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Tigger has a heating pad in the living room and he uses my down blanket in the bedroom when I'm not in bed. He will also use any lap, especially when I'm laying on the couch. He likes Kitty TV though; watching for intruder cats who walk across our deck or front.
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Awww! He sounds like such a sweet cat!

Have you posted pictures of him? I'd love to see him.
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Originally Posted by felton View Post

All of your kitties are beautiful!!!

I particularly love this picture of Charlie in the toilet, it made me laugh!

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He is a character.

I've also posted a couple of more pictures of Tigger. He wanted some attention so I picked him up and he climbed to my shoulder to look around. I think he wanted to get on top of the refridgerator like he was used to doing at mother in law/father in laws house. Nancy was quick with the camera so we got pictures.
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Tigger and Charlie have discovered that my footstool (located in my home office) is a nice place to "work". They also like my office chair. Quasi soft fabric backed chair. I believe that the stool and chair provide just enough softness and insulation from the cold that wood chairs do not. I find that both of them will "rush" to the office to see who gets the footstool. Not like the all out run for the sink but similar. %^)

Life with my masters is always interesting.
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Today is "change the sheets" day and we had THREE, count them, THREE helper kitties. Tigger was the first to help. Thus he wound up under the fitted sheet and bedmaking went downhill from there. Fit one corner and BOOM Tigger would dive under the sheet to help catch any unawares "something". Second corner and Charlie decides to LEAP onto the bed and help. Charlie bats at the lump under the sheet and the lump "reacts" Thus ensued about 45 seconds of bat the lump and react to the "bat". Several "meows" from both. This attracks Shadow Ram and he "Must" join the fun. Bat the lump, pounce upon Charlie and pounce on the lump. Tigger finally decides that he's getting attacked to much while under the sheet so he crawls out. A little "World Cat Wrestling" goes on and we decide to put the top sheet on. OOPS - Charlie gets caught under the sheet. Hmmm that lump is moving. Tigger thereupon pounces. Shadow Ram decides that is beneath him and he decides to bath himself. 10 seconds later he pounces the unaware "lump".

We put the blanket on and Charlie decides he's had enough. Jumps out from under the sheet/blanket. ZOOM.... and off he goes. Tigger and Shadow Ram in hot pursuit.

We finish the bed when three helper kitties launch themselves onto the bed and "plot" it's "bath" time.

Yawn.... what are you looking at foolish slave. We're bathing so stop bothering us.

Yawn... it's time to go to work.

Ah... life with help kitties is so much fun.
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I've been a bit house bound since I had shoulder surgery last week. I spent some time at the computer and Tigger discovered he likes me in the computer room. He'll jump up on the desk and look out the window, walk around the desk and the keyboard. I guess he likes the clack of the keys. He'll lounge on my lap and saunter away. He will also lounge under the desk by the heat vent. I've put some computer bags and a UPS under the desk which results in a tunnel at the back of the desk so he'll RUN into the room, dart into the tunnel and than decide which direction to go after he's in the tunnel. He'll be chashed by one of the other cats so he may or maynot startle the chasing cat by changing direction. There has only been one period of nasty behavior so its been all fun time chases. Charlie will make the chase and than a flying leap to the top of the chair I'm sitting upon. Quite the leap for a three legged cat.

Oh.... I don't know if I've mentioned something that Charlie does. We have a fleece blanket on the bed (all the masters love the blanket) and a couple large ladybugs (almost fleece) and they will knead the blanket or ladybugs. Charlie will drool out of his nose and mouth if he's really getting into the kneading. We have to wipe his nose and mouth (which he does not like) and most times he'll leave, but he may stay to continue the kneading. Kinda humourous.

Tigger just works on the large ladybugs, as do most of the others. First come first work.

Masters at work
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Tigger has been somewhat flaky today. Running around hunting and pursuit of his straw. LOUD MEEOOORRRRWWWs of a special sound tell us he's gone into "The Great Straw Hunter" mode. Runing around with his straw and he will sometimes deposit the straw at the feet of his favorite slave of the moment.

Charlie, on the other hand, was giving Annie a back massage. Annie is a large plush ladybug and all of the masters like it feel of the fleece. One difference between Charlie (besides his having only three legs) is that he will drool and have mucus drip out of his nose when he is really "getting into" the massage.
Charlie had decided that he had deposited enough drool on Annie, when Tigger comes running into the bedroom. He starts trotting across the bed when he smells the drool. Fast braking action and he spends about 15 seconds catching up on the drool mail.

Without notice he ZOOMS off into another part of the house.

SUch is life with my masters
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I've been out for a bit. Shoulder surgery and a throat infection. Tigger has gotten into a habit of waking up at 4AM (or thereabouts) wanting a drink of water from the guest bathroom sink. He will wake us both up. Drink and than come back to bed. Sometimes he's spoiled rotten. %^)
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I was sitting on a freshly made bed, after being a great deal of help by Tigger and Charlie (who had great fun playing attack the sheet) reading the TV guide. Tigger comes running into the bedroom, being chased by Charlie, and he DIVES under the sheets/blanket. Thus he is hiding (I suppose that's what he was doing) when Charlie jumps onto the bed and pounces on the lump under the sheet. Go left.... and Charlie follows. Go right.... and Charlie follows.

The bed is no longer wrinkle free or looking like it had been freshly made. I go to get the camera, but alas.... Charlie and Tigger have decided to go to work in the computer room. Resting on the chair or looking out the window. Eyes closed into slits looking innocent.

Oh... I missed again.
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I was sleeping this afternoon, in prep for the night watch, when I woke up with three of my masters sleeping on me. Tigger, Shadow Ram and Charlie (the three legged cat we rescued) were working. I suspect that the low level heating pad I use to keep my legs warm was the real reason, but they have chosen not to tell me why.

I woke early and must have moved because all three masters decided to get up and take a break. They stretched and off they went. The bedroom door was held slightly open with a doorstop so that my masters could exit if they so desired. Tigger and Shadow Ram walked out the door. Charlie was a different story.

Charlie is just about the defensive lineman of cats. Charlie is BIG. Almost all muscle (he has a tiny flab grab hanging from his belly - all neutered cats seem to get them). Each time Charlie attempted to get out the opening, his wide body would also close the door when he moved forward. Charlie was getting frustrated. He meowed.

I got up and let him out. Charlie was quite relieved.

Charlie ran to the guest bathroom but Tigger was first in line. Shadow Ram was second. I've posted in the photo section what the waterline looks like.
Charlie took one look and decided to head into the kitchen, disgusted I think.

On another note, Sterling is at the vets. He was having a seizure. His blood suger was down to 30 (80 is normal) He had some more seizures and responded to valium. IV all night long. We went to vist and he was very glad to see us. His bloodwork has come back normal. Sigh... blood surgar was high again (300) and he is responding to his meds. He may be able to come home tomorrow.
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Somewhat of a normal day with our hard working cats on the bed. Tigger, Charlie and Shadow Ram were all there. (working conference I'd guess) Tigger stood up. L O N G S T R E T C H H H H and than he looked around. Seeing nothting of interest (I suppose) he proceded to walk to the other side of the bed. It mad no difference whatsoever that he stepped on the heads of both his co-workers. He continued on and both trod upon masters looked up rather startled. They both took a break from work and walked around the bed.

Tigger desired that I turn on the water. (his head was dry so he wanted water. This is my take on why/what/when the Trigger wants a drink of water. (minor matter that he has early stage kidney disease)

Tigger finished his drink and walked away. By this time, Shadow Ram and Charlie were in the water line. Shadow Ram was about to get a drink when Tigger jumped in front and started drinking. Shadow Ram looked on this happenstance with some askance and he tried getting a drink. Tigger just kept drinking and ignored him. Charlie waited till all were done and than lay down in the sink. Water still running. I turned off the water and Charlie decided that he needed to go back to work. I came by the master watering room (most folks would call it the guest bathroom) a little later. Charlie was still working in the sink. Shadow Ram was waiting to get a drink. Tigger was sitting on the floor to sink level ladder (normally called a toilet)

I asked Charlie if he would move, but he ignored me - such a hard working master he is.

Oh well.... another day with our masters
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We discovered a way of getting quickly into flaky lets play kitten mode. Several years ago I had injured my hand/fingers. Part of the rehab therapy was to get some Chinese meditation balls (hollow steel balls that are about 2 inches across and this particular pair has a mellow clanging tone device inside) and rotate them around in my hand. I was searching for something when I came across the box that held the steel balls. I took them out and rotated/revolved them around in my hand and Tigger went bonkers. I saw this and rolled them across the bed. Tigger chased and POUNCED on one of them and than tried to get the other one. He had a hard time getting both within his grasp. Pounce on one and than Pounce on the other. Bat them around.....

So I took one and rolled it down the hallway. Tigger chased it and flaky kitty had great fun.

ZOOOM into the kitchen

ZOOOM into the hall

ZOOOM into the bedroom with a skid turn (we had to almost remake the bed when Tigger got done because he had rumpled the bed so badly) off the bed back into the hallway.


He finally got tired and lay down on the bed to work for at least half an hour.

I rolled the ball around the next day and almost the same thing happened.


One never knows what will make the purr fect master toy.
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Tigger has been having a tizzy today. First the next door cat who is permitted out and about came walking on our deck and stopped by the glass door. INTRUDER ALERT!!!! Meow.... following cat to every available window and complain. Intruder cat stops and stares at Tigger (who is still having a fit) yawns and has a long stretch. Wanders off

Next Tigger is looking out the front computer room window and the 4 legged Siamese (we also have a three legged one who walks about) is walking down the walk and than lounges on my car hood, which has been heated up from a drive home from work. Many loud complaints from Tigger. Shadow Ram just glances out and settles on the foot stool.

Than Tigger goes running off on a tear. Almost bouncing off walls and bowling people over.

Than it's a sudden stop on the bed to go to work.

(go away slave I have to work now)
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I got home from work last night to find that son was downstairs. Nobody, except for my master Tigger and Shadow Ram was upstairs. DW (darling wife) had gone to choir practice (I sing in a different choir)

I looked around and I found Tigger recumbant upon my laptop. The lid was up and Tigger had started quite a few different programs while lounging. I had muted the sound so he didn't get nervous like he did last time he used the computer. I have ascertained that the warmth far outweighs the uncomfortable hardness and he so appreciates when I leave the sound muted. Tigger was in "library lion mode" (laying down with front legs out and assuming the typical pose that lions use when in front of a public building such as a library and staring straight ahead) with eyes glazed over. I could hear him purring when I walked into the computer room.

A LOOONNNGGG slow look at me and whereupon he decided to ignore me.

I started to use the desktop computer to check personal email when my son came in. He asked me why I allow Tigger free reign in the computer room, and I say that he's the master. If anything gets broken it's my fault for leaving it out where my cat masters can break it. My son asked about the laptop and my response was - I backup my data so if Tigger manages to destroy some of the data it won't upset me, besides it is interesting to find out what he launched. (Tigger seems to be the only master who lounges on the laptop) Tigger gets to lounge on a much warmer surface, Tigger guards the computer room and all is well.
My son
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i really enjoy reading about your masters. just thought i'd let you know...
one of mine, Java, enjoys lying on the directtv box - but then, i don't have a laptop!
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Tigger, Laptop and Sterling have discovered the heating pad. They really like right after I've used it on my shoulder (it gets turned off right after) and it's a race to see who gets there first.
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Your stories never cease to amuse me.
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Thank you, but all I do is to tell the world what my masters do. I think they deserve to have someone tell their story. Someday I might make it all into a book, but I'm not really a writer.
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Felton, I beg to differ... look at your thread.
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Uh.... hmmm it is rather long. My masters have done many things is what I say.
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Tigger was down in his time out room (we "park" him there when we let Sterling and Laptop upstairs to visit with the family - Tigger hates the two of them for some reason unbeknownst to the slaves) After 4 hours we had Sterling and Laptop go downstairs and brought Tigger up.

The FIRST thing Tigger does is to run to the guest bathroom for a drink of water (he has sufficient water downstairs but he HAS to get a drink) but the bathroom was in use. He comes running into the master bath and finds that I'm there. Brushing my teeth. Up he jumps and sticks his head under the facuet while I'm in the process of getting water to rinse. He butts his head against mine. He shoves me out of the way. I give way and let him drink. I'm laughing with a mouth full of toothpaste and water. Tigger glares at me and tells me I do not have the right of way. I try to get a glass into the stream but Tigger pushes it away with a paw. I give up. Going to the guest bathroom I start the rinse process..... and Tigger RUNS in and pushes me away once again. I go to my bathroom and Shadow Ram is there drinking.

I give and a get a glass of water from the kitchen.

My DW looks at me in the kitchen and comments: "Masters drinking in both bathrooms eh?"

I nod my head. Wife is laughing.

I go into the computer room and find Charlie laying on my down vest. He had pulled it off the back of the chair so he could "work" while on my soft warm vest.

I go to the master bath and put my toothbrush away and Tigger is demanding head of the line, but Shadow Ram ignores him. Oh well Tigger. You're going to have to wait to get your third drink in as many minutes.
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Tigger was a helper kitty today when we folded the sheets. He jumped into the pocket created by the fitted sheet corners. Nothing like having a wriggling squirming kitty in the sheet to make sheet folding less boring. Out he jumped to occupy the space above the rest of the clean warm laundry. He HAD to keep the laundry from escaping is what I thought. DW decided to let him guard the laundry while we left him in peace. We came back a short time later and he was working in the laundry basket, so we left him.
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Originally Posted by felton View Post
Up he jumps and sticks his head under the facuet while I'm in the process of getting water to rinse. He butts his head against mine. He shoves me out of the way. I give way and let him drink.
Well I should think you gave way!

Gotta love those "helper" kitties when it comes to making the bed. So good of him to guard the laundry for you. Now you can rest assured that no errant socks will escape from this load.
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Tigger has discovered a new toy. I had shoulder surgery in January (damaged it while heavy lifting @ Hurricane Katrina) and part of my recovery is to do shoulder exercies. I bought a surgical tubing device that is designed for such (it has a handle on each end and a nylon strap that you can close in a door to permit a range of different exercises) I use the bed post and the door to I can get all the different exercies done, but Tigger got interested in the tubing. He will attempt to chew the tubing and he bats the nylon strap or handles around (why is it a store bought cat toy is never used, but a free or other use device is a prime target for playing with?)

Last night Tigger got up some time during the night and started playing/batting the handle around. He woke us up.

When I asked Tigger why he chose to play at 3am, while putting the tubing in a dresser drawer, Tigger chose to ignore me and get back on the bed to continue working. "You have a problem of some kind slave? I chose to ignore you now let me get back to work!" DW kind of giggled and went back to sleep.

Oh well - life is fun with my masters.
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I was sleeping when Tigger used me for a bounce turn (you may remember what that is - Tigger or another of our cats who are running and use me as a turn point to change direction to get away from a cat who is chasing him [or he's just running to run while in flaky kitty mode] ) when my DW came into the room. Charlie came running into the room and jumped up on the bed and landed on me. Tigger was sitting at the end of the bed and started to tell me he was innocent. Charlie was the culprit who woke me up. I'm sitting her bathing. DW was laughing and told me it was time to get up since I had the night shift. Whereupon Tigger told me that he had gone out of his way to awaken me so I could go to work and earn the money so he could eat and sleep as he had become accustomed.

I thanked him (and Charlie)

After I had showered and dressed, I went to the computer to check email and such. When I got up, Tigger AND Charlie both jumped into my chair. Hmmm prewarmed. Thank you slave. You may now go away.

(with Charlie and Tigger in the chair there is no room for even a gnat)

When I left the room, Tigger and Charlie were in discussions as to who would get to recline. Tigger came into the kitchen a short while later. He wanted me to get him some food. That was his excuse I guess.
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I "think" Tigger was upset with DW. Every time he asked for food (Tigger in the only one we feed on demand because he will not overeat) from her he didn't eat. I would come by and he would eat half the food put down. Same applies to getting water.

[scratching head]
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Originally Posted by felton View Post
I "think" Tigger was upset with DW. Every time he asked for food (Tigger in the only one we feed on demand because he will not overeat) from her he didn't eat. I would come by and he would eat half the food put down. Same applies to getting water.

[scratching head]
Perhaps a vet visit may be in order?
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What a relief! Somehow, I had never seen this wonderful thread before -- so when it popped up tonight and I saw the opening posts about Tigger's illness, I thought Oh no, maybe the reason he's posting again now is that Tigger has passed away...

So I'm just thrilled to find out that Tigger is in stable health, and continues to reign as Supreme Master of all he surveys! I'm completely in love with this dratted cat... and your whole family, for that matter. Your house sounds like a truly happy home.

And Felton, you are a writer. Trust me, I've made my living as a writer since I was 21. Writing is not about paragraph structure and parsing grammar -- it's about having something to say, and being able to say it in a way that reaches people at their hearts. You're doing that in spades.

I think you should turn The Tigger Chronicles into a book about the joy of caring for a special-needs cat, the simple pleasure of creating a wonderful quality of life for him during his final years. If you don't know anyone else qualified to help you with that, I'd be honored to apply for the job of editor.

Meanwhile... keep updating us! And please give Tigger a great big smooch from me!
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