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I was standing in the kitchen, looking toward the Kitty TV station, when I saw my master walking along the sill. My master was sauntering along the sill looking out at a bird, nattering and starting to crouch into pounce mode.

and he placed his left front leg out into open air. My masters are capable of stupendous things, but walking on air is a new one for me. The nameless master recovered from his stumble by landing on the floor with a thump.

"That, slave, is how to jump amd land from a point more than 3 times the height of you body. Do you wish me to demonstrate again?" master inquired

"heheheheh that was good oh long haired master. Do it again." Tigger snickered

"I thought you were working so I used the time to teach your secondary slave." master said

"How could anyone work with all that racket? Everybody within miles heard that thump." Tigger said

"I didn't say I was going to do the silent stalk landing, oh alpha cat"

"I don't recall the teaching sylibus being posted. Would you do so in the future so I may critique your teaching skills?" Tigger said silkily.... setting master up for future ridicule methinks.

"I'll so you things later, so I'm off to take a break." as we saw the tail disappear around the corner.

Much laughter was heard from at least two masters......(Charlie joined in on the fun that Tigger had started)

a short time later, Master Tigger was gazing out the front door. (I think he gazed wistfully because it was a beautiful spring day, after a snow storm)

"Ah.... melting snow..... warm sunshine....... worms to play with....... birds to stalk......places to explore on the outside of my domain." Tigger sighed......

"but I don't want to go outside right now. I just want to lounge in the sunbeams.....

so I left master Tiggger alone.....

while primary slave remarked that she had read a knitters blog about a slave who had masters named "Sterling and Tigger"

and left us wondering if this far away person (she is not a person. She's a slave, just like you are silly slave-- Tigger remarked) had masters named Shadow, Laptop and Charlie and that a rift in the space time continuum had occured.
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I had almost finished a day of the "Tigger Chronicles"...... a rather lengthly post.....

when Master Tigger jumped up and sat on the keyboard of this laptop.

and the post was gone. Deleted..........

"They didn't want to read about me, anyway. I'm sure they don't want to hear about how I was cranky and nasty. They're silly slaves." Tigger giggled

Yes, master. You looked rather elegant, sitting on the keyboard.

"Oh... go to bed."

Yes, master. I'll finish this chronicle.......

------------- and Tigger shutdown this computer and left ----------
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"Pick me up, slave." Tigger ordered

Yes, master. I hear and obey.

"Pet me."

so I started petting my master.

purr purr purr purr......

about 45 seconds later.....

"Let me stand on your shoulder."

and he climbed up, positioned so that he was standing on both shoulders.... with my head bent forward.

"Hey... keep petting me!"

uh... master, it's difficult to have you stand on my shoulder and pet you at the same time.

"I don't want to hear about your short comings, I just want to be petted, and stand on your shoulders."

I tried to pet, but just could not.

"You are hopeless. Get another slave to help you." Tigger grumbled...

I'm the only one upstairs right now. The secondary slave is getting food for your minions.

"Food? I want some chicken!"

You're standing on my shoulder, wanting me to pet you and you want me to get some chicken?


Have I become a superslave? Did you grant me super powers so that I can reach into the chill box and do all that you wish me to do, while I'm petting you, while you're on my shoulders?

"Oh... I'll get down, so stop your whine."

and he left a little puncture hole as he jumped down.

"Feed me."

We're not in the kitchen.

but I was talking to empty air..... as he had disappeared, no doubt he was in the kitchen.

"SLAVE!" I heard him shouting from the kitchen.

Yes, master? as I turned the corner

"Chicken. Now!"

I reached into the magic storage unit and got some chicken.

"That's not chicken. That's turkey. It must be one of your relatives." he chuckled at his joke.

Tigger smacked me on the leg, telling me with no words that he wanted what was in my hand.

"ah... that's tasty, although it is a little cold, but it was in the magic box."

I made sure to tear the turkey into small chunks, making sure he didn't choke and that I had fingers left.

"I'll have some dry food now. That whet my appitite and I'm willing to eat that dry swill."

Tigger ate quite a bit, so I was surprised. We've not had many objections to the dry food of late, and we can't understand why. Tigger normally complains about the dry food.

"ah... that was good. I want water now." as he trotted to the watering station.


Yes master.

--------------insert about 5 minutes of drinking------------

and I heard the scramble of masters, running in the kitchen, headed for the watering station. No doubt, DW had opened the door to the basement.

I stepped out of the way just in time. Shadow had turned the corner first, followed by Charlie.

Tigger looked up and to his right. Shadow was sitting there, waiting to drink. Charlie was on top the toilet.

Master Tigger looked at me, and that was a mistake.

Charlie pushed his way past Shadow, who had also looked at me. Laughing through a mouth filled with water, Charlie said:

"He who hesitates is lost." (difficult to hear, but I think that's what he said)

"Do you wish to be hurt? If you don't move, I'll show you who's boss around here!" Tigger said through gritted teeth.....

"I'm done. Your turn." as Charlie walked away.

I left as well. I don't like to be between masters who are not in the best of moods. (although I have, and paid the price)
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Three masters, intently watching the water flow ouit of the nozzle of the master's watering station. All of them waiting for one of the others to back down, and not take the first drink.

Are you going to take a drink? Any one of you? Are you having a water stare down contest?

Not a single word to me. Nothing to each other..........

and the water still flows.............

Are you going to drink? (I asked again, wondering why my masters were not drinking)

I turned off the water, and left the watering station.

Not a word.........

so I left them in peace.
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I was headed for the kitchen, walking from the computer room/office when I saw master Tigger RUNNING down the hall. I was turning left into the hall when this happened. Tigger made a hard left turn into the watering station.

Ah... he's thirsty and I'm available.

A FLYING leap onto the toilet seat (it has no lid thickener and is slippery) Tigger had lost traction and was in a severe slide. His back half was now OFF the toilet seat and with a skill I found to be quite amazing he was now airborne and headed for the top of the watering station.

"I'm waiting for you to turn on the water, slave." Tigger said.


"Did you find my skills admirable?"

I'm in awe....... extraordinary.

"As well you should, but I'm here to drink."

Yes, master. I hear and obey.
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"Whatcha' doing, slave?" Tigger inquired, while sitting on the paper that I was going to cut with a circular cutter. (imagine a very sharp cicular pizza cutterwheel)

Uh.... I'm going to talk to you, because you're sitting on that paper I want to cut.

"Well.... go ahead and cut the paper."

You're sitting where I want to cut, and I don't want to hurt you with this circular cutter.

"So you're just going to stand there looking like a rock?"

Gee thanks for the compliment. I don't insult you, do I?

"Not normally, but you have been known to call me a dog. I found that insulting."

I remember asking if you had turned into a dog, so that you could be let out into the back yard.

"See.. You just called me a dog again."

No.... I ASKED if you had become a dog.

But I was talking to the retreating tail of my master, who appeared to be headed for the newly re-covered masters lounge chair. (I had removed the old carpet and put new carpet.........which meant that a fresh scratching post, lounger, play area and such had been placed for my masters.

"ah.... a comfortable, new smells and scratch post layabout. Thankyouslave!" Tigger exclaimed

You're welcome, master

and I saw his eyes roll up as he started to comtemplate his naval.
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Yes master?

"I'm pleased you got rid of all those computer parts and off my desk." Tigger said

(When did it become your desk, I wondered) I was working and repairing a friends laptop.

"Laptop is downstairs and I don't like him. I want to rip out his throat, so don't mention his name again!" Tigger ordered

Yes master, but I was talking about a mobile computer. You know the kind you like to lay on, because it's warm?

"Ah.. yes. Those little rectangles of warm I do so enjoy. Everytime I walked on my desk there, little sharp objects and unsteady footing pieces were in my walking area. I didn't like that." Tigger siad

Uh.... you stepped on circuit boards and mobile computer pieces. I can understand why you didn't like it. I did tell you that this was going to happen.

"You didn't tell me."

Yes, master (I didn't feel like getting into a argument with a master. It's liike trying to out stubbron a cat. It just isn't going to happen and I'll never ever win)

"You fixed it, I take it." Tigger said, while fwapping his tail

You're getting irritated, master?

"I'm a little miffed. Did you charge anything to repair it?" Tigger said

No. It was for a friend of mine, and all he needed to do was pay for the parts.

"Did you charge him for my work?"

Uh... no I didn't. (wondering what was coming)

"I am going to make him pay for the work I did. You will present him with the bill, and I expect immediate payment." Tigger ordered

What did you do?" and as I said it I realized I had.....

"I gave it a cat scan, silly slave." Tigger guffawed

I had walked into that, with both eyes wide open, unsuspecting that master Tigger was in a playful mood. His tail fwapping wsa impatience at waiting to drop that liittle bomb on me.

"My work here is finished for the day." Tigger said laughing ly....

and he walked off.
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Master Tigger came running into the office/computer room and in one bound landed on the desk in front of me. There was only one problem with this demonstration of skill and a masters ability......

Master Tigger was in a slide, of which he recovered in a fashion that I had no idea how he accomplished this feat. One second he was sliding.......

and the next he was stopped, looking at me and saying.....

"I happen to be in the mood for some attention. Pet me slave. Pet me now!" Tigger ordered.

Yes master. Would you prefer both hands?

"One is fine, two is better, and having all my slaves pet me at the same time is what I really want." Tigger purred

ah... but I'm the only slave here right now. Your primary slave is in the kitchen, making my lunch. (I had the night shift and was checking email before I went to work)

"Did you say lunch?" as he disappeared out the door.

I have no clue how he performed this act of bi-location. One instant he was getting attention, and the next he was rounding the door into the hallway and headed for the kitchen.

"That's the master feeding station, silly slave." Tigger informed me in a faint voice.

"I am dying of hunger, primary slave. Feed me." I overheard him saying to DW.

Yes, master - DW said.

I had been eating a banana earlier, and master Tigger and Shadow both wanted some.

"That is food that you're eating. Give me some, slave."

Yes master, but I don't think you like this.

"I don't care, feed me now." both replied

"Gack.... that's horrid." Shadow said as he turned up his nose.

"Are you trying to poison me? That's not food." Tigger said

and Tigger walked away.

Master Shadow came back and sniffed again. I think he was hoping I'd gotten some better food, but I had not.

"Ugh... that's not food. It's something that belongs in a litter box." Shadow said

I told you that you'd not like it. You've never liked banana, except in banana bread.

"Did you say bread? Give me bread. I like bread." both masters replied

DW has the bread. Tell her you're........

"We are both skin and bones from lack of food. Give us bread and beef, slave."

I put the bread and beef away, and I'm going to give you a feast later. DW said (giving me a scowl) as she attempted to divert attention from my lunch.

"Food. We want food, now"

I went back to the computer room, thankful that DW was going to feed my masters (I didn't want to have a finger removed by an over eager master.

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Master Tigger was holding DW hostage, while we watched TV. This is a common happenstance, as all our masters are drawn to her. DW is a cat magnet. I will be used, if I happen to be in the supine position or sitting with my legs out. I seem to generate alot of heat and DW doesn't move very much. That's my guess, but I could be wrong, as my masters have not yet passed this information on to me. I'm judged to be inferior I guess.

Nonetheless, master Tigger was curled and comfortable. Working hard, while DW watched TV.

DW: Master Tigger, I have to be getting up, so that I can get ready to go to bed. It's that time of night.

Tigger: curled and comfortable, unmoving, eyes closed in deep contemplation.

DW: Master. I will be moving, so I'm giving you some warning.

Tigger: see above actions

DW: Get ready

Tigger: See above

DW: I'm getting up.

Tigger: See above

DW moved a couple muscles in her toe.... enough to get a masters attention.

Tigger: see above

DW moved a few more muscles

Tigger: Oh... if I must.....

Tigger stood up. (this action took about 10 seconds)

Tigger did a LONG languid stretch..... (describing it as glacial would insult a glacier for being too fast, if comparing the stretch of master Tigger and speed of glaciers)

"Did you want something, slave?" Tigger asked after he completed his stretch, some undefined amount of time later. We were so engrossed with master Tigger and his stretch we lost track of time. (I never suspected that masters could control the space / time continuum)

"Silly slave. Why do you think we're masters and you're slaves? Try not to think of it, because you'll overload your thought process and have to be reset, not unlike windows"

Yes, master. I hear and obey

"as well you should"
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"If you look at me in that tone of voice one more time I'm going to rip out your heart and feed it to the dogs!" Tigger growled at Charlie

Tigger. Don't be Mr. Cranky Cat. It's not nice. DW and I said at the same time.

"He's starting to get me angry."

All he was doing was laying on my legs. DW said.... as I got up and went over to pick Tigger up. I started petting and giving him attention so as to sooth his spirit.

"Ah... that's what I need, but is it Ok to think about beating him up?" Tigger said

Remember that you're alpha and supposed to show all your minions that you can and will be nice to everyone.

"He hit me in the face with his tail."

You're getting cranky because he touched you? (I had seen that Charlie had come very close to Tigger's face with his tail, but it didn't look like he hit him) Are you getting in to the "HE TOUCHED ME!" mood like little children?

"uh.... just give me attention, slave"

Yes master.

By this time, Charlie had run out of the room, because he saw that Tigger was getting into Mr. Cranky mood.

and Tigger had gotten down and let DW pet him.

"I don't want that slave to pet me. I want you." Tigger told DW

You must be having a bad night. I'll pet you and give you attention.

Tigger closed his eyes and started purring.....

and thus we avoided a scene where Tigger beats up one of our younger masters to show them who is boss kitty.
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I was standing beside the living room table, when I saw Master Tigger stretch, as he had been working on the masters kitty chair.


Master Tigger disappeared.

"I showing you two slaves how fast I can run around through the kitchen, hall and back into the living room.

and Master Tigger reappeared, sitting on the couch.

"Did you see how I did that?" Tigger asked.

Uh.... no I didn't. You were a blur, moving much to fast for me to understand what you did.

"Typical of you, silly slave."

Yes master. I saw, but didn't understand.

"What am I going to do with you? I've spent a lot of time teaching..... or trying to teach you how to move like a master, but I'm wasting my time. Sigh............. I'll keep trying though." Tigger tried telling me......

Would you like to watch some TV? They're going to show a program about dog intelligence.

"LOL LOL LOL LALOL........." Tigger chortled

"That's a oxymoronic statement!" Tigger laughed

"It should be DOG moron ick." Tigger continued to laugh

Yes, master.

"Oh... I understand now. It's a comedy show you want me to watch?"

Yes, master. A comedy......

"I'm not in the mood right now. I'm going back to work."

Yes, master.
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I was getting ready for work, when I heard the following:

"I N T R U D E R! That OTHER cat (Matty - she lives next door) is on my deck. LET ME OUT!" Tigger shouted

DW: Have you become a dog?


Master Tigger came running down the hall (I got the impression that he had looked out several windows and the door to the deck)

and he ran to the door that exits out to the deck from our bedroom.


"That other cat has disappeared! She's lucky I didn't get out. I'd have taken down and turned her inside out." Tigger said stiff legged and tail all poofed out.

I decided to leave him to his muttering and finished getting ready for work.
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I walked into the kitchen and noticed that Master Tigger was sitting on the sill of the kitty TV. Looking out.........

"Oh I wish I could go out." Tigger wistfully told Sunshine (Sunshine is in her cage by the window)

"I hear you guys say a lot of things when you're watching TV." Sunshine told Tigger

"Hey... those thoughts are private!" Tigger almost screeched

"You forget I'm family, except Charlie.... who sometimes wants to eat me. You just ignore me, and I like that. If you don't settle down, I'll screech loud enough to hurt your ears." Sunshine scolded

"uh..... ok. I'll leave you now." Tigger said

I walked to the window and looked out.........

"You have to become a dog if you want to go outside." Tigger told me.....

as he laughed and walked down the hall.
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"Hey Slave! WAKE UP! I'm thirsty! I'M THIRSTY!" Tigger shouted into my ear.

uh.... huh? what? I was sleeping Tigger. What do you want? (I knew what he wanted and I happened to wake up first. DW was asleep or was ignoring Tigger)

"Turn on the water. I'm thirsty."

You have a water bowl for night drinking.

"The water in that watering station tastes better, than the bowl."

Yeah... right.....

so I got up, disconnected my CPAP hose and turned on the water.I took advantage of the bathroom since I was up.....

and I waited for Master Tigger to finish drinking. and I waited
and I waited
and I waited
and I waited

Master. You could have had a long drink before we went to bed. I know, because your primary slave offered to get you a drink.

{I've removed the garble and full mouth talking syndrome for ease of communications for you readers}

"That was than. This is now, silly slave. Why are you interrupting my drinking?"

Yes, master. I hear and obey.

Tigger finally finished and shook the water off his head.

Oh... thank you for the shower master. I needed cold water splashed on my face.....

but I was talking to empty air. Master Tigger was now curled up on DW and was holding her hostage while he worked.

I washed my hands and dried my face (thank you Tigger) [you're welcome slave]
and went back to bed.

As I drifted back to sleep, I think I heard DW giggle, but could be mistaken.
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I was acosted when I got home from work:

"Slave! I want nothing to do with primary slave right now. Pet me, give me attention and feed me." Tigger ordered

What happened?

"That slave took me to that evil place, where they poked me with needles, stuck things in me and abused me." Tigger told me in a rather disgusted tone

She took you to the evil vet?

"Don't say that again. It brings back too many bad memories." Tigger muttered

What happened?

"They stuck a needle in my back and filled me with that stuff that sloshes around, like you do every other night, BUT THEY DIDN'T LET EXPLORE. They kept me tied up!" Tigger complained

I can well imagine how awful it must have been I told Tigger.

"I am not talking to her. I going to show her that she took me to that awful place."

That makes alot of sense. Ignoring your primary slave because she took you to the vet. What happenes to me?

"You get to give me food and turn on the water machine in the middle of the night." Tigger told me

I do that already.

"Uh.... give me attention, slave." Tigger ordered

Yes, master.
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I noticed that master Tigger was getting quite a bit of attention from DW. (He was over his mad that occured from the trip to evil vet)

Are you going to drink or do I have to turn it off master. DW asked

"I'll drink, but I wish to have a great deal of attention from you first." Tigger told her

I started to pet master.

"Ah... more attention. Where is slave number 3?" Tigger asked

"Is he's in front of his computer again?" Tigger questioned with a jerk to start drinking

DW left, making a comment that I was to turn off the water.

" sounds that were unintelligent because drinking water and talking does not work very well." Tigger muttered

She went to get some food ready for you, master.

Tigger shook his head, while he drank.

I "think" [now that's something you do seem able to do very well silly slave] Tigger thought

I think DW went to prepare some snacks for you master. (I ignored the comment I thought I heard because I know Tigger would never think bad comments of me when I was giving him attention)

Tigger stepped back from his drinking..... and he shook his head.

I got a rather cold shower.

Oh.. thank you master. I needed to wake up from my nap. (I had worked the night shift and needed to catch up on sleep)

"You do smell bad, from time to time. I bath frequently and you should as well." Tigger told me with some aplumb.

Yes, master.

Tigger proceded to get down and walk into the kitchen. I turned off the water and followed.

-------------insert quite a bit of time----------------------

"I'm hungry, slave. Feed me." Tigger ordered DW.

I mentioned that I had fed the rest of the horde.

They were fed just before we left, DW told me.

Oh... they were fed twice in about as many hours. Lucky them.

They won't like it if I don't give them some food when we go to bed. Dw told me

"He fed me as sooon as he got up from his sleeping" Tigger told her. "Why don't you just leave food down like you do for me?" Tigger inquired

They'll keep eating till they get sick and get rather big, so we feed them 3 times a day.

"Takes all kinds I guess." Tigger remarked

Tigger complained that he needed some of my lunch (I was leaving for work soon)

I went to start getting ready for work....
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"Feed me, slave." Tigger ordered of DW

DW, in the process of making my lunch as I had the night shift, tells master Tigger that she had fed him not two minutes ago.

"I am still hungry, silly slave." Tigger tells her, while he glances over at Charlie.

DW stops making my lunch and gets food for Tigger.

"Ah... That was tasty." after eating a single kibble Tigger smacks his lips. "You may return the food to it's storage jar." Tigger tells DW.

Why did you tell me you were hungry? DW asks?

I walk down the hall and turn into the kitchen. I spy Master Charlie sitting beside the Kitty TV station and Shadow sits in the hall junction. Master Tigger is sitting beside the stove, watching DW and asking that she feed him.

"Ah... my other slave. Feed me because I am hungry." Tigger tells me

Did I not hear DW tell you that she had fed you at three times in the last 5 minutes?

"I am hungry once again. Feed me."

Yes, master. I hear and obey

"Good. That's tastes good." Tigger announces to one and all within hearing.

Master Charlie and Shadow look on longingly as Tigger munches on a kibble.

"You may return the food to it's container." Tigger tells me

"Feed me, please slave" I hear Chrlie murmur from the window

"I am hungry now. Feed me slave." Tigger tells me

You ate less than a minute ago, master. I gave you food and you ate a single kibble.

"That was than. This is now. Feed me, silly slave." Tigger chortles and ["I am showing my horde that I command slave to feed me whenever I want food. HAHAHAHAH Neener neeener neeeeener. I'm alpha and I'm one who orders things around here" Tigger thought']

"You can be a really demanding slave master can't you Tigger" Shadow says

"See how he follows my orders, eh Shadow? He gives me food and water when I desire them. You have to wait till they think you're hungry and make you wait." Tigger chortled

I must finish getting ready for work, master. I'll let DW take care of your needs - and I walk away.

That's right.... leave me to a demanding master eh husband mine.

Yes, dear.... and I go finish getting ready for work.
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DW and Number 1 son, came back from the Denver Buhhdist Temple, where they were help the temple get ready for their annual Cherry Blossom Festival. My son's grandfather is Japanese, and number 1 son participates in many traditions that are preformed to venerate those people who have gone on before those of us who are still living. It takes several hours per night, for about 2 weeks, to get everything prepared and number 1 son helps whereever possible.

DW and number 1 son, brought home wusubi (fried spam slices and sushi rice wrapped with kelp) Hmmmm tasty stuff.

I offered some to Master Tigger, who kinda liked it. He could have gone either way with the taste....

.......................................but Charlie would try to oooze through a solid wall to get at the tasty treat.

"I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!! " Charlie almost screamed

uh....... I have one left and we'll have it later.

"Now!" Charlie ordered

Nope...... later

"You are a cold, wearisome, dog food eatting slug" Charlie muttered... as he hopped away.

Yes, master.
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'You have been with ANOTHER master!" Tigger almost howled. "I want nothing to do with you till that foreign person is gone!" he continued.

Yes, master. I was visiting a friend who has a master. (thinking fondly of Old Bill, a old fat cat who has a wonderful personality and wanted much attention from another cat slave)

but I was talking to empty air. Master Tigger had walked away. Charlie, howsomever, wanted attention.

"Pet me, slave. I don't care if you've been with anyone else. A master is a master, in my opinion." Charlie purred as he jumped into my lap while I was checking email.

Some time later, Charlie tired of my attention giving, and got up, stretched and got to the floor. He left no little holes in my skin this time, so I guess he didn't feel like flexing his claws.

but he was feeling adventuresome, and lept from the floor to the top of the auxillary oxygen machine I must use when sleeping with the CPAP machine. (I stop breathing when I sleep and because my doctor doesn't want me to sufficate while I sleep, from lack of oxygen, he told me ot use the machines.)

AARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH Charlie almost screamed as he fell to the floor. No longer was there a nice landing atop the machine. It was narrow and quite pointed compared to old machine. No place for adventuresome masters to place their feet if they are not prepared for the narrow width.

Charlie scowled at me, and almost chewed me out, but decided not. I was blameless because it was changed while I slept for the night shift. The old machine wsa making noise That I didn't like so it was replaced.

"Don't tell a soul what happened just now." Charlie ordered.

I'll tell no masters whatsoever, I replied.

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I have been informed, via one of my neighbors who has a couple of masters and 4 dogs, that the master named Matty, who has tormented my masters by walking along the back deck and laughing at master Tigger while doing so, has been taken by a wild creature and no doubt eaten.

Rest in Peace Matty and I hope your journey across the Rainbow Bridge was without pain.
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I was standing in the doorway of the masters watering station observing master Charlie and Shadow drinking. Master Tigger had been working in the living room when last I saw but I was not surprised when I observed his trotting down the hall toward me. He made a hard right turn, almost sliding into the door, when he stopped.

"Ah.... DRAT! Your're here drinking ahead of me! (referring to Charlie and Fluff)" Tigger exclaimed.

"You snooze, you loo z" They both told him jokingly

"psssst let's tweak his whiskers a bit" Charlie whispered to Shadow

Charlie looked down at Master Tigger. He did not move..... just stared....

and stared

and stared

and master Shadow started the same.....

and they stared

and they stared

"Those two blockheads are trying to get my goat." Tigger muttered to me "They want a staring contest and they'll lose."

You're wasting water, oh cold staring masters. I told them

They continued to stare at one another and ignored me.

and ignored me

and stared

" (he's starting to break... I can tell)" Charlie whispered to Shadow

Shadow continued to stare, but......

"I'm waiting for the water to get cold, silly slave." Shadow told me

It's cold water, and I'm tired of waiting for the three of you to blink.

"Silly slave." They all told me

I reached over Shadow and turned off the water. I left them having the stare down.

a bit of time later, I came past the watering station and they had not moved.

stare stare stare stare

not a single blink

stare stare stare stare

so I picked up master Tigger and took him to the secondary watering station.

"HEY! you made me lose!" Tigger complained

Nope. I don't count in this.

"You got that right. You don't count since you're a slave." Tigger said regally

and I placed him on the sink so he could drink.

drink drink drink drink..........

"Go away slave. I'm drinking." Tigger said

If I go, I'm turning off the water.

"You're a pain in the sit upon. Did you know that?" Tigger said inquiringly

Yes master.

So I starting petting my master.

purr purr purr

so I continued petting and turned off the water.

Purr purr purr

I exited the secondary watering station and stood by the end of the work station.

purr purr purr

Charlie walked into the room and fell over.


"I'm tired and wish to get to work here. Just ignore me, silly slave." Charlie told me

That was graceful I told Charlie. I have never figured out how or why you just fall over like that.

"Your point? Go away and let him work. Put me on the workstation and let me get to work." Master Tigger told me

Yes master
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I came home from work and spied master Tigger sitting at the front door.

"I want to go outside. I really really really want to go!" Tigger complained

I heard this as I got out of my car.

"Please..... please......please..........."

Since I had to get something out of the garage, I opened the garage door and put it in the trunk.

and I continued into the house.

"Would you please let me outside?" Tigger was asking me

but I was behind him. DW was in the process of telling master, I was already inside.

"Arrrggghhhhh he snuck in behind my back!"

yes master. I'm inside

"Oh go away and let me sulk in peace." Tigger muttered

yes master.
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Master Tigger was sitting in the kitchen, looking up at his primary slave, hoping she would give him a tasty tidbit of food.

"You may give me some of that food, so I can determine if it fit for a masters consumption." Tigger told his slave

Do you really think this uncooked meat is good for masters? my DW told him.

"You should let me make that determination, silly slave."

Your other slave is going to cook these on the grill, master.

"Why are you not getting that grill ready to cook this food for me?" Tigger asked me

Uh.... the grill is heating up, master Tigger.

and as I gave this news to Master Tigger, I saw master Shadow starting to walk along the edge of the sewing table. Master Shadow was looking at me, the food and his alpha cat.

and he placed his left forward foot on empty space.

and he fell

landing with somewhat of a thump.

"What are you looking at, silly slave? Have you never seen a master jump from a table?" Shadow asked inquireingly.

Nice recovery, master.

"Did you think he fell?" Tigger asked me

"I did not fall. I jumped!" Shadow said.... somewhat outraged

("Sure you did. I thought it was funny the way you looked when you had no solid footing." Tigger told Shadow under his breath)

Master Shadow and Master Charlie followed me to the door that went out to the deck, where the grill was ready to cook our dinner.

"Hurry up, slave. We're hungry for that meat." they told me

Yes, master. I shall grill the food

--------------insert all dinner preperations and grilling time----------

"Please feed us slave. We're starved and famished and really really really hungry." three masters told me.

You were fed not two hours ago, so don't give us that starved master routine, DW and I told them.

so they decided to ask number one son.

"I am not going to give you any of my food, so don't ask." our son told them

"Aaaarrrrrrghhhhh, these slaves will be the death of all of us!" our masters told themselves

------------------- insert many pleadings for food while we ate--------------

When we finished, I offered some meat to Master Tigger.

"Ah... thank you slave." Master Tigger murmured... as he gently took the food from my hand.

I dropped the food in front of Shadow... as I did not wish to remove a bloody stump. Master Shadow snatches food offered, and cares not that we're getting our fingers bitten, chomped and bloody. He's starving (in his mind)

DW dropped her offering in front of Charlie..... as she did not wish to have a missing finger also

"Thank you, slave, but we need more meat. MORE" our masters told us

but we did not give them more.

Some time later, they all gave up on asking, begging, pleading, demanding food.

and we were left behind by some disgusted masters.
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I walked into the masters work room, and set my soda down, and proceeded to take off my shoes.

Oh hi O master Tigger. What's going on.

Master Tigger responded with much laughter and mirth not normally seen by mere mortals.

"LOL LOL LOL" Tigger chortled

Ok... don't tell me why you're laughing, and went into the watering station to get my late afternoon pills/vitamins etc.

I re entered the work room, and saw that master Tigger was still laughing. Rolling around he was.

Why are you in such a mirthful mood oh master mine? I inquired.

DW broke the spell..... and started told me why. She had witnessed all......

"You left your drink unattended, silly slave." Tigger managed to gasp out.....

"Your straw is gone!" heheheheheheheheh haw haw heheheheh

Master Tigger was correct. Master Shadow had stolen my straw.

"Muurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooowwwwwwlllllll llllllllllllllll" Master Shadow said.

I can only surmise that Master Shadow said the following, since his mouth was full and he was playing with the missing straw

"Thank you silly slave. I needed a straw to steal and to play with as I was getting bored with work." Shadow said

You're welcome master. I am happy that I allowed fun and fierce feline frenzy time to enter into your humdrum work day. (I should also point out that small white objects, such as unattended kleenex, are considered fair game for theft and will be fangered and shredded and that and unattended straws are to be stolen and little holes placed every millimeter of length. Such are games that my master Shadow will play)
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I was laying on the masters work station, as is my wont, watching TV with my feet hanging over. Comfortabe I was, tummy down..... enjoying the show....

Master Tigger was working.... beside DW....... and Zoooooooom he was gone. Ah... Flaky feline running down the hall.

We heard Tigger BOUND from the floor to the bed. Master Tigger landed on my legs....... and he reversed direction, using his claws to help stop and rebound to the floor.


"Oh that didn't hurt." Tigger said over his shoulder as he ran out of the room.

Yes, master. I don't feel anything....... (OUCH! I thought)

That must have hurt. DW said to me.... as Tigger was somewhere down the hall, having fun as only a feline in flaky mode can have.

"YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAWWWWWW I'm master of all I see!" Tigger shouted

and he landed on the bed, curled up and went to work. (How did he reappear? I wondered)

-------- insert 24 hours ----------


and Master Charlie duplicated the feat of flaky feline Tigger


"Oh be quiet. I didn't hurt you one bit." Charlie ordered

Yes, master. I hear and obey

DW giggled..........

Charlie and Tigger started working.
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"Slave, you may feed me now." Tigger told DW

Yes, master. I hear and obey.

and Tigger walked away when she put the bowl down.

"I want to have some chicken. Not that dry swill." Tigger said in a aloof fashion.

Yes, master

"I think I'll go get some water, I'm ignoring the water bowl"

Yes, master while I was turning on the water, a water line formed. Charlie tried to barge to the front, but Shadow didn't let him. Tigger was drinking and I think he had a little giggle over that.........

Tigger got down, when he finished and went to the kitchen.

"Feed me."

Yes master.

DW had opened a can of tuna and presented a small dish to our master.

"That's better. Now leave me alone while I eat."

DW stood guard because Charlie has a tendency to push anyone away from the food and eat it. (Charlie is the biggest cat, and that can lead to a few problems, but Tigger handles them)

"Ahhhh... that was good. Give me water slave." Tigger told me.

Tigger will want a drink after every meal so I was prepared, having turned on the water.

and Master Tigger walked past the door, and went to the computer room to look out the window.

"Fooled again, silly slave?" heheheheheheheh

A bit later, I turned on the TV and put a DVD into the player.

Master Tigger, Charlie and Shadow were all on the workstation. None of them working, but each taking a break in his own way.

Bathing (Charlie)
curled up.... and eyes almost glazed over (Shadow)
Tigger using DW as a chin rest.

Everyone ready, so I started the DVD

Master Tigger was the only master who was paying attention.

"LOL hahahahah heheheheh lol...... (rolling on the bed) IT's A COMEDY! " Tigger roared

I had started a PBS documentary about: "Understanding Cats"

Insert laughter................... insert cats rolling around due to the humor

insert................ gasping for breath....................hahahahahahahha

and a very few moments where they sat enthralled with what they saw. (mostly scenes where some sort of prey were being shown - birds, voles, insects

positions of stalking were assumed.........

and the end came.

Wiping tears from his eyes, Master Tigger said:

"Thank you slave. It whas been some time since you brought a laughter movie for us to watch and laugh. This one was good. Thank you.

You're welcome, master.
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I was laying down, reading a book, when master Tigger walked in and stood on my chest.

"I have just had some rather yummy food. I would like some water, and following a drink, I want attention." Tigger told me

Whew.... that's some strong food breath you have master. It could knock out a normal human who has not lived with masters.

"I like the smell, for now, since I've decided that I really like the new food you brought home for me to eat." (we are worried that master Tigger has lost weight and we've been trying different canned foods to see which he loves and wants. Hopes are much higher now that we have found food he likes and that he will eat and gain weight with the new food)

the kitty breath almost knocked me out though......

but I hid my reaction from master Tigger and asked if he wanted water or attention.

("you can't hide your reaction very well slave, but I won't let on because I want attention")

Master Tigger almost grabbed me by the neck and took me to the watering station.


yes, master - and I turned on the water.

"Attention while I drink, please"

Yes master

and Charlie came in. He wanted water, so a water line formed.

a time later, Master Tigger was done. (by Tigger standards it was a short drink)

"It's about time, oh alpha cat." Charlie told Tigger, as his tail disappeared around the corner.

"HEY SLAVE! PET ME!" Tigger told me from the workstation.

I told DW that Charlie was drinking and that I had to give Tigger attention (she yelled from the kitchen that she could turn off the water if I was otherwise occupied.

"Pet me, slave"

yes, master

I must have given the correct type of attention, because eyes rolled up and purring was loud.....

.... till they turned into snores. Master Tigger was at work.

"How easy it is to fool a slave. I was really working, and not sleeping, but I'll not make him feel bad right now, since they gave me some really really good food."
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Master Tigger was very quiet this morning, as well as being very loving since he knew that Sunshine, my friend of 19 years flew / crossed over the Rainbow Bridge while I was at work. A sudden peaceful crossing, where she now flies with Lady and all my other cats, dogs, birds and friends large and small cavort with her.

No longer the shrill cries and flapping of wings that start a block away, when she heard my car. My whistle telling her I as home and much flapping of wings telling me:

COME HERE. I want your attention now, since you were gone. I have much to tell you.

All my masters have been quiet today, because they know the longest living member has left for a Rainbow Sky.
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Aww, I'm sorry to hear about Sunshine
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Thank you, Angelyco.

I was talking to DW about how Sunshine ws treated and how she reacted in the first week of her stay with me. How I would get her out of the cage every couple of hours and give her attention, feed he oatmeal and intoduce her to her new home. I think that was why she had bonded with me, instead of my previous wife. Sunshine was taken by previous wife in the divorce, and she could not handle how Sunshine and Lady (the other cockatiel who also bonded with me) constantly called for me. Previous wife brought them back within a week, much to the delight of Sunshine and Lady.

Rather a long point in that what we, as slaves to our masters, will go to great lengths to introduce a new master to a house. When Master Tigger came to our house, he was placed into a room, that he alone stayed. On the other side of the door, were two other cats, dogs and upstairs were the birds. We went frequently to his room, gave him attention and allowed him to get used to the new smells of other masters, dogs and birds. During this month long transition, DW would sleep on the floor of that unused bedroom when I had a night shift. Master Tigger sleeps on his chosen primary slave. He has done this his entire life. He sleeps on DW now, when she sleeps here. The few times she is gone avisiting family in other cities and such, he tries to sleep on me, but I move around too much. He does snuggle next to me, in any case.

Sleeping on the floor with a master, to make him feel welcome to his new home. The things we do for our masters........
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