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Tiggger, Shadow AND Charlie were in flaky feline mode this afternoon. Three cats tearing around the house, performing bounce turns (90 degree turns that may or may not involve bouncing off a slave [cats are masters, humans are slaves] )and other random acts of master actions that generally end with a sudden flop on the floor or cat chair with a look of: "I've been resting what's your problem and why are you looking at me like that?" It can be disconcerting to be sitting at a computer and suddenly have a cat laying on your lap and than launch himself to run around the house as quickly as he jumped on your lap.

I went downstairs to find that Laptop and Sterling were curled up together in the clean laundry basket so methinks that whatever was causing the flaky conditions upstairs had not migrated to the basement.
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and this is the cat that the in-laws wanted to have put down your continuing posts of Tigger are so inspiring - see what miracles happen when slaves know how to do their job
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My in-laws do not wish any pet to suffer, hence they normally put them down. I should point out that they had darling wife take the cat to the vet for a quality of life opinion (as they had previous pets). Darling wife is a nurse and has knowledge of kidney failure so she told them that Tigger would stay with us till he no longer had a good life. Tigger "seems" to like it here and his kidney disease is not progressing very quickly. Hooray for that.
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Sterling, our diabetic long haired master, is going to the vet today for a 12 hour test. Tigger will be in fine fettle once he returns, because that "evil vet smell" will be brought into the house. Tigger hates being taken to the vet and apparently the odor is brought home. Be it dog, bird or cat the smell comes and he'll be cranky for awhile. We really have quite the chorus when we take three or more of the masters to the vet. Such weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth you've never heard. Every one of our cat masters (we humans are slaves to the masters - just ask them they will confirm this statement) has a different and special song they sing when its off to the vet.
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Oh, the poor things, and poor humans!

I hope it all goes well. I, too, hate diabetes.
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That is sooo great that you can take care of Tigger financially. Not many people can do that when the expense is sooo high
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Sterling, who practically jumped into his slaves arms when she went to get him from the evil vet, endured his testing rather well. His diabetes is under control. Tigger was not as cranky as we thought he'd be, but I attribute that to his being put in his room prior to darling wife leaving for vet. We found that have to put Tigger in his own room so we can let all the other masters have time with us since he will attack Sterling and Laptop. He's just plain nasty to them. Sterling and Laptop were put downstairs and Tigger brought upstairs. Tigger wasn't too upset but he did detect the smell of the "evil vet".
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Tigger decided that he had to test my alertness. Walking down the hall he would stop in front of me. I had to stop suddenly. Walk two feet forward and stop. Another sudden stop on my part. Walk another two feet forward and stop one more time. I had to brake quickly or run over my master (cats are masters and humans are slaves. Just ask them and they will tell you) Walk three feet this time and stop. By this time I've waited for him to walk further. Tigger looks at me and turns quickly into his drinking bathroom. I walk to the bathroom door and ask him if wishes me to turn on his water. I does and I do.
I must give him a back rub for at least 15 seconds before he drinks (I think he's waiting for the water to get cold but he waits none the less) He starts drinking, which is my signal to stop the attention. I may now go about my normal daily business until he decides that I must do something else.
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Darling wife (DW) and I went to see an old friend (a real little old lady whom we dearly love) who has three masters and a dog. Two of the three masters (cats are our masters BTW, humans are slaves) came to investigate, get attention and otherwise make themselves an interested party in the knitting that DW was doing. DW is knitting a shawl for sale (breast cancer) that is made of Alpacka (donated by Alpacka farms) For reasons unknown to all, two of the cats were enthralled. Sticking nose into knitting bag, bonking the ball of yarn and watching with great interest the yarn as it traveled to the needles. Helper kitties and "Lets play with the yarn"

We bid goodbye and go home. Tigger greets us at the door; discovers that we have been with other cats (and a dog) and cops an attitude that "YOU'VE BEEN WITH ANOTHER CAT!" and acts offended. We go watch TV (and DW starts knitting again) when Tigger comes over and sniffs me up and down. Hmmm I'm not so upset now, just initially offended. I'll go sniff primary slave. Hmmm she wants to play yarn ball with me. Ok.. I can do that. Oh wait it's that Alpacka. I've got to bonk it. Nuzzle and purr. Oh it's moving. I have to play with it. It's


I'll try later. Yawn.... long stretch (and proceeds to fall off bed) I mean't to do that you impertinent slaves. I'm demonstrating proper cat behavior and agility. You better not laugh. (we don't)

I want some water out of MY SINK. (I go water Tigger) and when I'm done I'll do some work. (laying very still at the end of the bed for a great deal of time takes job skills that I'll teach you so just observe me please)

(do I detect gentle snoring?) hmm can't be. Tigger would never sleep on the job.
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lol...the way you describe it I can picture it completely! And I have to laugh about Tigger and the "purposeful" fall of the bed. Somehow cats have mastered that "I meant to do that" look! :P
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I love reading your updates. Tigger and your other masters sound like quite a handful (and full of personality).
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I love your updates too - you paint great pen pictures.
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This is my Sunday (as I'm working nights this weekend) and I have plumbers in to replace the swamp cooler, furnace and hot water heater. (24 year old house and it was time to replace)

I was eating breakfast, awaitng arrival of the plumbers, when I spied a squizzle partaking of the seed in the bird feeder. Squizzle had eaten the peanuts we put out for him so he was raiding the bird seed. Tigger went into natter and tail twitching mode when he spied squizzle. Not as bad when the next door neighbor cat (we call her intruder cat) is walking across the deck rail or standing outside the door. Run from kitty TV screen to TV screen checking to see which is proving to have the best view. Running back and forth - till squizzle is gone. Than it's a meorrrrrrrrrw to tell us that he had chased the squizzle away. Followed by a: I need alot of water now. Squizzle guard is such a difficult task I must do.

We than start making the bed and "Flaky kitten" mode is turned on. Burrow under sheets and attack all movement. Helper kitty finally sticks his head out from under the sheet and looks with some askance at out interrupting his workout. I pick him up rather gingerly since he still in "attack anything that moves" (including hand of his slaves) all the while asking if he wants water. This normally will calm him down since he almost always wants a drink.

Typical day with my master goes on
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Good grief. Tigger and Laptop (whom Tigger hates for some reason) decided to help the plumbers who were replacing the furnace. Both of them walking around underfoot and supervising all the work. BLINK - Laptop is normally a scardy cat and he's right in the thick of it. Tigger is being more refined and standing in front of the old furnace hindering removal... I mean helping.

All the other masters (humans are slaves - cats are masters) are hiding somewhere. They don't like the noise I guess.
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I was awakened by a certain master who was walking up and down my body, uttering LOUD meows, telling me that he was dying of thirst. (wife and son had to leave early for dentist) I didn't need to get up early since I had taken part of a co-workers shift so he could get to an appointent and he was taking my place for a couple of hours. I "had planned" to sleep in.

Waking up, I cast a jaundiced eye at Tigger and asked him if he was really really thirsty. (what a silly question on my part)

I'm dying of thirst you silly slave (humans are slaves to cats) now get up and let me drink out of MY sink. hmmm

Ok. He purrs loudly.... bonking and saying thank you.

He procedes to drink for a very long time, all the while getting petted (as is his due)

Oh well.. I got to sleep in about 45 minutes.
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I'm afraid that I upset Tigger somewhat this morning. I had finished my morning cleanup (shower,shave etc) when Tigger walks into the bathroom. Being of a curious subspecies of master (cats are masters and humans are slaves) he jumped into and almost instantly out of the tub. I surmise that he would have turned around and jumped back while in midair if had known the results.

OH OH OH OH wet feet (this from a cat who puts his feet/leg or head under a running facuet to drink) I must NOT get my feet wet.

I laughed (I forgot my place in his life and had to apologize) at the antics.

Tigger glared at me and walked rather stiffly out of the room. I had to make amends after I got dressed as he wanted a VERY LONG petting and attention prior to his next drink out of his sink.

Sorry Tigger. I'll try to not laugh at you next time. Really I will
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Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony (# 6) was playing on the radio so I lay down on the two person love seat. Tigger comes running into the living room and LAUNCHES himself about 6 feet from where I lay. He lands on my tummy and than proceeds to lay down. Head at ankles, tail on my neck / face. LONG stretch and he proceeds to work (most folks would call it a cat nap but those of us who are slaves to our cat masters know better) during the entire symphony. I think he may have appreciated the music as much as I, since he departed when it was over. (it could also be that darling wife started fillng a ball with a very squeeky pump) He than proceeded to supervise the entire filling process. When complete he flicked his tail and he "sauntered" away.

Hmmm another fine day with our masters.
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I should point out that darling wife got a couple of pictures of Tigger working during this time.
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I have just read all this thread in one go,and it is brilliant, you have such a good way of writing!! Good on you and DW for taking on a cat with a potentially emotionally and financially draining illness, and good on Tigger for showing how much he appreciates you. Life with cats certainly is fun, isn't it??
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Life with our masters is certainly that, among other things. I don't know if I'm brilliant, as I'm just putting down a chronicle of life with our masters.
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I have come to the conclusion that my master Tigger (cats are masters and humans are their slaves) just wants to abuse me. He will RUN to the guest bathroom (a signal for me to go and turn on the water so he can drink his fill - which is frequent since he has early kidney disease) and wait for me to turn on the water. He will than accept all the petting, scratching and belly rubs and "normally" he will begin drinking. I "believe" he does this so the water is cold, HOWEVER, of late he has been walking away or jumping up into my arms so he can get more attention. The response by Darling Wife has been.... ah he lied to you again din't he. I am NOT his primary slave but I do seem to be more gullible than anyone else. Our son will not "water him" until he complains vocally (like his primary master - Shadow) We will pet and give him attention anytime he asks though. A normal comment is: "Ah.. a much abused cat eh? You want attention? You want MORE?"

Tigger also seems to take more time deciding where he is going to sleep. Normally he curls up on his slave (darling wife) but he has taken to walking up and down taking his time deciding where. This is not a big deal, as he normally does not awaken me since I've become a roadbed during this function. Darling wife has told me (although sometimes I'm not yet asleep or I wake up during the process) that he walks up and down at least a couple of times than decides where he wants to sleep. Tigger also knows he can wake me up by meoooowing in my ear and that I'll get up and water him.

I have noticed that he is less cranky of late.
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Interesting momemt with my master Tigger:
I was standing by the downstairs door (we keep Laptop and Sterling downstairs when Tigger is out upstairs to prevent fights) when I heard a kitty on the other side of the door so I looked. Shadow and Charlie were wanting up, so I opened the door. Like a flash, three masters were RUNNING for the guest bathroom. Through the kitchen and a 90 degree turn down the hall. Another 90 degree turn into the bathroom (I heard a thump that tells me someone used the door for a turn or, more likely, misjudged the turn since three masters were rushing for the sink)

I arrive to turn on the water, when I see Charlie laying in the sink. Hmm Tigger and Charlie are standing on the edge and glaring (I think it was a glare since they were not angry enough to slap the newcomer around)

Charlie just looks up and sez: Yes? You're interrupting my nap.

or words to that effect. I warn him that the water is going to be turned on.

You're point slave? I'm here first.

I turn on the water and Charlie just ignores it. Charlie is a very big kitty. FILLS the sink and 95% of him is muscle. Buff kitty we call him

and he doesn't mind getting wet.

Shadow attempts to get a drink while Tigger just glares.

I turn off the water and tell Shadow and Tigger that I'll turn on the water when Charlie decides to exit the sink.

Charlie relaxes in the sink while I walk away.

(Charlie is a three legged cat about 3 years old and he's very fast)
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Tigger was a seat thief yesterday. Everytime I got up he settled onto my seat. I have a wood chair that he does not normally want to settle upon. He likes the padded chair my wife uses. He also jumped up onto my lap and ordered me to pet him and give him attention. When I went to watch TV he settled onto my back thus forcing me to stay. Charlie decided to curl up on my legs. Shadow "threw himself down" just in front of my face and wanted to be petted and petted.

Tigger performed a LONG stretch, whilst applying accupuncture with his needle claws.

Than he sauntered off to explore kitty TV.
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I seem to have offended Tigger this morninig. Tigger and Shadow Ram were working beside the glass door, allowing the sunlight to bake/bask them while they worked. I stood by the door to check the out of doors (thereby interrupting the sunlight) so as to ascertain the type of clothing I should wear today (standing in my robe)

Tigerr complained.

Oh I am sorry my master (cats are masters and humans are slaves). I''ll move (which I did)

Little did I realize Tigger only appeared to be working (most people would call it a cat nap, but we slaves know better. ) Tigger was actually in stealth mode awaiting the appearence of that intruder cat who walks along the deck railing and thereby has violates the territory that Tigger considers to be his and his alone. The intruder cat actually stood outside the door yeasterday and attempted to start a dialogue between them, but all diplomatic attemps failed. I surmise that it "may" have been a challenge or a "I'm here and you can't do anything about it" comment since all available masters became very aggitated. Tigger/Shadow Ram/Charlie all started going from windows to window and expressing their opinions about something while the dratted intruder calmly walked back and forth along the railing.

Intruder Alert - all masters to Kitty TV stations to repel borders. I'll (Tigger) handle security at this door!
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My master Tigger (all cats are masters and we're their slaves... just ask them and they'll tell you) was in a very friendly mood this morning, prior to my going to work. He climbed up my leg and nesteled in my arms and wanted petted. Since I had to get into the linen closet his attention got diverted. He climbed onto the shelf (we have 7 shelves with on dedicated to our vitamins, drugs, bandages and ointments) after I turned on the light.

Have you ever tried to get a master out of a area where his curious nature has been piqued? It mattered not how I asked him to come out of the closet. I asked, I ordered (like that was going to happen) pleaded, cajoled and I almost begged.

Darling wife was in the kitchen and laughing. Her statement was that I had gotten into the situation and I could get myself out (pulling my leg methinks)

Tigger, upon hearing her voice, decided that she was sure to have food which she would bestow upon him if he asked nicely. (she was making my lunch since I work 12 hr. shifts) He sauntered out of the closet and chose to ignore me thereafter. He begged and stated that he was DYING of hunger.
Tuna fish today so he was most loud and vocal. He succeeded. Two pieces and it was bath time.
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Took all our masters to the EVIL vet day before yesterday, which resulted in a chorus of songs that sometimes felt like fingernails on a chalk board. If you were to ask each master what happened, you'd be told that the EVIL vet abused them, tortured and confined them all.

The kidney disease that Tigger has is actually not as bad. His test results show a drop in "I can't remember the name but the drop is a good thing chemical" that most likely comes from having more water more frequently.

Sterling has his diabetes well under control according to his test results.

Laptop, Shadow Ram and Charlie are in fine health.
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Just got back from the EVIL vet. Tigger and Charlie had their teeth cleened and some teeth pulled. Tigger had two and Charlie three. The best we can figure out is that since both Tigger and Charlie are rescued cats, they had poor nutrition when they were very young. Tigger was in a foul mood, as he always is when he goes to the EVIL vet. To compound matters the EVIL DOG was in the car also. Charlie and Kaitu slept on the way home. Tigger howled, like always. Tigger is now going through the upstairs sniffing everything to see if any inturder has entered while he was gone. He has come to DW and I to get some attention and than ZIP it's off to explore. Come back for attention ZIP it off to explore.

It will take him about an hour to recover from the trip to the EVIL vet.
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Tigger and Charlie started out the day getting attention and than we abused them. Ask them and they'll tell you. Each of them received a antibiotic since they had some teeth pulled yesterday.

They were not happy. Charlie runs from me right now and Tigger sits and ignores both of us.
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Charlie was sitting upon my lap, getting the attention he deserves (ask him and he'll tell you) when Tigger decided that enough room was there for both of them. Charlie is not a small cat. In fact he is the largest sized (but not the heaviest - Sterling has gotten to be the biggest with his diabetes) 12.8 pounds. Bigger than a regular loaf of bread. No fat or very little. Tigger is 7.8 pounds.

Tigger jumps up and lands on Charlie/me. Charlie decided that he should depart, thereby leaving the space for Tigger. Tigger promptly settled in.

I'm glad I was wearing my heavy robe so the claws used in the hasty departure did not penetrate my skin.

Tigger started working BTW (most people would call it sleeping but we cat lovers know that it is in fact work since their primary job is resting up for that sudden bursts of energy required for running after ......... something)
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My master Tigger was quite excited today. I got up (having had the night shift) and the next door neighbor master walked across the deck railing to get a drink of water. Tigger ran from window to window nattering and fwapping his tail. Complaints about the intruder cat. Than DW started making my lunch/dinner (12 hr. night shifts are horrid BTW) and Tigger REALLY REALLY wanted some of the ham or beef that is used in my sandwiches. Much meowing, pawing and bonking of head against the leg.

He succeeded, as always, but just a small bite. No big bites for masters as it will produce a upset tummy and we'll have to clean up the mess. Just enough to allow them to think they were able to cajole and boss us around. %^)
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