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So Cold.....-17 C

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Holy, it's sooo cold here today, and so scary to drive. I almost wiped the car out 3 times just on the way home from work. They say the cold is a record for this area.......I hope it goes away soon.
We already had like 2 feet of snow, and we got another 20 cm today in just 12 the wind has picked up, and it's blowing it everywhere.
It's a nasty day here!
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Hehe,its around 30 F here...was -15 F in the morning..

New Hampshire is a cold state.
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It is 31 here, supposed to snow tomorrow, I hope so! Oh wait, I have to work and have no car, ok, lets hope the snow waits until tuesday when I will be off work and home baking cookies!
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i dont know how cold it is here but i dont dare to go outside
where are you from?
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It's very cold here, too, -19 C, I had to go out to pick up some things and I thought I'd freeze! Thankfully there's only a sprinkling of snow, here, though.
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A couple of years ago we had about 6 hours between flights - we were in Chicago and it was about a week before Christmas. We decided to catch the train in from O'Hare Airport to the city for a look around. When we got to the city it was -16. That was the coldest I've ever been in my entire life, we lasted about 10 minutes outside before heading back to the airport and waiting for our flight to somewhere warmer.

Brrrrrr you have my sympathies.
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OMG!!! It IS soooooooooooooooooooooooo Cold here, too!!!!!!!!
I HATE when it is this cold--and all I can think about is the poor little animals outside, who cannot get in from the cold!!
I did go up and feed my feral/stray kitties tonight, and gave them an extra amount of warmed up food and water. It was so sad to see them, as some of them were sitting in front of the water bowls(not drinking), just trying to get a bit warm from the warmth of the water sitting next to them.
I came home and began to tell my DH and started crying when I told him that....
I did bring up more little shelters for them, and put them under an out-building near the GrainMill where they all live.... At least I know they will have some more places to cuddle up in tonight....
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I always think about the birds in the trees. How do they stay warm up higher, with the wind whipping through like that?

Stay warm everybody! Wear your coats. Pay your power bills. Exercise? No? Umm, okay, grab an afghan then...
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Oh Brrr you guys! Here I wore a short sleeved shirt today... that did not help it feel like Christmas! But you guys be safe and stay warm!
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It was coooolllllddddd here today here too. Not quite that cold though. I think it was about 25 degrees maybe a little less. But tomorrow it's supposed to be colder. YUCK! I hate the cold. Why then, do you ask, do I live in Iowa? Because I'm stupid! LOL! seriously I DO hate the cold! but what can you do???
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It was snowing tonight. I really do not enjoy the winter. When I lived in Florida we would complain and think it was freezing when the temperature dropped to 40 or 50. I only lived there for 5 years and moved back up to NJ almost 6 years ago but I still cannot adjust to this cold weather!!! Maybe I should start migrating.
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Nice and hot here today! Definitly feels like summer again!
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27º and Snowing here -- I love it
My husband on the other hand, well he's grumbling about it. Supposed to get real cold tomorrow.
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right now, at 12:30 at nite, it is 17* F... whew, cold!

today it was like 30.. and i wore a hoodie, and i wasnt cold... cept for my hands!
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21 degrees and snowing here right now,The high tomorrow is supposed to be 31!
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I think we have you all beat here in Cleveland...........last time I checked it was -27F !!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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What sort of coat do you wear when it gets that cold

(this is a real question - I live in California and I cannot FATHOM that degree of coldness.)
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Well, I may have been exageratting a bit on the -27F, but it sure feels like it. Last time I checked, it was 7F out. You just bundle up as much as you can.......
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We've been averaging about -5 C here during the day, but it's supposed to drop down to -11 to -14 C tonight. Jamie doesn't want to go on his walks, and I've been wearing my ankle-length down coat! The train was standing-room only this morning, because an awful lot of people couldn't get their cars started.
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