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Jacquie- Rascal is a 2 1/2 year old orange domestic shorthair. He is quite a character. I put up the Christmas decorations and he was playing with the jingle bell I hung on my doornob. Rascal's favorite place to rest is on my chest. Whether I am lying in bed or sitting on the couch watching tv. He will lie down on my chest and but his head on my shoulder.
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That's cute!! I had an orange tabby named Stanley who passed away. He was the most awesome cat!! I was crazy about him!

That's one thing Jinxy does not do with me - rest on my chest, that is. Most probably it is because I am way too small and he would not be comfortable. He used to do it when he was smaller and still will do it with my husband. I have this cute furry toy that makes a funny noise that we hang on one of our doorknobs, and he goes crazy with it!!

My biggest dilemma with him (which isn't even a dilemma) is that he gets really bored with his toys quickly! He has tons, believe me, but only plays with a couple!! I'm guessing its the same like with children who get bored with their toys. I want to keep him occupied when I am gone during the day though so I wish he'd play with them instead of my house looking like a kitty amusement park for no reason!!!

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Rascal loves applesauce! The other day, I was eating a bowl and he almost devoured it!
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Jacquie -

Sounds like you should get Jinxy . . . another cat! :laughing:

hint hint wink wink nudge nudge

I know there are reasons not to. Teasing.
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sunlion, I was thinking the same thing! :laughing2
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I walked into my kitchen this morning and my refrigerator door was standing open. I looked around at my furbabies and all were looking SO innocent. I said "Ok, who is going get skinned and made into slippers for this?" George aka GEORGEDAMMITGETDOWN, sat right up and let out a huge MEEOOWW, right on cue. It was too cute! I now have my door secured.
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I went into the living room after a few hours of internet to find my box of powder sugar donuts torn open. Donuts and "snow" were strewn about on my carpet and coffee table. One donut (these are regular size, mind, not the bitsy ones) had the top half eaten off, and bites taken from some of the others. What kind of cat eats half a donut???? They all looked very proud of themselves for making such a mess, too. They were thoroughly entertained watching me clean up.

Evidence that I have no life whatsoever:
I was dying of curiosity about who actually ate the donuts, so I set a trap. I put a few intact donuts in a plastic bag and placed it on the coffee table, then pretended to watch TV. Alex ignored the bag completely. Nellie and Prince sniffed, then ignored it. Grey went psycho on it and tore a hole in it before I could wrrestle it away from him. Busted!

If it weren't for the indifference of the other 3, I'd wonder if that was really powdered sugar....
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That last post really cracked me up!!!

You are right, I have thought about the possibility of another kitty. Jinxy would probably love it and me and my husband have often joked about how insane it would be to have two of him!!! I am sure we would hear the running around the house in our bedroom at night all night long!!!

After our last cat died, we had thought that it would have probably been a little less painful had we had another one. Having no animal in the house after Norty died was absolutely unbarable.

Anyway, I'm not sure if my house can live through it, but it is being considered. Jinxy would love it!!

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