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I feel like crud....

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Today... I woke up from the cold... it was so cold that the trembling and shaking teeth were what woke me up.. the temperature was at 65°F at that moment. My allergies were horrible... I was sneezing all over the house. And I am still freezing (current temperature is 76°F)... but I have a high pitched fever and a VERY raspy throat and runny nose...

I feel so weak today I could not open a 2 liter bottle of soda. I am in bad wants of some orange juice. I also have a terrible headache. I am operating on an overdose of Vitamin C, Panadol Cold & Flu, Tylenol, among other stuff. I feel so cold yet at the same time my body temperature is so high I am wearing a wool sweater and feel cold.

And to think I have a date tonight at the movies with a girl.... no french kisses this time, I guess.

How come they managed to put a man in the Moon yet they haven't found a cure for the common cold?
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Hope you feel better soon!!
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Just a thought - but if you are going to be sneezing all over her (even without the french kisses!) the girl might prefer it if you postpone the date. I know I would have felt like that in my young days. As long as you convince her with a bunch of flowers or something that you are really ill and not putting her off. Good luck anyway.
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awwww!!!! maybe you shouldnt go out today?????
Panadol was soo good for me, they dont have it here today.
Ask your friend to make it nextweek?? or mabe tomorrow?
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Ack if someone arrived sneezing all over me I'd be outta there!
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I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure that your date will understand......she may even show up to pamper you!
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Postponing your date might not be a bad idea. Just point out that you don't want her to catch your cold, and I'm sure she'll understand.
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Feel better Soon ..

Not sure if they have Echinecea or Cold Eeez in Puerto Rico, but that stuff is real helpful. Goldenseal is as well..

If you're still feeling badly tonight, I would stay in... See if she wants to watch a movie or something, but warn her first

Posted by Catherine
......she may even show up to pamper you!
That would be sweet
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I agree with everyone here Victor.....spare the girl and stay home!
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Another frigid day in Puerto Rico! 65 Degrees! It's a national emergency!

On behalf of us where 65 would be short sleeve weather - take care of yourself and don't let it get you into trouble like that ear infection you had earlier!

My "purrsonal" prescription is hot chocolate (maybe with a shot of something with a proof number) and a warm kitty belly. I'd loan you Jasper, but he's already keeping my fingers warm.

Sincerely - one of your TCS parents...
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