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ENYA's Music

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My cats LOVE it! They come sauntering in, sometimes running in the rom when I put on her CD's.
She has a voice like an angel.
Do your cats like any particular music??
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That's what I'm listening to right now. Do your cats hear it? %^

Only Time from the A Day Without Rain album
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Toes likes the COPS theme, "Bad Boys". I've changed the words to "Bad Kitties, Bad Kitties, whachya gonna do? Wachya gonna do when the Toeser comes for you?" and Toes just freaks. He loves it and if cats could dance, he does.
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hmm i havent seen my kitty like the music yet lol
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Charlotte likes Nick Lachey, especially his slower love songs!!
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Yep when I play a Yanni CD The Sammycat will flop down right by the speaker on my desk. He has done that ever since he was little and will come running from another part of the house to do so when he hears the first notes played.
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Fred likes me to sing to him. I will hold him and song softly in his ear, and he will lay his head on my shoulder and purr.
I took in a stray mama cat once that liked the classic rock station on the radio. While I would fill her bowl for breakfast, she would turn on the radio for me. She liked MTV, too. I had another kitty that liked clasical music.
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Milky adores not only Ennya´s Cd´s but also Yanni´s Cd´s too!!!!!
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Aw, my Enya CD is broken, I can't try it on Baylee! I have yet to find a song she responds to, but here's hoping one day I will!
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We just found our old Enya cd, I should try that on Meish... I haven't found anything she really likes... however I know she HATES jingle dogs
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