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Collar question...

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Okay, I feel dumb even asking this , but... do you think this collar is too feminine for a male cat?

I know, I know, the cat couldn't care less if he's wearing a girlish collar, but I do! I bought new collars today, the one pictured above for the boys and the cutest purple one with butterflies for Essie, but now I'm thinking maybe ladybugs and flowers are too 'girlish' for a male cat - LOL, does the fact that I'm worrying about my cats' fashion make it entirely clear that I have way too much time on my hands? What do you think, too feminine?
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No, to me it looks nice.
Infact i bought a collar thats black and diamonds on it!!!
He cant wear it though coz he is still small but it is reserved with he is older
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LOL, I showed it to Tiggy, and he says it's fine!
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My cats refuse to wear a collar! I've tried. They tear it off. Since they never leave the house, I don't sweat it.
That collar looks fine to me.
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You can try it out on him. If he starts acting like he's embarrased then you might think about a new style.
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It's not pink and ladybugs. I think it's fine.
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Jasper is sitting on my lap as we speak and he just asked for one just like it so it must be ok
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Hey The Sammycat approves of it. If the Sammycat likes it, it has to be fine....he doesn't like any thing
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Sierra and I believe your boys will be quite handsome in their new collars, Kylie!We hope to see modeling pics!
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I think it's perfect!. I've bought Rosie and Sophie matching blue ones with a blue metallic bell and their girls
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I think its fine and if you have too much time on your hands I have cleaning that still needs to be done!!
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my kitten has a pink fluffy marabou collar for special occasions and a silver glitter one for every day use ---- and you think you have too much time on your hands?!

the collars lovely, he'll be a credit to you wearing it.
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It is an ecological collar and makes a statement about his commitment to preserve wildlife. Or did I get that wrong somewhere? I have a similar dilemma in htat my daughter sent me a loepard printed one for Persil, but I think it looks like cheap 70's fashion. But my daughter will be upset if she doesn't wear it, at least in one photo.
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