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Hello to Everyone. I currently took in a cat from the outdoors. She was severly starved and sick. Actually, Her hair on her ears were gone,and she was rail thin. I have had her since the summer, so I let her stay in our garage, and fed her and left her a bed, with the garage door opened. Since Summer, she has put on weight and looks very healthy. She is the most lovable cat you'll ever see! I have two cats of my own and a rottweiler. She gets along with them all. That's not my problem. My problem is that no matter how many litter boxes she has, or how clean they are, she continues to deficate in the house. I had to put her back in the garage, and its is getting very cold out. I wanted to keep her, but after deficating in my mom's house that is sold, I couldnt chance her ruiningt he carpets or my new build.

My question is, and I encourage personal emails to my email, is why is she doing this???? I never saw such a lovable perfect cat so perfect and I want to keep her so bad, but why do cats perform this kind of behavior???? I have tried all kinds of litter, cleaned the boxes out, and multiple boxes. My choices now, are to keep her as an outdoor cat, (And that kills me as its very cold here in Buffalo) or find a home for her.

any suggestions????