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And yet another thread from the past

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Twice yearly Nancy and I roundup the cats/dogs/bird and visit the vet for various test looksee and such. Dogs are springtime teeth cleaning (if required) and entail asking them if they want to go for a ride. JUMPING up and down they run to the truck.

Regardless if we ask the cats or not, we close all the doors in the house, trying to make sure they are all in the same area. SOMEHOW one or more of them are not. Search up and down.... finding then under the couch/stairs/chairs/bookshelves/laundryroom/bedrrom/bathroom tub/or the dishwasher 1 time, is always fun. Each of the 4 cats have an assigned carrier and towel so the weight remains the same when we weigh them and the fight to get them INTO the carrier begins. How can one little cat fight so hard? Multiply by four (thank goodness Tigger doens't need to go this trip) the machinations they perform to not go and life goes on. Couple of scratches (nothing to worry about) later we have them ALL in the carrier... hmmm that's only taken 43 minutes this time. Something must be wrong....

Carry them out to car and put carriers into seatbelts..... Kitty Choir starts

You'd think we were going to remove the toenails with dogbites or something...

Nice blending of tones this time. High screech and low bass growl.... hmm did they practice this time? If so... didn't hear them doing it.

Getting out of car at vets.... Oh lets run/crawl quicly back and forth to end and end of carrier... make it much more difficult to carry them....

ONE LOUD SCREECH to attract attention of all dogs in office to they start barking and howling.... hmmm nice tenor there from that small dog....

Oh yes... lets not forget the hissing at EVERYONE just to let them know I'm not in a good mood.

OH... we're in the vets exam room. It's time to be nice and cuddle with everyone to keep them guessing. Oh yes.... Three legged cat Charlie is jumping up on counter and trying to explore into cabinets and make Vet person appreciate how skilled I've gotten in jumping... (he's developed into a very musclebound shape also.... ) look at me I'm in perfect health....I don't need no stinking forth leg....

Oh.. it time to go into flaky time... run around the room bouce off walls/people/doors/anything available and slide bounce turn... Hmm no change. That darn vet is still going to look me. Better shift into sweet cuddle time.

Oh... time to sleep.....

hmmm needle I better scream to let all those dogs know it's going to hurt. Hmm nice howl this time

Sigh.... back into the cages (walk right in now) sleep/nap

Oh... time to leave.... lets start howling/growling

Back in car.... TAKE US HOME

ah... that's home. HEY LET ME OUT FIRST

I think I'll sulk in the corner and not pay any attention to them I'm not coming out of this cage

I'll fix you and stay in here.... OH WAIT the others are getting a treat I better go get mine. Leg bonk.... PURR PURR PURR

Thank you slave. I'll tell you the next time I want something to eat. Go away
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Last time we took more thatn one pet to the vet it was kittens. We did have one male who started the "Are we there, yet?" as soon as we left the driveway.

Yes, kitties, keep the vet and staff guessing... mwah-ha-ha-ha...
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Gee I feel like you are talking about me!!!
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I know that feeling! I don't know who's worse - Jamie, or one of my mom's dogs, who weighs 100 lbs. and has to be carried into the office!
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I didnt need a carrier for my kitt, i just put him in my long jacket!
BUt he did start mew mewing in the car as if im scared let me out
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