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We took Tigger to the "evil vet" on the 31st of March (already scheduled BTW) for a checkup. He had abused us both just before we went and he drank quite a bit of water, thus we were hoping that he would not have an empty bladder when we arrived. We normally take along an extra towel since he insists on having an empty bladder when we walk into the exam room. True to form he did. If you were to listen to Tigger on the way he would be saying: "You are taking me away to remove my toenails!"
"You must turn around and go home or I will wet my towel!"
"You WILL turn around! NOW!!!"
"I'm going to ignore you for the rest of the day!!"
and sulk mode starts when we walk in the door of the "evil vet".

Check up shows that he has lost a pound in weight during the last three months. Alarm flags pop up. "Evil vet" takes a blood sample to test kidney function. We are concerned. "Evil vet" recommends we start Tigger on kidney food. We get a small bag to see how he will take to the new food. We now have three different kinds of master food. One type for Sterling (who we recently got some good pictures of with our new camera - I will post them soon) who is diabetic. Sterling is OFF insulin right now. The new kind of insulin seems to agree with him and it appears that it affected his metabolism. We will take him back to the vet in a month to see how he's doing. Great news in my opinion.

but I've gotten off track from my master Tigger. We get Tigger home.

Sulk mode - "You took me to the "evil vet" and she stabbed me. How many times have I told you not to take me out of my domain!"

We open the new bag of food and Tigger deigns to "try" some of the new food.

"OH! This is yummy! I want more!" but we only give about a teaspoon as we have no wish to upset his digestive tract.

Tigger forgets the "evil vet" and decides to go work.

----- Three days later ------

Vet calls and tells us that the test results indicate that a possible thyroid problem is detected. She orders an additional test (no further need to draw blood as they still have sufficient amount left for testing)

Tigger still likes the new food.

I was standing in the kitchen and happened to look toward the front door. Imagine a four way intersection please. Front door is north. Short hall to garage is east - with another opening into living room. Kitchen is to the south - and a passthrough to living room. Hall to the west that goes to bedrrom, computer room/office, and guest bathroom. Shadow Ram is sitting at the north. In the middle of the intersection is Charlie. He's bathing. Tigger is in the south intersection looking behind him toward me. I turn toward them and ALL THREE start walking down the hall. I turn the corner to see them walking three abreast.

They look like the "Three Musketeers" walking down a street.

"Oh! It's the bathroom. I'm thirsty"

All "three mouse-keteers" had the same thought at the same time. They all make a "by the right flank - march" as if ordered by a Marine Drill Sergeant. It was beauriful and I wish I had a movie camera in my hands when it occured. You folks would have enjoyed it also. I told DW a short time later, and she wished she could have seen it also.

but I digress..... seeing them make the "by the right flank - march" I jump to the conclusion that my masters are thirsty. I go down the hall to turn on the water. Shadow Rams is in the front. Charlie is next and Tigger is last.

Tigger makes a command decision and goes to the front of the line. Rank hath its Privileges and no objections are made by my younger masters. Ah.. it's nice to be chief, eh Tigger?

Tigger looks briefly at me when I make that statement and he turns to continue drinking. Tigger drinks for a very long time.

"I'm done now slave. Take me to the bed so I may get to work."

I do and he does. Shadow Ram and Charlie join a short time later.

I leave them to their labors and go off in search of DW to tell the tale.

-----------to be continued as something interesting occurs-----------
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I purchased a 6" tall potted plant in 1985 when I moved to Colorado. It looked like a baby palm tree. That's what I call it since I've long forgotten its name. I have transplanted to larger pots over the intervening years.

You may wonder why I bring this up in "The Tigger Chronicles" (I rather like that name - Thank you CarolPetunia) I'll get to that shortly

The plant has since gotten over 10' tall, has 4 "trunks" that are about 2" thick. The fronds are about 3' long.

Tigger LOVES to play with the fronds. He can get up to the kitty TV window sill and bat the fronds around (one of trunks bends down enough so that it is just barely in his reach. (Charlie likes to play with them also)

DW and I both sing in our church choir and we received fronds on Palm Sunday. I spooed (for those of you who are unfamilar with that term I'll give a hint. Oops) and left a palm on the table. Since Tigger is the only master allowed on the table he found it today while Nancy was about. She rescued the palm and Tigger was in "Kitty Krazy" mode batting at the palm. DW used her new camera to catch some of the action and I used it to try to get a leap into the air. I'll review the short movies and try to post some stills of the Tigger dance, if not the link to the movie.

ah... life with my master continues. %^)
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The "evil vet" called us today about the blood work resutlts. Tigger is doing nicely with his kidney disease and he seems to have a slight infection so he is going to be on antibiotics. Test results also indicate that he may have a thyroid problem. He will be on a thyroid medicine for two weeks and he will get tested again to see how he's doing.

The vet gave us options on the meds:


1. Pills (have you ever tried to pill a cat?)
2. Liquid (have you ever tried to pour liquids down a cats mouth? We do have a injector that works but we've seen the medicine spit out so this is out)
3. Salve to smear in his ear. It gets absorbed and he gets the medicine he needs. (I'll give you two guess' which option we chose_


1. See above
2. See above
3. There is no three so we're forced to use option 1. (sigh)

I wonder if they will ever put antibiotics into salve for an infection?

I purchased a new DVD/VCR today and I installed it in our media center. I had the rapt attention of a certain master whose name starts with Tigger. oh... I gave that away didn't I....

"Oh... you brought me a box to sniff and play with. Go away slave"

Tigger sniffed
Tigger jumped into the box
Tigger jumed out of the box
Tigger jumped into the box
Tigger jumped out of the box
and than Tigger decided to get onto the shelf where the DVD/VCR is. He walked around the unit (barely able to fit since he had to crouch down) and I think he liked it there. He laid down and decided to work for a time. He got up, started to bump his head and he decided that it was too cramped for a stretch and so he came out.

Now it was time for a stretch.

"What are you looking at slave. I was checking to see if any mice were back there!"

uhh.... ok that's your story and you're going to stick with it I suppose. Thank you for checking for mice.

I see that Tigger has gone to work on the bed so I best tiptoe out.
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as an aside in "The Tigger Chronicles":

Charlie, who is biggest cat we have and has very little fat, decided to check out behind the new DVD/VCR player. Even crouching he barely fit between the two shelves. He squeezed in, decided that the fan in the back of the unit was too noisy (I think that's what it was since he did not tell me anything - just glared) and came back out. Watching him turn around was a little funny.

"Why are you laughing slaves. I'm demonstrating my agility and how limber I am."

Than he decided to bath himself....

and ignored us. We're just slaves
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We gave Tigger his thyroid and antibiotic meds a few minutes ago.




We received a GLARE and he stomped off when he was set down on the floor. I'm unsure as to when we'get back on his good side. He's bathing right now and trying to fit a paw into his ear to get the thyroid medicine out.

(sorry Tigger but it's for your own good)
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I just found your story tonight. It is very late here (1 AM), my eyes are almost shut. But I could not go to bed without finishing your "Chronicles of Tigger." I love it! I think you are a very humble man for not recognizing the profound effet that you are having on all of us. You have given me hope. I have a master that will 17 in August. I have been concerned about her but I do believe that we will be fine. Thank you for that. Please keep sharing your life with us. Signed slave of Tubby (7), Little Kitty (16 3/4), and Ozzy (4).
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Originally Posted by gert452000 View Post
I just found your story tonight. It is very late here (1 AM), my eyes are almost shut. But I could not go to bed without finishing your "Chronicles of Tigger." I love it! I think you are a very humble man for not recognizing the profound effet that you are having on all of us. You have given me hope. I have a master that will 17 in August. I have been concerned about her but I do believe that we will be fine. Thank you for that. Please keep sharing your life with us. Signed slave of Tubby (7), Little Kitty (16 3/4), and Ozzy (4).
Thank you, although I'm just beginning to really understand that Tigger has a much wider ranging effect upon people than I first suspected. I would be concerned about "Little Kitty" also. Not unlike the last years of Sitka and Kaitu, my Alaskan Malamutes that had to cross the Rainbow Bridge last year. [sniff...I still miss them, as well a host of others; King Arthur, Charlie dog, Princess, Lady and others still]

On a happier note we noticed a bathing party last night. Tigger, Charlie (three legged cat and not the dog from 30 years ago) and Shadow Ram were each giving and receiving a bath. DW got a picture of them and as luck wood have it, Tigger was captured with his tongue out and looking like he was touching his nose.
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I have posted additional photos of my masters:

Tigger dancing for the palm frond and Bath Party are also there.

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I just finished uploading the movie to YouTube.

Tigger Dancing

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I was sitting on the bed when Tigger jumped up and started "head bumping"

"Pet me"

"Pet me"

I complied with this order and noticed that he lost a whisker. I picked it up and showed it to him while asking: "Did you drop something?"

I must have struck a nerve so Tigger tried to eat the whisker. When that failed he rubbed his nose against it. This tickled his nose so he batted at the whisker.

Have you ever seen a cat ever try to smack a whisker? It was almost like a kitty dancer moment. DW and I both started laughing. Tigger stopped, looked around and ZOOOOOM.... he was off to the kitty krazy races around the house.

About 5 minutes later he came back to the bedroom and decided to go to work (as if nothing had happened of course)

"Go away slave. I'm trying to work here"

We did as we were told.
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This is second hand information, but I trust the source. DW took our master out for a walk today (We have a harness and leash to take those masters who wish to go out for a walk) Tigger had great fun rolling around in the dirt and eating new grass (we hope he doesn't get sick)

A neighbor dog came walking up to about 5' away and barked. Tigger was ready to show the intruder how effective his claws were and he told the dog how he felt. Dog person decided that it was not a wise move to come any closer. Dog person trotted away and Tigger settled down.

All in all a fine outing I suspect. I pulled into the driveway as Tigger decided to explore the flowerbed and eat some weeds. He got a little nervous with my car and felt he should go inside for the night.

He promptly went to work on the bed.
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For a reason known only unto Tigger, he started running up and down the hall. I noticed this when he had made a sudden 180 when I was in the computer room checking email. On his next trip through I asked him if he was having fun. Tigger, being the master that he is, did not answer but continued his running. I walked across the hall to lounge on the bed and watch some Mythbusters BTW.

I was settled in, when Tigger made a flying leap and landed on my back. He stretched out, getting the kinks out of his needle claws and trying to see if I would react (I suppose that why he did the needle claw trick) When he was done stretching, he settled in for a long winters nap - uh err.... work. He got to work. It was chilly out and methinks he wanted to have a source of warmth to work on. Three of our masters do this. Tigger, Charlie and Shadow Ram. Charlie and Tigger like to stretch out or curl up on a lap/legs. Shadow Ram will lounge over the legs or use legs/ankles for a pillow. Sterling will lounge beside his slave or curl up beside me because I'll give him attention. He likes to lounge on my chest and purr in my ear till he gets nervous. Than it's LAUNCH to the floor (leaving little needle holes in me) and RUN AWAY. Sometimes it saunter out of the room, but that's infrequent.

-------insert an hour of time here---------

My legs have gone to sleep
my arms are tired of proping up my head/upper body.
I can't see if Tigger is still working so I ask DW is she can tell if Tigger is working. The angle does not give her a complete view, but she thinks his eyes are rolled up and he's contemplaing his navel.

My master Tigger MUST have attuned to our conversation because he looked over at DW (she told me this) DW told Tigger that he looked wonderful.

"I like your telling me this slave. It still means I'm your master"

Tigger must have nodded his head because I felt movement and he walked over to Nancy. He looked up at her (in adoration) and told her he was hungry.

"I'm hungry. Feed me slave. I've been working hard for at least an hour."

DW heads for the kitchen to feed him. I head for the guest bathroom if he decides to drink first.

Tigger has gone to the kitchen, but Shadow Ram is climbing up to the sink and he has decided he's thirsty.

I ask Shadow Ram to tell me when he's done drinking so I can turn off the water.

-----insert a short time here----------

Tigger has finished eating and runs to the bathroom. Tigger moves Shadow Ram out of the front of the line (it's nice to be chief eh Tigger?) and drinks his fill. Shadow Ram is getting petted by me so he doesn't feel offended by the discourtesy of Tigger. He finally starts purring, whereupon Tigger stops drinking and pushes Shadow Ram out of the way again. I pet Tigger and he purrs. Shadow Ram takes advantage of the running water and drinks his fill.

DW has gone downstairs and lets Charlie up.... and he runs into the bathroom. Too late Charlie. You're last.....

Charlie starts bathing himself.
Tigger decides to wander off
Shadow Ram is now full and he wanders off.
Charlie ignores the water and keeps bathing

I wander off to see what else my master may want of me......
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I was awakened this morning by my master Tigger. He stood with his front legs on my chest. This in and of itself is not a big deal, HOWEVER, he had just finished drinking water from the sink. (he will put one leg under the stream of water and drink of the water flowing off the leg and his other leg is placed on the bottom of the sink beside the drain)

Tigger was standing on my chest and his feet were both wet and cold.

"Hey slave - time to get up! I've been up for a long time. I've eaten and I've had a drink! GET UP!"

It is difficult for me to describe how it feels to have two soggy cold paws on my chest and a master who has just eatern. Kibble breath and wet feet.

I've been looking forward to this I can tell you.

Oh thank you my master for making sure I got to work on time.

"I wanted to get to work and you were in the way. Now go away"

Yes my master. I will do your bidding.
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I just got home from work and Tigger was very attentive. He wanted lots of attention (which he received) but he was unaware that today he is going to the evil vet to have more blood work done. (followup on his thyroid)

"Give me water slave"
"Pet me Pet me"
"That's enough for now. I'm going exploring"

Tigger jumped up on DW sewing table and decided that he really really really had to get in a plastic bag that was holding yarn. That was quite a sight. (I did rescue him from falling off the table when he got tot he edge while inside the bag rolling around)

"I meant to do that slave! Now you've ruined my demonstration of how a falling cat will land on his feet! It's something you slave are not able to do!"

sew he goes over to bath himself.

I start wrapping a package that should have been mailed several days ago. A daughter of a friend of mine will be getting a handme down digital camera (she's 11 so she will be thrilled as it's her first digital camera)

Tigger decides that he needs to investigate the clear packing tape. He "almost" gets to demonstrate how Tigger cats react to sticky tape. (I think I'd rather not right now as I have to get to bed soon)

I put the packing supplies away in the floor level cabinet that occupies a trapizoid section of the cabinet system for the kitchen (no good for kitchen / cooking but great to store our packing supplies)

Tigger investigates the inside.

"Oh.. it's a nice hiddy hole. I can curl up in here"

Come out Tigger. It's time to go to see evil vet.

Tigger comes out and promptly walks into the Tigger carryall. This is unheard of. Never has Tigger just walked into the cat carry.


Tigger curls up and goes to work.

I had to post this prior to heading off to bed.
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DW told me that Tigger performed his usual cat singing while on the way, but he decided to leave his lounging towells dampness free. That resulted in a urine sample being taken. (Thank you Tigger - we want to run tests )

"You're welcome slave people - BUT DID YOU HAVE TO RUB THAT ALCOHOL SMELLY ON MY BELLY?" "It tastes awful" bath bath bath

Scowling at all the slaves - "Leave a master to his bath"

"Oh slave. It's time to take me home"

"I'm not going to talk to you for bringing me here"

and Tigger ignores the entire world while he is being brought home.
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I was sitting up on my bed this morning drinking coffee and thinking of what I was going to do today at work. (I have the day watch today) My master Tigger comes into the bedroom, jumps up on the bed and walks over to my lap.

Tigger shakes his head, thus showering me with water

"I was nice enough to provide you your shower this morning, now get dressed and go away. I want to work on your side of the bed."

That was awfully nice of you master. You really didn't need to go out of your way just for me.

Tigger is standing on my legs, and starts to "bonk" his head agains the coffee cup.

"I told you to get up!"

Ok Ok... I get up and Tigger promptly curls up to work. (I notice that he's on the prewarmed section where I just vacated.

"Thank you warming my work place slave. Go now and leave me in peace."

It seems that I had to be told twice this morning.

[ insert showering, dressing and teeth brushing here]

Have a good work day Tigger. I shall see you later.

Tigger choses to ignore me as he is slee.... uh... working.
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Sterling is going in to see the evil vet today, and the test results for Tigger may have returned. I'll post results.

I had gone to a friends house to get my son last night. 5 Masters live in that house and one of them jumped on my lap as soon as I sat down. I was forced to give attention till the moment we left.

When I got home Tigger reacted:
"You've been around another cat!"
"You gave attention to another CAT!"
"I must check you over to see if you did anything else!"
"Why should I even have anything to do with you?"

Tigger, Laptop and Shadow Ram all investigated me. Charlie and Sterling ignored me.
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The evil vet called this afternoon and I thought you folks would like to know.

Tigger kidney disease bloodwork and urine sample indicates that he is concentrating waste products nicely. The frequent demands for water and the kidney diet food are working better than expected. We thought it nice of Tigger to not wet his blanket on the way to see evil vet and allow us to breath a sigh of relief about his condition.

Thyroid test indicates that he has to stay on the gel we smear in his ear every day. He does not really object to the application now (we think he thinks we're paying attention to him - and he's pleased with attention, as are most of our masters)
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Several things have happened since last I chronicled Tigger. The last two days have been somewhat trying for him because he figured out that DW is going on a trip. (DW is going to Rome to sing in St. Peter's Basilica and Naples for a concert) Tigger was at the door when I got back from dropping DW off at the church and he wanted alot of attention. Understandable

Later, I was sitting at the computer and Tigger jumped up on the desk and walked to my shoulder. He than settled down with his head on my shoulder and body draping down to my arm. It looked like I was going to burp him. I had to lean back just a bit so he would be comfortable. He only purred when I petted him.

Tigger misses his slave. He is used to sleeping ON his slave so he had a restless night. He did curl up beside my head for a short time, right before I fell asleep.

Right now he's sitting on the window sill where he can observe his slaves VW Beetle. Methinks Tigger is a little depressed.

Hang in there Tigger. Your slave will be home in 9 days.
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With his primary slave missing, Tigger has been down and out. I'm gone 13 hours a day and I have been on night shift. Our son is the only slave available and he is taking care of 5 masters, therefore he's overworked. I do what I can when I get home but can not fill the void. Poor Tigger your slave will return soon
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Originally Posted by felton View Post
With his primary slave missing, Tigger has been down and out. I'm gone 13 hours a day and I have been on night shift. Our son is the only slave available and he is taking care of 5 masters, therefore he's overworked. I do what I can when I get home but can not fill the void. Poor Tigger your slave will return soon
Give Tigger a cuddle for me will you?

Your slave will come back sweetie.
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Tigger was nice enough to awaken me this afternoon (about 15 minutes before the alarm clock went off) because he decided that I should give him alot of attention. It turns out that by getting me up early, I had just enough time to make it to work on time. He did try to block my going to work (by blocking the front door as he has done in the past - I've forgotten which post it was though) My son had to pick him up and give him attention so I could get out.

Sorry Tigger, but I must work so you can continue your mastery in the fashion to which you have become accustomed.
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Tigger was nice enough to give me a shoulder massage. I was checking email and he jumped up onto my lap.

"Pet slave! Give me attention!"

Whereupon I gave me attention. Tigger than climbed up to my shoulder (I've taken to calling it baby burping position since that is where he winds up) and wanted more attention.

Tigger climbed up to the top of the chair and walked to the left side. He placed his front paws on my shoulder (the shoulder that had surgery awhile back) and back on the chair. He kneaded my shoulder and massaged me.

It was somewhat painful with his little needle claws but I think the muscles needed a massage.

Tigger than jumped off and wandered away.
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My DW is off running around Rome and Naples leaving me here with son, 5 cats and 1 bird. This in and of itself is not a big deal but my method of working with all my masters is not the same. Nor is my house keeping.

I started vacuuming in the bedroom and worked my way to the living room and dining room. This lets all the noise to get closer to my cockatiel so she'll not freak out. She will see me with that noisy thing and settle down. That worked as planned. Tigger on the other hand, is not afraid of the vacuum. He likes to play tag and see how close he lets me get to him before he has to jump. (frazzle my nerves it does at times - I don't want to suck a tail or foot into a vet trip)

"Why are you stopping there? Stop over here so I can get that black snake that follows you around."

"HA! you missed me again"

"You're so slooooooowwww. You can't catch me!"

Tigger did NOT tire of the game today. He did stop when a patch of sun light appeared through the front door. He "plopped" down and took a sun bath.

"You keep making that noise slave... I need to catch some rays"

and he started to work.
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DW returned from her trip and Tigger was happy and a bit miffed. When we came through the front door, Tigger came running. I could hear him purring about 3 feet away.

"SLAVE!! You're back."

and than he turned his back and fwappped his tail, somewhat akin to tapping our feet.

"You left me alone!" (I guess my son and I don't count)

"I've been maltreated by these other..... uh..... barely human slaves"

and he followed us into the bedroom where the unpacking started.

I noticed that Tigger was as close as he could be to DW, but his back was turned toward.

"I'll make you feel bad becaue you left me! I'm ignoring you!"

but he stayed a close as a second skin where ever his slave went in the house.

I don't think Tigger was really unhappy. %^)

I had a meeting yesterday with some people who came down from Alaska (where I was born and raised) and some smoked salmon was given to me.

We were given a great deal of attention by all of our masters. Much begging and dancing was performed. Such disappointment when the last tasty morsel was gone. I think I'm going to have to order some online.
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Tigger was in a needy mood last night. He slept.... er he worked on DW for several hours. When he awoke... oh wait... I meant...when he decided to take a break from his hard working, he started to get into burp baby position, but rolled over on his back and wanted a belly scritch. (I remember the day when he would take your hand off at the elbow if you got close to his belly or the base of his tail, but that has changed) During the belly scritch he STRETCHED and YAWNED so large I could see the inside of his belly button. He got up and started a very long strech, one leg at a time. He than came over to me and plopped over and wanted another belly scritch. I used both hands for this.

"OH Oh Oh... that's the spot"

"Keep doing this slave"

"ah..... that's taken care of it slave. You may stop"

"You may now turn on the water in the guest bathroom."

"I'm thirsty"

"Thank you slave. You may go"

and he left for a tour of his domain.
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while out on patrol, checking his domain"

"Ah... it's the squizzle on kitty tv"


"That intruder is chasing MY SQUIZZLE!!"

a low growl can be heard....

"That intruder better watch out! I'm ready to go into battle to protect my domain!"

Tigger runs around the corner to watch the intruder cat and squzzle from another window...

Fat tail and growl....

much frustration is demonstrated ......

"I chased that intruder away. Imagine that cat trying to play with MY SQUIZZLE"

"That squizzle is mine. He's a regular on MY KITTY TV"

"Hey SLAVE!"

"Let me out so I can check my area of control! (mark my territory also) I'm ready for a battle. (check my tail if you don't believe me) "

Oh Tigger. Why don't you just go back to work for awhile. I'll pet you.

"grumble grumble.... if you insist. I'll settle down this time."

and Tigger went to work on the bed.
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That Tigger! I love checking in on his antics. I hope the Intruder Cat doesn't catch the Squizzle!
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While I sleeping (getting ready for the night watch tonight) Tigger was quite vocal and in a cranky mood.

"I want to go outside for walk!"

"HEY! I said I want to go outside! Don't you slaves listen?"

Much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth can be heard while Tigger is standing beside the front door.

Tigger must have caught a glimse of the squizzle or, more than likely, the intruder cat was out and about. ALL of my masters have discovered that they may come into the computer room and watch the front yard. The only other windowsill they can access is at the Kitty TV station (it's in a picture in the picture area of the site) The only master allowed on any table is Tigger (except in the computer room / office room) and no master is allowed on the kitchen counters. We do find evidence, now and again, that our masters have been on the kitchen counter though. We don't wish our masters to walk on a hot stove or other item that could injure themselves.

When I get up I go into the kitchen and I'm warned by one and all that Tigger is Mr. Cranky. I go over and pick him up and talk soothingly.

"Thank you for giving attention slave. I need it because THOSE OTHER SLAVES WON'T LISTEN! "

"Give me attention so I can chill out"

"That's enough. I'll go into the office / computer room and catch some rays."

"I'll just make like I'm a library lion"

and he trots off down the hall.

When I glance in, Tigger is on the windowsill

Tigger ignores me and I get ready for work
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I got home from work this morning, entering through the garage. Typically the garage door opening will tell Tigger that one of his slaves has come home and will turn on the water (he has a bowl of water already but likes cold water it seems) and give him some attention.

I open the door from the garage and Tigger is running down the hall. I think to myself: "This is different. I wonder what's going on?"

Halfway down the hall Tigger tells me:

"Meerrraaawlllllll!!! "

Ah Tigger is in flaky kitty mode.

Tigger has run down the hall, around the kitchen island, through the kitchen, a left turn back down the hall, a left turn into the master bedroom, UP on the bed bounching off my DW, down on floor and out the door.

Repeat the above itinerary at least three times.

I make sure I'm not in his direct path so as to not get bowled over by a master traveling faster than a speeding bullet. I do turn on the water in the guest bathroom so Tigger may drink if he choses AFTER he's out of flaky kitty mode.

I go into the bedroom and DW is awake (I wonder what awakened her?) and tells me that Tigger is in flaky kitty mode. I say that I never would have guessed that factoid. I proceed to get ready for bed.

Just about the time I'm ready to settle down to a long springtime nap, Tigger saunters in, looking pleased. I go turn off the water and I find that Tigger has curled up on my pillow ready to work.

"Tigger, I hope you decide to move because that's where I'm going to put my head."

Tigger ignores me.

I put my BiPap machine together. I goto into the office / computer room and turn on the supplemental oxygen machine that I'm supposed to use.

Tigger looks up at me.

Tigger looks at the mask and two hoses, one of which is hissing (supplemental oxygen)

Tigger looks at me with some distain, as if to say "I suppose you want to go to sleep?"

I tell Tigger that if he wishes to maintain the life style to which he has become accustomed, I need to sleep so I can go to work rested and alert.

Tigger stands up, stretches long and in a rather languid fashion, each leg in turn. No.... he has to prolong this process. This tells me that he is being a tiny bit passive-aggressive. He sometimes does not appreciate my taking of space upon the bed.

By the time I've finished putting on the mask, Tigger has walked over to his primary slave and settled down to work. He had to turn around in a circle several times before he decided which position was best. He sleeps on my DW so she looked at me a shook her head, grinning.

Life with our master Tigger has entered another day. (night for me I guess)
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