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I get a daily cat care tip in my e-mail, usually it's stuff I already know, but today I got the following little notice. Anybody know anything about this?

Ever wonder why some cats go ape for catnip and others don't? In cats that respond to catnip, a chemical in catnip called nepatalactone triggers a cat's pleasure centers, giving him a few moments of complete happiness. It's non-addictive, and the "high" doesn't last long. Some cats, about a third actually, just don't react to catnip at all; they are genetically unable to enjoy it. For these poor, hard-done-by kitties, you could try valerian, which triggers the same response as catnip.
Both catnip and valerian can be grown indoors in pots--and if your cats are as plant-destructive as mine, those may be the only plants in the house!

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