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Santa Spottings

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Where have you spotted Santa this year during the holidays.

Your answers can include "real" santas (dressed up in full x-mas garb) or can include men that just LOOK a lot like Santa (big guy, long white beard).

We've seen him in some unusual spots this year, thought recently in more of the "usual" places...

Riding his bike

Collecting cans

Raking someone's front lawn (maybe his off-season home, hehe)

The Mall

My local beauty parlor (he came with two of his elves for a visit)

Our local pizza shop

and today, riding around on a firetruck waving to kids in the neighborhood (and me!)

How bout you?
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i saw one outside woolworths trying to sell wrapping paper
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LOL....This will sound funny, But I had a cigarette break with Santa, and 3 elves today!
(The salon I work at is in a mall.....we have a hidden break area)
I've seen him at Wal-Mart and the Pet Store too!
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and the Mall so far

My teacher, her son is starting to not believe anymore.. he's 9.. and she has 3 younger children(6,4,2).. So she doesnt want him to ruin it for them... SO they are going to set u a video camera looking towards to tree.. and her husband is dressing up and putting the presents under the tree.. and then they will wake up and say, 'lets see if we caught Santa last nite'.. and then he will see him.. and still believe! cute idea huh!
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Does a life size Santa robot count? There are a lot of those wiggling their bellies infront of stores.
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Standing in front of the apartment complex across the street from mine. The disturbing thing is, my boyfriend realized that this Santa is a female...
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I saw Santa in my living room and at my son's school.
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Coming home from my inlaws tonight...

we saw Santa driving a black van that said "get ziggy with it" on the side! I'm not kidding! LOL
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