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Sasha lost Buggie Today

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Sasha and I are somewhat depressed tonight. Sasha got some very bad news that Bug, the Siberian Husky who watches over him from across the way, and was Sasha's "coyote guard", died of a brain tumor. Bug was 8. Now I know Huskies aren't supposed to like kittes and are very hostile towards them, but Bug seemed to know Sasha was special and they have always been friends. Since the mauling Bug has always kept an eye on Sasha from afar and Sasha would go lay underneath the window-well beneath Bug's family's kitchen, too. Just resting. They had a gentle relationship and today when Eric and I were in the yard cleaning up from the storm, Bug's owner came to tell us. We never knew! Tony said that he wanted to give Bug the best life possible so he just ignored it and never, ever talked about it until the end. Even though this Board is truly for kitties, Buggie was a kitty lover, at least in our neighborhood.

RIP Bug, the Beautiful White Husky~~

Elizabeth, Eric & Sasha
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Our condolences to you, Sasha, and to Bug's family on his passing. He's up at the RB watching over all the kitties in the neighborhood still.

RIP beautiful gentle Bug.
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Oh, Sasha, I'm so sorry you've lost your dear friend Buggy.Sometimes we form a special bond with friends that would seem unexpected. Buggy was your gentle, special friend, Sasha, and watched over you to protect you. I know you will mourn his passing. You and your Mama will find strenth to move through this loss together, brave boy. Sierra sends special snuggles to you both tonight.
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AAwww, you've endured such a hard time since I've been here. That's so sad. I will be thinking of all of you.
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Awww poor Buggy. May he RIP.
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Sasha has been losing a lot of his friends. You and Eric are now his watch guards- He and Buggy will meet up later, and lie together again in peace and friendship
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I am so sorry Sasha has lost such a gentle and special friend. I too believe they will meet again.
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Poor guy He's at the bridge now relieved of any of his sentry duties and playing and romping as he did when he was a puppy.
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Thinking of you all at this sad time.
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Oh Elizabeth I´m so sorry for your loss, Bug R.I.P. your mommie alway remind you!!!!
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Thank you GreyCat and MA, and Chris, and Alexis and Rigel and Pat and Tia and Sam and Stephanie . Sasha went out to "find" Bug today and was talking about it a lot. I surmised he felt odd not to find him in his igloo. Tony had bought this heavy duty microfiber igloo for Bug, like a doghouse. It was very cute. I baked Tony some cookies and let him a note. I'm sure he is devastated. Thank you for such good thoughts.
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Awww Elizabeth thats so sad!, he played a big part in Sashas life

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Oh I am so sorry about the sad news - May Buggie rest in peace at the Rainbow Bridge where he will be reunited with the ones that loved him.
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ah. i am sorry that Sasha lost a friend

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Oh Elizabeth and Sasha Kitty I am so sorry, sweeties

What sad news. He sounds like such a beautiful boy Now he can fly high with all the other angels

So much love from us..

Love Lauren and Baby Skylar
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My heartfelt condolances
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