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King Arthur

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Found the cached thread about Arthur.

I opened my door one moring, about to take out the trash, when in walked a all white blue eyed cat. He stopped, looked around and told me that it looked like a fine place for him to stay. He investigated the house and my wife talked to him... and she was found acceptable. Since we had no cat food [ we were recovering from having our last cat dying] we went to the store. When we returned, the 15 lb turkey that as thawing in the sink was no longer there. Zowie.... and I found Arthur under the bed with the turkey, One leg of the turkey was gone... nowhere to be found. Hmmm I wonder where it went.
Later that night when I was about to go to bed, Arthur was laying on my pillow. I picked him up and put him on the floor while telling him that it was my pillow. He was instantly back on the pillow. One more time...
The third time I told I'd use hiim as a pillow... and he didn't object. hmmm
for the next six years we played that game. He LOVED to drap himself around my neck while I was driving or watching TV [got hot in the summertime] He loved to sun himself on the porch and he was not afraid of dogs. One day my next door neighbor and I were talking when his dog ran over to attack Arthur. Arthur just reached up and opened up three DEEP furrows in the dogs nose and went back to sleep. The dog had to go to the vet and get stiches. My neighbor tried to get me to pay.. but I told him that my owner was just laying there when his dog attacked so it was his problem. He never spoke to me again... Ya know I didn't miss him.

Arthur would come when I called to him when I got home. Truely a different kind of cat.

The ONLY thing he didn't like was getting a bath. A 19 lb BIG WHITE cat get dirty when he walks under my car. Normally an inside cat he just walked around the yard... but he needed a bath to get the oil off. He would scream [ not claw mind you ] while getting wet... just GLARE at me while getting washed... and SCREAM when being rinsed. The towel would get most of the water off and than he would bath himself.

Afterwards he would STRUT. Showing everyone how great he looked.

I was sent to Viet Nam and a letter from my wife told me that a handicapped person took him and than threw him away downtown. Never to be found again....

I cried....
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I'm glad you were able to repost and again I'm sorry you lost your Arthur
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Oh my gosh how terrible, how did that person get him?
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That is so sad. You dont say how long ago this happened although I dont suppose that really matters as you loved Arthur very much by the sound of it. Sometimes we only get a glimpse of the way things should be but the few happy years you spent together can never be taken from you. The hurt never really goes away but it does lessen and we learn to look forward.
You are in my thoughts
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I´m so sorry for you loss of Arthur....
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I occured in 1972
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I am sorry for your loss. Even though it was a long time ago your Arthur is still in your heart forever and he always will be.He sounds like he was a very special friend.
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I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your dear Arthur. He sounds like he was a special cat.
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You must have loved Arthur a lot to have such vivid memories of him after all these years. I'm sorry you lost him in such a way.
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How sad to lose your cat that way! And your love for him remains throughout all these years....that is soooo touching. I know that not knowing what happened to your cat is one of the unkindest pains of all (my Miss Tobie went missing last fall) but since King Arthur (what a cool name) was intelligent, resourceful & personality+, there's a good chance that, unable to come home, he sought refuge with another good home. I have taken in several strays over the years that I wish that somehow I could tell their worried owners that the cat is okay ( I currently have this situation with a Himalayan who seems to have been a house cat who wound up on the streets for a very, very long time; I tried posting about her, but her owners probably gave up hope a long time ago). your time with Arthur was so long past that he's surely gone to his reward so I lit candles for Arthur & for Missy's Bambi, so they can look down from across the Bridge & know that we at TCS are here for you who grieve! Susan
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