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Cats comical behavior

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My Felix can be so comical,while hes sitting or even lying on wet muddy grass, he will then decide to wash himself at the same time

I,d love to hear about all your cats funny behavior

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When I got Dani Night Stalker, 2 months ago, she was very skittish. Since I work, I tried to buy her toys that I thought would keep her occupied. I found out her love is paper bags... not the entire bag but a little piece torn off and rolled into a ball. She'll play with it for hours, batting it around. She pushes it just out of reach near a chair or table leg and then takes her front paws to pull herself around the leg to pounce on it. Sometimes, she puts the ball between her paws and puts it over her head then rubs her head against it. It's as if there was catnip rubbed on it. She used to unravel them but now she's learned not to chew so hard so it'll stay round.

Sometimes, she'll bring it to me so I can throw it and we play fetch. I know when she wants to play fetch with it when she lays on her side. If I try to pet her (also a "I'm laying her for petting" sign), she puts her paws on my arm and pushes me away. She's even sat next to the bed in the morning with it in her mouth.

The ball sometimes ends up against her stomach and she curls in a ball with her back leg stretched over her head. The gymnastics are hilarious. If I just pick it up, she comes right to me no matter what she is doing [I have to be sure she's not using the litter box at the time, made that mistake once]. If I don't throw it, she'll start meowing. I've even seen her sit up on her hind legs and beg for it like a dog.

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Jo, your little cat sounds delightful Its funny that she has become attached to a ball of paper,Felix loves wool,even if I put a toy mouse on the end of it,he prefers the wool.

Ahh its great that she will play fetch with you. You will have to take a photo of her playing with her ball of paper, i'd love to see her

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These are the best threads! I love hearing all the cute things other peoples cats do. Some of the weirdest things are very common.

Basil likes to jump up onto the fridge then behind and up onto the pantry. When he's up there, he looks down on us mere mortals, smirking. (I will have to take a picture of him up there, he's at his most beautiful) Anyway, when he's up there if I tap my hand on the top of the pantry door in front of him, he does THE HEAD DANCE . He swings his head side to side, like one of those crazy 80's rapdancers. Then he launches a claw-free attack on my hand, ending with licking all my fingers.

Jo, Basil also adores the paper ball. Before we had Tasha, it was the one thing that would save my legs from the ambushes. :laughing2
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Adel, Basil sounds so cute, oh the things they get up to Felix dose his ummm how shall I put this, wee wees on the lawn,and continually scrapes away, as though hes trying to cover it up, I could understand if it was soil
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Hello everyone...I'm new here and I wanted to share a story about what my youngest cat, Chairman, does. She loves to play with my hair ties, elastics, and "scrunchies," and she throws them around the house to play fetch by herself. Once she grabs it, she flings it back behind her, and then tries to chase it on her hind legs. It is hysterical to watch her entertain herself like this! I wish I could capture it on film.
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Drop by the Cat Lounge and introduce yourself.

Chaiman Mao sounds too cute! It must make you laugh until you cry to see her chasing the scrunchie on her back legs! :laughing2
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My Leo is a beautiful red tabby about 20 lbs. He will put his huge paws over his eyes if you turn the light on while he is sleeping or if he is scared. I took him to the vet for tests and when he saw the needle, he dropped to his belly and covered his eyes. It was so cute, the vet almost couldn't bear to stick him with it. He has had chronic cuteness since the day I found him and is still the cutest of the 4. He is a big poser and loves to have his picture taken. He seldom just flops down anywhere. He has to arrange himself just right to be cute, usually in a doorway so we have to step over him. If you step over him and don't tell him how pretty he is, he will cry like you stepped on him. Such a ham!
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My cat Casey has realized that I sleep about as lightly as she does, so a pitiful meow gets the bedroom door opened, whereupon she leaps on the bed, and licks my head and face until I awaken. But its not breakfast she wants (well - not always), she just wants me off the pillow so SHE can sleep there.

Then she gives ME annoyed looks when I turn on the lights to get dressed...

Other stunts include trying out whatever I am drinking - tea, coffee, wine, beer, etc. We've some cute pictures of her daintily dipping her paw into a wineglass, as if at some dignified dinner party.
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I recently got Snowball a Drinkwell Pet Fountain. He really seems to like it. Whenever I take it apart for cleaning, Snowball becomes very anxious until it is put back together and filled with water!
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My 7 month old, Jinxy, will eat anything, and I mean anything, we put in front of him or that he can find on his own. Last month, I had a cold and cough and went to bed with Vicks Vap-O-Rub on my chest. I was awakened to Jinxy frantically licking it off of my body like it was the best treat he had ever had!!! I kept shoving him off of the bed, but he kept coming back for more. I couldn't tear him away from it!!! I fianlly had to wash it off of me, because I couldn't bear to kick the little cutie out of my room. Those crazy, crazy critters!!!!
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My two year old male cat loves to clean his younger (but larger) sister. Occasionally he gets his paw in a deadlock around part of her to keep her in place while he's licking her. Well, in the AM he usually licks my hand and my arm while I'm in bed and I keep moving because his tongue is really bristly. Recently, when I tried to move -he extended his paw over my arm and released his claws slightly and applied just a little pressure to my arm and held it down. I thought that was so funny! Maybe he thinks he's grooming me too!
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lol, awww ar,nt cats funny,at this very moment Felix is still washing himself, on our wet muddy lawn, hes puddled
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Dani likes to go into the tissue boxes and crumple up the tissues.

She also likes to go into the pantry when we let her, and peak out from behind the door.

One of her favorite places is under the bed. Sometimes, you can only see her feet sticking out from under the bed skirt. It is the CUTEST thing!!! :LOL:

If you ask her a question, she also meows just at the right moment sometimes, or yawns :LOL:

One time, my husband was talking about his career, he is an Actuary.
He was wondering if it was all worth it. Well, at the same time, Dani climed up onto the top of the computer monitor, and at the EXACT RIGHT MOMENT, reached over and put her paw on the degree that my husband got from his profession. Now how is THAT for a message!!

I just think she is adorable when she is playing, funny in just about all her playful pursuits. Unfortunately, she has not played since she came back from her ear operation

I hope this will resolve.
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Val, I'm sure in time she will be feeling better and will begin to slowly play again. I hope that is soon.

Jinxy also loves to hide under the bed and he thinks I cant find him, but his fluffy tail is always sticking out!!!

He also loves to play in the bathtubs in our house. In the master bath though, we have a big jacuzzi tub and when we moved to the house, he naturally climbed in. We were looking all over for him one afternoon, and suddenly we heard som meowing in the bathroom. Turned out he was in the tub and could not figure out a way to climb out. He wasn't in there for very long though but it was the cutest thing ever!

Also, he sleeps in our bed at night. He's pretty good, but early in the morning he will wake up and want to play, so he brings his toys in the bed and swats us on our faces with his furry little paws to wake us up to play. It is absolutely precious, and on many occassions I oblige even though I am tired because it is so incredibly cute!!

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My furkid Patches and my Roomate's furbaby Tiger likes to play in our sinks and the bathtub and drink water out of them .
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George, or GEORGEDAMMITGETDOWN, as we sometimes call him was SO naughty this morning. I was having coffe this morning and heard him on the counter. I was still half asleep and didn't figure there was anything he could bother. I forgot about the pint of cream next to the coffee maker. He had knocked it over and was standing with all 4 feet in the puddle, licking madly, trying to get all he could before I caught him. He crouched down trying to hide and when I finally got to him, his tummy, paws and tail were dripping. It was so cute! It would have much cuter if he hadn't run off the counter and through the house, leaving a trail of cream behind him!
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Snowball has a round plastic toy with slots on the sides and top, and a fabric covered mouse inside. Snowball has to swat at this mouse to make it spin around. After he has done this for a while, he will sit and stare at this toy like he is waiting for the mouse to start moving on its own.
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lol,My Felix still likes climbing fences even though hes now 16, but he wobbles alot and starts meowing to come down, and I think,well why did you climb up then Felix
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Aristocrat, that's easy. He climbed up there so you could lovingly bring him back down
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Jo Jo, the fence is too high for me to reach him,he climbs up a tree,then onto the garage,then onto the fence,ahh bless him, although he crys, he will make his own way down He just sounds so heartbroken when hes crying, but it never stops him going back up lol
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All of these are so funny. I especially liked the one with the kitty in the cream!!! It reminds me of the time my husband was doing some touch up painting around the house. He had the top of the paint can on the floor and of course, Jinxy got into it. Within minutes he had it on all paws and his whole face!!! It was so cute, but a real bitch to clean off of him. Thank goodness he didn't take off and get it all over the house! Won't make that mistake twice!!!

Last night I was putting some towels away in the linen closet. I only had it open for about 20 seconds before I shut the door. When I went to bed about an hour later, I could not find Jinxy anywhere!! Me and my husband looked all over for about 25 minutes before I remembered the linen closet!! As you can guess, out popped Jinxy when it was opened. I felt soooo horrible, but he seemed no worse for wear!!! Poor baby. (We played a few extra games after that last night to make up for it!)

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Rascal likes to play with the feather on a stick. When I am in bed, he would come up with his toy. I start to swing at it and he would bat at it. If I throw it on the ground, he would fly off the bed and get it and climb back up with it and puts it on my chest, waiting for me to throw it again.

He likes to pounce on my toes when they are under the covers.

He knows when I am going to feed him his canned food because he is at my feet, meowing. Climbs into the tub. When I get home, even before I open the door, he's calling for me. I would be in bed, on my side and Rascal comes and snuggles his way into the covers next to me and sleeps besides me. Follows me everywhere and often races me to either the kitche, living room, or bedroom and when he is there he gives me the look of, "Ha, ha! I beat you."
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OMG, Nena, I had to read that post twice, because I thought I had written it and forgot!! Honestly, everything you said, Jinxy does too!! I actually called my husband to see if he was joking with me by posting that! So weird! Jinxy loves feather on a stick and does the same thing. In fact, just this morning, I was in the shower and he came into the bathroom with feather on a stick in his mouth meowing for me to play with him!! He sleeps with me all night by my side, meows for me before I even come in the door in the evening and races into rooms before I get there, and absolutely LOVES playing with my feet under the covers, which is why I thought my husband must have written that!!!

What kind of kitty is he. Mine is a silver shaded Persian. How old is he? Mine is 7 months old. They must be soul mates!!!!

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:laughing2 What great stories! :laughing2

my lil Rudy is 3 months old, but already he has claimed his territory...my computer chair! (sigh)
When I enter the dining room, there he is in my chair...oh excuse me, HIS chair. When I'm at the computer, he has to be in my lap. The second (seriously) I get up, he jumps onto the chair, and when I return to re-claim the seat, he looks up at me and Meows, as if to say "nope, Mine!" It's pretty cute, because he has a kitty bed, big soft sofa, overstuffed chair, or my bed to lounge on...but he loves my hard scratchy computer chair...go figure? :LOL:
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Often, when I am sitting at my computer, Snowball will jump into my lap. If he sees TCS forums on the monitor screen, he will lean forward and start putting his paws on the keyboard like he is trying to contribute something!!!
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Tess, my foster cat, is attempting to kill the purple laughing smilie in Cleo's post.
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My cat tigger can Shake A Paw. It's pretty easy to teach them to do it and if taught well enough, they can learn really quickly! My cat pepper suckles on my arm and does these strange head movments. My cat Mimi sucks the corner of my eye. My cat Twinkles will not stay on the carpet and she flies from 5 feet away and comes jumping on the couch. Vader my other cat can balance on his feet for quite a while!
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That sounds like quite the collection of personalities! That's the best part of cats.

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Great stories! Yes, they all have distinct personalities. For those with cats that paw computer and/or TV screens -- if you haven't checked out the "Cat Sitter" video you should try it! It's a collection of rodents, birds, etc. and sounds - one of my cats will either run and paw the screen, or if I throw a pillow on the floor in front of the TV he'll go sit on it and stare at the screen. It's good for when you leave the house - also I play it for him when I need to calm him down, like after giving him meds or taking him to the vet, when I've had quite a struggle restraining him. He'll run and hide from me for a few minutes, but if I put the tape on, it lures him out and he settles down.
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