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I was standing in the kitchen when Tigger walks in and sits so as to look at me.

"What are you doing slave?"

I'm drinking coffee and make a turn toward the sink. Tigger takes off like a shot....

making a leaning turn to go down the hall. A marmalade blur...

so I figure Tigger must be thirsty. I get to the master watering station.

"Hey Charlie. Why are you here ahead of me?"

Charlie is licking the bottom of the sink so I jump to a conclusion. Thirsty Charlie?

"Are you a retarded slave? Of course I'm thirsty. Why do you think I'm licking the sink. I just can't get a smart and good slave. sigh"

I turn on the water. Charlie drinks.

"HEY CHARLIE. I'M ALPHA CAT! Let me drink."

"I was here first and I'm thirsty. Puny cat."

"It a good thing I'm in a good mood. I'd throw you on your back and grab your throat and show you that I can rip out your neck." (I think this is just banter among friends)

"Laughing mightily.... Yeah. I believe that like I think this slave is smart."

Feline laughter .....

So I slink out and hang my head in shame.

In the meantime Charlie has finished replenishing his water supply and walks out. (I can tell by the distinctive thud he makes when jumping off the water station)

A short time later, DW makes a comment that I hear.

Charlie, I was going to use that sink and brush my teeth.

"Go away slave. I'm taking a short break from the trials and tribulations of having to deal with such a stupid slave. I'm almost traumatized by the experience and I must center my che (chi?)

Yes master. ( I go look and Charlie has curled up in the sink and is starting to roll his eyes up into his head. Hmm yep it's meditation time)

Tigger finishes his drink and wanders off. He did NOT tell us he was done drinking. I wish our masters would tell us when they're done with the water station.
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DW and I were watching tv last night when Tigger jumped up onto the bed and stood on my legs, with his front legs on my chest. He looked long and hard at me, about 3 inches from my face.

Hi Tigger. What's going on.

No answer. He keeps staring. I sritch him some and he purrs.

"Ah.. that's the spot. I like that."

"That's enough." and he turns around. That's what I wanted Tigger. To be this close looking at your south end while you're facing north.

Tigger continues to stand there. DW tells me he wants his up button pushed. Many masters have an up button. You scritch the base of the tail and the front legs/chest drop down and the back legs and tail go up.

"Ah... that what I want. Keep it up."

"That's enough."

and Tigger saunters over to DW and walks down her legs. Tigger stumbles and falls over. We look up to the ceiling or over to the door as to not see what just happened. Tigger looks around to see if we witness what has transpired.

"Oh.. good. You didn't see what I meant to do."

Tigger lays down, stretched between her legs. Head on shin. Tail off to the side of the right hip.

"I must look cute. Don't I look cute?"

Yes you do Tigger.

[insert awhile]

Tigger turns over and assumes Sea Otter position. That's where he's on his back. Front legs curled, back legs kinda sticking up into the air. Eyes are glazed over though. Instead of washing and cleaning food like a sea otter, Tigger is expanding his horizons by contemplating the whichness of the why.

softly.... "look at me. I'm cute"

Yes master. You're cute beyond belief.
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I got home from work, after a night shift, and Tigger is waiting in the hall. In the middle of the hall, beside the entrance to the masters watering station. Good morning Tigger.

"I've been waiting for some time. I'm thirsty and my primary slave is sleeping."

Let me put my bag down and take off my jacket.

"No. I want water right now."

and Tigger proceeds to block my way down the hall. I take the hint and turn into the bathroom. Tigger bounds in and is purring loudly when I'm in the process of turning on the water. He is boinking my arm wanting to get to the other side of the sink, where he always drinks.


Yes master. I lift my arm and Tigger almost jumps to the other side of the sink. He almost falls to the floor. I'm sure he meant to make it appear that he was falling.

Tigger drinks alot of water.

I leave to get ready for bed.

While I'm brushing my teeth, Tigger comes into the bathroom -

"I'm done drinking in there. Go turn off the water."

Yeas master. I go turn off the water and Tigger jumps up.

"I'm thirsty. Go away."

You just told me you were done.

"That was then. This is now."

Yes master. I go to the other bathroom and Tigger zooms past me.

Tigger is waiting in the bathroom.

I finish brushing my teeth and I'm ready for bed.

Tigger tells me he is done drinking and I go turn off the water. I settle in.

Tigger BOUNDS up on the bed and jumps upon me.

"Thud" (have you had a master jump upon you while laying down?) ooofff

Hi Tigger. Glad to see your up and about.

Tigger ignores me and goes to lay upon my primary slave.

Primary slave is giggling. She knows Tigger much longer than I and has undergone his tutoring.

G'night Tigger.

Tigger is slee.... uh working.

I go to sleep.
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DW took Sterling and Shadow to the evil vet yesterday, while I was at work. This in and of itself is not a big deal, but Tigger hates evil vet. He can smell the evil vet when either/both of us return from evil vet. I had forgotten this when I got home and I was wondering why Tigger was needing so much attention from me. Everytime I turned around, Tigger was there wanting attention.

DW reminded me of the evil vet visit and everything fell into place. Tigger distanced himself from his primary slave, except the tip of his tail would be touching her. Back turned toward her, but tail touching.

"I'm angry with you. You went to evil vet... but I need to maintain contact. Ignore my tail"

Have you ever seen a master bonking one slave and trying to maintain physical contact with another slave?
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I seem to have gotten on the bad side of master Tigger today. I was up early, slept through most of the day, and than got up as I have the night shift tonight. Tigger would complain that he was thirsty.

"Hey slave. I'm thirsty"

I would go turn on the masters watering station. Tigger would take about three sips and depart.

"Hey Slave."

Yes master?

"I'm hungry."

I hear and obey master. I get his food (and I mix a few spikes in his food in hopes that he will eat some of the other food)

"Are you trying to poison me with that slop?"

Tigger walks away and turns the corner to go down the hall.
I hear Tigger -

"Hey Slave. I'm thirsty"

Yes master. I hear and obey.

DW tells me that I must be on his bad side today. and she laughs

Tigger, on the other hand, continues with the water/food drill. I finally give up and take all of the spikes out of his food. He has nothing but dots now.

"Now that's the food I like. Why did you try to feed me that other stuff?"

Caught again... sigh
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I just posted a long post about Tigger being in flakey fiesty mode and it's gone. Sigh... I'll try to recreate soon. Drat
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My master Tigger was tearing around the house doing bounce turns off the edge of the bed and generally running a mini marathon. Interesting time. He would stop in the middle of the hallway, right in front of slaves, and run off again. When he got tired it was a transistion into great straw hunter mode. Followed by curling up on the couch. Right beside Charlie.

"I'm cute. I'm sleeping"

but not really. He pounced upon Charlie and grabbed him by the neck. All three slaves yelled at him to stop.

"Hey... I'm just showing him who is boss."

Yeah.. but you're not nice about it Tigger.

and off he'd go. Running around again.

Followed by a lay upon his primary slaves legs. S T R E T C H E D out to the feet.

"I'm cute. Love me. Pet me. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

and he went to work. Charlie curled up on Annie and went to glazed eyes mode.
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I've been out most of the day and had to go to a concert (DW sang in it) but something interesting did happen with my master Tigger. DW had purchased a expensive (for a cat scoop it was expensive) that was sitting on the table.

"I am here looking at my domain.....if you can't figure that out slave."

I picked up the scoop and started talking into it like I was a radio announcer.

Here is my master Tigger who has not seen this new scoop. Tell the audience what you think Tigger, and I placed the scoop close to his face.

Y A W N.......................................(long and big yawn)

Son and DW both laughed.

Tigger looked at me as if I was a brain dead.

DW said: I guess he told you what he thinks. I like it because it won't chip or wear down but Tigger just tells us it's what we need to be his slave.

What a cat master.
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Not much has happened that I can report though I did have a talk with DW about our master Tigger last night. Tigger was working (upon the legs of DW being a heating blanket and keeping physical contact with his primary slave). I was petting Tigger while talking.

"That's what I want slave. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

A commericial was on that concerned masters and vets. (vet tech school I think) and I asked about Tigger's conduct while at the evil vet (I've not made a vet visit with anyone for some time as I've been working)


Tigger has been quite placid DW told me. No leather gloves have been needed for awhile.

"What do you expect slave. I get all the attention I want now. (and I'm the oldest master in the house + I'm Alpha)

Yes master.
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I was sitting at the computer, which has a vantage point of the front yard (Master Tigger uses it to search for intruder cat methinks) checking for trick or treaters and some misc. news. I found this


My master Tigger comes running in and BOUNDS to my lap and uses it for a launch pad to get on the desk.

"What's going on?"

Oh... just news about cat genome sequencing named Cinnamon and.....

Tigger walks off, fwapping his tail.

"I am NOT impressed with any cats outside of this house, except to repel borders and shout about intruders. Hrmmpppfffffff. I'm going to work."

and he walks off. I didn't even know he cared that much about other cat....er masters.
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I walked into the kitchen when my master Tigger told me to pick him up. I did.


DW came walking into the kitchen while talking to sister person. She started petting Tigger.


"I must stand upon your shoulder so hold still."

Yes master. I hear and obey. Whereupon Tigger stands on my shoulder. I remain very still.

"I like this view slave. Keep standing still."

Yes master.

"I going to sit down now. Don't move slave."

Thus my master Tigger contemplated the kitchen. (DW went to get the camera, of which she managed to get one photograph - I'll post it on the Tigger/masters site)

After several minutes of contemplation, master Tigger decided he wanted to walk down my back.

"Bend forward slave. I'm going to see the world from your back." Thus Tigger stood and looked. (I only have this as DW told me what he was doing and proceded to try to take another picture)

"HEY you're trying to take my picture. I'm going to the floor where I'll look better."

"I'm going into the living room and don't want to be disturbed."

Yes master. We hear and obey.
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I was held hostage for some time last night, i.e. Tigger was laying upon and legs and he started working. I could not get up, least I disturb my master.

"Slave! I told you to stop moving around. I'm working here."

I can see that master. I'm sorry. I'll try not to do that again. Whereupon master Tigger decided that it was time to stretch.... and little needle claws started going up on down into and out of my skin. (well... almost but it sure felt like they were going to make me bleed)

One long stretch later.... Tigger saunters off to the kitchen to beg for food. (dinner was being made)

You know you don't like this Tigger. It makes you worf.


I'll not give it to you. Go bug your other slave. Since a name was not mentioned, I was chosen since my son doesn't give in to Tigger that much. Hi Tigger. Whatcha want?

"I want water. Turn on my water station."

Yes master. and Tigger promptly walks away. He was just testing it seems. I called after him that the water was on. My DW answered with: Just testing again? You're correct. He's in that kind of mood it seems.

Tigger went into the living room to work.
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I get up this morning and Tigger was in a generous mood. He witnessed the door opening to allow the two masters up from downstairs. Tigger will not tolerate (Laptop and Sterling are two masters that he hates. Grab by the throat and kill kind of hatred it appears) The race to the watering station ensues. Tigger is closest to the station, as he is in the middle of the kitchen, entry way, hallway to master watering station and the short hall to garage door and other entry into the living room.

Zoooooooooooooom Down the hall to be first in line. Charlie and Shadow Ram are racing down.

Master Tigger is atop the water station by the time I get there. Charlie is 2nd. Shadow is last. All are glaring at me.

"Why were you not here with the water turned on slave?" my masters complain in unison. "TURN on the water, slave."

I hear and obey. I can't run as fast as you. I only have two feet and I'm old. (I'm unsure if my masters know that slaves get older and take that into account. I think they know and they try to keep us in shape but they have not talked to me about it. ) I turn on the water.

Tigger has moved behind Charlie, thereby allowing him to be at the front of the line. That is nice of him. Charlie takes a LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG drink. Charlie drops to the floor with a thump that might be heard next door.

"I don't have to be quiet right now slave. Nobody is asleep."

Yes master. I understand.


and Charlie trots off. I see him go to the computer/home office intruder detection station. I see him scan for intruder. He sees a bird on the front lawn..... and I hear him natter. Charlie is watching intently.

When I look back to the watering station, Shadow is drinking. While my back was turned, Tigger had allowed another "front of the line"

Tigger looks at me:

"I'm allowing my minions to drink first. I'm in a good mood."

That was nice of you Tigger. I wratch/scritch/scratch Tigger.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.................Purr. That's the spot."

(The thought occurs to me that Tigger is allowing them to cut in front so he can have cold water and a scritch from me. - - - - Hmmmm Tigger may have another motive, but most likely I'm wrong. I am a slave afterall.)

Shadow finishes. Thump.... and he walks away.

Tigger drinks his fill as I scritch at the base of his tail. I remember the day I'd have been mauled and had my arm taken off at the shoulder if I scratched at the location. Tigger has changed. I wonder if he remembers "Oliver the Brown Bomber" kitty who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I'm sure he does. They were best buddies (most of the time)

My attention has wandered.... and Tigger has finished drinking.

"Hey Slave. HEY SLAVE!"

oh... yes master?

"Turn off the water."

Tigger gets down to the floor and I turn off the water. I exit the bathroom.....er master watering station and start down the hall. Tigger is located to the far left of the hall. I start to pass him and he falls in beside me.

Tigger keeps getting closer and I must get closer to the right wall.

This continues till I'm against the wall and Tigger has cut me off, not unlike a police car who is chasing a bad guy. I voice my complaint.

Why did you do that Tigger?

DW answers with: Tigger likes to do you to show you that he is in charge. Don't you remember?

I do remember, but I hope for an answer from Tigger.

......... long wait..............

He doesn't answer. He fwaps his tail and leaves me behind.

----------------insert another water station interlude for Tigger--------------------
(Tigger had come in to the intruder station and bonked my legs to get my atention and...... )

"Slave. I want something"

(turns out he wanted a short drink)

He than went to the intruder detection station where I am expounding about his day.
Charlie has left BTW.

I think his eyes have glazed over and he's just making like he's searching his exterior domain. No movement.

I think I'd best leave quietly.
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I came home from work and put my bag down (similar to a gym bag given to me by my friend Jim - so I refer to it as my Jim bag - oh don't roll your eyes at me I have a penchant for puns-a rather nice way to punish people) and the zippered flap was open. I spied Tigger being Mr. Helper Kitty with DW. Tigger was holding down a large quilt square (DW is making a wall hanging that has a print of one or our soldiers that will be sent to the family of the soldier saying we support them. DW was in the Army and I was in the Navy) and otherwise being nice. Chasing little bits of fabric and thread and such other helpful tasks he assigned himself. Holding down different fabric is an important job.

"Here... let me help you slave. I'm skilled at this"

"Oh... my secondary slave is home. Hi helper slave."

"OH OH OH OH OH OH OH... the bag is open. I must investigate like I do paper bags. It might have kitty....errrr master items and things."

Whereupon he jumped down from the cutting table and .....

"I must sniff this bag. It has strange smells. You might have been with another master of whom I am unfamilar."

sniff sniff sniff sniff

Than it was pounce into the bag.

Has anyone seen my master Tigger? I don't see him. Looking around....

His head pops out of the bag. Oh.. Hi master. Having fun?

"You obviously have no idea how important it is to check out these bags. Well.. you are a slave and you have a tendency to forget what I teach you."

Yes master. and he disappears again. A marmalade tail is flapping around in circles it seems someone is checking all corners of the bag. Oh I hear some little needle claws at work.

"There has to be something under this bottom I'm standing on. I'll find it. Oh.. it's must be in this corner. Wait... it's over here. No... over there"

"Drat I missed it. It's gone. Why didn't you open this bag before it had a chance of escaping slave? Why... Bother...with .... this one. He forgets everything. Hmm he does give me food and water. Good scritches now and again. I think I'll keep him. Too hard to find any good slaves methinks."

"You're lucky slave. I'm in a good mood so I won't chase you out of my domain."

Thank you master.

than it was off to the races. Zoooom he was gone.

(headed for the watering station and I hear complaints that I'm not fast enough)
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I slept in this morning (7am is sleeping in I suppose) and master Tigger was not around.

"Feed me slave."

Tigger was talking to his primary slave in the kitchen. I get there...

"Ha You can feed me second best slave!"

Yes master. I hear and obey, but I want some coffee first. How else am I to even be able to think.

"You don't need to think. I tell you want to do and when to do it."

blank look on my face.

"Oh bother. Drink some coffee slave. Get my breakfast ready also."

I pour a cup and take a small drink.

"HEY! You've had your coffee. Get me my breakfast."

Yes master. (I get his food and put it on the floor)

"Go away. I'm eating."

I stand and drink my coffee. Tigger finishes and leaves. I go down to the masters watering station. Hmmm where is Tigger.

I look in the bedroom. No Tigger.

I look in the home office/computer room. Tigger is working right beside the uninterruptable power supply (UPS) I have for my workstation.

Hmmm Tigger has never worked there. I wonder why.

The furnace kicks in (it's cold out and snow is on the ground) and I have my answer.
A vent is under the credenza of the desk. Warm air from furnace. Warm UPS. Small trash can forces air over Tigger and nowhere else. Nice location for trash can to direct warm air I suppose. I didn't think of that when I moved it there. It was a handy close trash can for me to put trash. I didn't think that it would warm Tigger.

Tigger opens one eye (maybe it was both eyes but the description sounds better that way)

"I'm working slave. Why are you bothering me. I'm warm. I'm working. I'm content. Go away."

Tigger closes his eye and gets back to work.

Yes master. I hear and obey.
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The normal race to the watering station took place when we let Shadow Ram and Charlie upstairs this morning. Inasmuch as I expected the race, I had turned on the water beforehand. Three Legged Charlie won the race. (Charlie is quite speedy for only having 3 legs. Impressive he is.)

When I arrived, Charlie was lounging in the sink. Water flowing/dripping to his back. Head curled back to drink the water. Now that was a different and unexpected event. DW quickly got the camera and saved the moment for us. I'll post them soon.

Master Tigger was watching Kitty TV, looking for intruder cats or just enjoying the winter view with snow about the world he can see. Freshly fed, Sufficient water and attention lavished - contentment in his world.

I expected him to curl up by the heat vent but he is walking about and taking a break from his labors. Breakfast for us slaves being made.

A quiet day starts.
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As usual, your journal never ceases to amuse.
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Just found this thread....well....not "just" - as I have spent the past few hours reading from start to finish. Not to mention popping out to view the pictures! Hello to your dear MIL - folks are indeed still hearing about Tigger & Clan....skritches to the entire Fab Five (and a happy chirrup to the cockatiel!)
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Originally Posted by Shemarie View Post
Just found this thread....well....not "just" - as I have spent the past few hours reading from start to finish. Not to mention popping out to view the pictures! Hello to your dear MIL - folks are indeed still hearing about Tigger & Clan....skritches to the entire Fab Five (and a happy chirrup to the cockatiel!)
I'll pass the skritches on to the Fab Five and tell them that it's from you, but they may ignore the comment as it's coming from a slave. That's just a guess mind you, but they may chose to send something in reply.
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I've been under the weather (cold/sinus infection that started last Thursday) but prior to that I had many helper kitties. The bathroom that DW and I use had a very slow draining sink. We've used drain cleaners so I suspect that a certain masters hair has clogged the sink. I would never implicate Laptop without solid evidence so I can only speculate.

The contents beneath the sink were removed. Tigger sauntered into the bathroom ...

"Hi slave. Whatcha doin' "

"It's obvious to me that you need supervision since you're only a slave."

Yes master, but it is going to get messy here I suspect. Gunk and water will drain into this little bucket and you might get wet.

"Pashaw.... I'm a master. I'm much to fast in my reflex actions."

Uh.. sure. Ok.... (I take the sewage trap off)

"Slave.... that smells horrid. Where is it coming from?" (Tigger almost climbs into the little bucket, but I stop him)

"Oh... I was going to step into something black and gunky. Why did you let me try? Stupid slave." Tigger leaves the bathroom.

Charlie comes hopping in and curls up on my lap. I'm sitting cross legged on the floor thus I'm an open target which he takes advantage of. Uh... Charlie. I'm going to be getting things wet here and I don't want to upset you. You're a very fine helper kitty but.............

I nudge him so he'll leave. I notice Tigger observing from the master work station that's in the bedroom. Charlie gives me a crusty look and "almost" leaves in a huff. Charlie jumps up on the master work station and settles down on the down comforter. Eyes glaze over and he starts working.

Tigger continues to oversee my work.

The trap is fairly clean. That means I have to dismantle the sink drain plug. That's always fun. My side of my head is against the cabinet. Right arm reaching around the pipe and I remove the lever that raises and lowers the stopper.

I spy Tigger shaking his head.

"Silly slave. I don't understand why you do things the hard way."

How else am I going to remove this so I can clean out the cat hair?

"WHAT? Master hair in the sink? You are falsely accusing me. I didn't put hair in that sink. You didn't see me do it. You can't prove a thing!"

Yes master. I know it might be something else.

I remove the lever and reach up and get the plug. Large globs of wet matted hair are plastered to the drain plug. I hold up the evidence and show Tigger.

See.... cat hair.

Tigger comes to investigate.

"Yeah right. What kind of drugs are you on. No self respecting master here has that color hair. It might be Laptops since it's about the same length, but the color is all wrong.

(I don't mention that all hair stuck in the drain will take on a grey black hue over time. I believe it's caused by soap and body oil)

Tigger sniffs the gunk and leaves. saying:

"You have once again made a wrong assumption. You're a stupid slave after all."

I clean all the gunk out of the drain. Now the fun part begins (I always hate this part)
The long process of getting the lever inserted into the square hole at the end of the stopper commences. No doubt a plumber can reassemble in 30 seconds, but I'm not a plumber. I don't have the necessary skills acquired from hundreds, if not thousands of sink installations. I'm not about to pay $150.xx (or thereabouts) to have a plumber install the drain stopper.

Tigger is once again watching the show. I can tell he's laughing and saying:

"You reap what you sow, silly slave. That's what you get for making false accusations."

Charlie is back from eyes being glazed and he comes over to investigate.

"Why do you have one paw in the sink and one paw under the sink? Your head is pressed against the cabinet. Looks uncomfortable, but I can supervise from here."

Oh thank you master. That's what I need is you to stand on my legs and little needles poking me. Thank you. (I guess that he dug in to keep traction since I was moving a little)

DW comes in............laughs............ and goes to get the camera. A futile trip as Charlie goes up to the bed to start a bath.

Charlie: "When in doubt, bath."

Yeah... ok. I'll wash up as soon as I get done.

Tigger: "Will you get rid of that slime?"

Yes master. I will. I'll even clean the floor and under the sink so you don't get dirty.

"That's what we wanted to hear slave." (in unison)

[insert 40 minutes of trying to thread a needle behind your back is the best way describe the process]

I finally get the lever in. The rest of the process take minutes to check the opening/closing and such.

Free.... FREE AT LAST I exclaim.

DW hears me from the kitchen and tells me: Make sure you wash the sink and your hands. Dinner is almost ready.

I close the stopper and turn on water. I wash. I push drain and water flows quickly down and away. I clean the sink and floor.

Tigger has observed the process and he comes into the bathroom to inspect.

Sniff..... sniff..... looking left and right.

"I don't see any master hair here." shaking his head he trots away to tell DW about my false witness utterences.

I change cloths and wash up again.

Charlie ignores all that which I do.
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toooo funny!!!
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I went to a good friends house to help with a computer problem. He will only call me when he has a problem that he is unable to solve as he is computer literate, (it's my profession BTW) although he calls to just talk also. So off I go after telling DW and Tigger LYLSYLB. (love you lots see you later bye) Tigger ignores me and goes back to work.

I arrive at friends house and start to resolve the problem. Bill the cat (a marmalade master) comes over and jumps up to my lap. Bill circles around to determine the best place to receive attention and settles in. Eyes glaze over when he starts observing my computer work (can't say that I blame him but I find it interesting)

[insert about 1/2 hour attention time]

Bill gets up and stretches.............

"Y a w n ........ That's enough work for now. I'm getting down"

and Bill wanders off, not bothering to look back. (typical master behavior I'd say)

My friend and I discuss the whereabouts of "Mini me" (another marmalade master who has gone missing....) we miss her and hope she was not taken off by some nasty animal)

I notice my lap is covered with hair from Bill the cat as I bid fond adeiu to Bill and my friend.

When I get home, Tigger, Shadow and Charlie all sniff me.

"Egad... you've been with another CAT!"

and they all depart my immediate area for parts unknown. I hang my head in shame at the rejection (DW laughs and sez.... yeah you're ashamed. I can tell)

I am spurned for at least an hour, till I start eating my dinner. Then I get lots of attention. Hmmm can't understand why.
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Laptop was singing during the entire transit time (I was at work so DW told me the tale) for a evil vet visit. (Laptop is doing just fine with the daily dose of thyroid shutdowndrug; as is Tigger) Tigger responded in his usual manner and DW was shunned for a short period.

"I'm not going to talk to you or head bonk or rub against you or ask for any attention or anything else. You went to evil vet. I want nothing to do with evil vet! Why do you keep going there!!!!!!!!!!!"

Awhile later, DW and I were practicing the Christmas carols we are going to sing at the Denver Zoo and Denver Botanic Gardens, when Tigger joined us. He started walking across the control area of the electronic organ. We pay no attention to Tigger walking across tables/chairs/slaves/sinks - errr master watering stations as he has the run of the house. We keep the other masters off almost everything since they were taught that at a very young age. Tigger was given permission 12 years ago and he has not forgotten.

"Why are you two slaves yowling again? You're disturbing me and I want attention. (as he walked across the organ/keyboard) HEY!!! I'm talking to you. I want to listen to Starwars theme.!"

and we were were interrupted by Starwars. (we started laughing...) Tigger why didn't you tell us you wanted the Starwars theme? (Tigger shook his head at us)

"I want attention."

Yes master, but we nned to practice.

"Ok... I'll play the keyboards then."

and he promptly played somthing different than "Silent Night".

Zowie master. That sure is a diffent harmony than what is written.

and off he went. I checked to see if he was at the watering station, but he was not. We finish practice and go off in search of the noise we hear in the other room. Tigger and Charlie are playing tag it seems. Taking a break from working we see. Such hard working (and hard playing) masters we have.
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I have a Tigger too!! He is pretty much the size of a Tiger though
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Charlie is our big master. Tigger is smallest, but he's Alpha. I guess it's a case of age and experience beating up youth & lack of wisdom. %^)
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I read the article to Tigger and he was ROTF before he wandered off to tell everyone.

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I was standing beside the masters work station (a bed for us slaves) when Tigger walked over to me and said:

"Pick me up slave. I want attention."

Yes master. I hear and obey.
Tigger assumed the baby burp position while I administered the scritches and petting he wanted. (I was mistaken about his intentions though) Tigger proceded to walk up to my shoulder and stood there for a very long time. DW said he was eyeballing the palm fronds we have hanging from the ceiling, of which he as longed to play with when he witnessed our placing them there on Palm Sunday.

"Move closer to the palm fronds slave. I have the wherewithal to attain one of my many goals right now. MOVE CLOSER!"

DW has left the room to get the camera.

"MOVE silly slave."

I move.

"NOT THAT WAY! TOWARD THE.... oh. You're not going to get closer are you. You're playing games with me. Letting me get tantalizingly close. Raise my hopes and than to dash them to floor to crush them beneath your heel. You are a mean spirited slave. No wonder you wear that "Bah Humbug" hat. "

"You have been a most disappointing slave. Let me down."

and Tigger jumped to the bed as DW came in with the camera. Yoikes. foiled again.

and Tigger walks off. I hear a conversation emanating from the master watering station. Tigger, Charlie and Shadow are ALL sitting at the sink. Charlie is drinking. Tigger and Shadow are looking around, tapping their toes and otherwise trying to kill some time. They want water and they want it right now. Charlie looks around...

"I'm here drinking. Don't bother me."

"Other masters live here as well. We'd like a drink sometime today before we die of thirst." (Tigger and Shadow are both talking but are saying the same thing)

"DRINK. Don't talk"

I'm sitting at my computer, which is across the hall from them and I look at them from time to time to see when they're done. Charlie has curled up in the sink to aggravate them I guess. I go and pick him up.

"Hey! I was drinking."

Yes master. I'm giving you attention.

"OH oh that's the spot." (eyes curl up and purring commences) Tigger allows Shadow to drink first while I go into the computer room/office and sit down.

Charlie realizes what I've done, and he gets down.

"Silly slave. Think you can fool a master? You didn't and I let you think you'd gotten away with that ploy. I was done drinking."

and he walks off.

(I posted new pictures of my masters here: http://community.webshots.com/album/556548094AhFwBa )
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DW and I were out getting snow off the walk and driveway this afternoon. Not a big deal, but when we got inside Tigger was very vocal.

"Where have you been? I wanted to join you out in that white stuff."

Uh... Tigger .... you don't like that white stuff.

"Yes I do. I really want to go out into that stuff."

No you don't. I proceded to talk to him about the "white stuff" while DW went out to the kitty TV station and put seed/food out for squizzles and birds that don't go anywhere in the winter.

"HEY! She went out! I want out NOW!"

Tigger.... it's not what you really want to do.


so I picked Tigger up and carried him out. I placed him in ankle deep "white stuff"

"HEY... THAT WHITE STUFF IS COLD!!!! Take me back inside."

Yes master. I told you you'd not like it.

"grumble grumble.... silly slave tried to take off my feet and claws. You tried to hurt me with that cold stuff."

and he proceeded to run around the house for awhile to warm up or to work off the excess energy.
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I was laying on the couch, thinking about what I should do; i.e. take a nap, get something to eat, shovel snow or get some coffee. I had almost made my decision, when Tigger came running in.

"Ah... a slave at work. I must join him."

whereupon Tigger "almost" jumped up on to my tummy. ooouuuhhhhfffff. You're having fun landing on my stomach Tigger.

"All the better to work, slave. Don't bother me any further as I have work to do."

Yes master. Far be it from me to stop you from accomplishing work. I'll not move.

"That's good. Now don't bother me anymore. I'm going to work."

and thus the decision was made for me. It's such a difficulty making a decision today. I'm glad master Tigger decided for me.
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Sitting here looking out the window of the office/computer room while waiting for a Christmas present to finish burning (burning a CD of the wedding pictures for my neice) DW comes in and notices that kitty warf is on the window sill. Hmmm Tigger food color. Gee I think Tigger was feeling ungood.

DW goes to get paper towell. I pick up the monitor and hold it away from the window so DW can clean the warf up.

Both of us hear Tigger over by the CD cases (15 drawer furniture storage I got on last of a kind sale at Oak Experss... less than 1/3 of the normal price... it was a great buy) Tigger is exploring.

"Oh... I think I'll climb up there and check things out. I like the view here. Let me see if I can get on top of the picture frame here."

Tigger attempts to climb up on top of a picture. He'll never make it but he's trying

"Why are you taking me off this picture frame? I want to climb up there to see."

You can't climb there silly cat. It will never hold you. It's not physically possible.

"But I want to try anyway."


And DW sets him down on the floor, whereupon he walks away.
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