced Persians! Is that something new?
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You can register just about any breed of cat you want to in almost all the associations.... BUT... Doll faced persians are not a regocnized breed able to show for championship in any association.

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I didn't know long-nosed persians were called doll-faced. That's nice!
Once I used to be against flat-faced cats, but I must admit that after getting Violetta (an American style Exotic) I can no longer look at my old Persians without thinking "what a long nose and foxish look!!". I think that purebred cats should be somehow "extreme", seems like there are too many lookalikes now among different breeds.
What do you think?
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Lookalikes? No each cat or kitten is different. Their are some that has a long nose but not all. Extreme is the Peke (flat face) persian. They say extreme so all will know that their Persians are the extreme flat face. Everyone has their own preference.Mine happens to be dollface. I do like some of the extreme face kittens.
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I must admit I'm not too keen on flat faced Persians. It's not the flat nose so much as the low lying eyes. I find their faces a bit disturbing, especially in some very extreme cats. I also know that too many of these cats suffer from health problems, especially with eyes, sinuses and breathing and I think that breeding to such extremeties is not fair towards the cats.

I also don't like seeing flat faced dog breeds. It's even worse with dogs, as they always seem to be panting and have difficulty breathing - you can actually hear them wheezing all the time, poor little things.

I really don't understand why they don't let doll-face Persians compete in shows. I think that flat-faced are so different from old fashioned Persians they deserve to have a category of themselves. I really don't think there are many breeds that looks like doll-faced Persians. I think they have a distinctive look and are easy to tell apart from any other cat.

Just my 2 cents
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Once I was disturbed by flat-faced cats too, but I must say that the more I see them, the more I like them. Of course some are not beautiful, but this depends on the breeder.
Nose problems are not necessarily related to flat face: seems like breeders are working harder and harder to solve this problems. So my doll-faced persian Lucia (she was "home-made" by a friend who just "threw 2 cats together") has always running eyes and black stains on her face, while my extreme type Exotic, bred by a very good CFA breeder working with the best American bloodlines, never has conjunctivits and the like. Of course when she gets up in the morning she sneezes a lot to free her nose - I'm afraid I do this too!!

Of course good breeders should me more into making healthy cats than just beautiful cats.

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