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Getting into the Christmas Spirit

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Just wanted to post something special that happened the other day at work.

A woman had taken her chihuahua to another vet. hospital where they said she needed x-rays and fluids and they reffered us to her. This woman had no car and had to take the bus from her home, to the first hospital then to here. When she got here this poor thing was dying. Lethargic, no color, so dehydrated when her lips were lifted up they stayed and a temp of 92.5. Apparently the dog had been normal days before and this happened all of a sudden. When told there was really nothing to do to save her baby she was hysterical so we took an x-rays in hopes of atleast finding the cause of the illness. The x-rays showed nothing and she decided to put the dog to sleep. She wanted the ashes back and only brought $100 with her so they said whenever the bill was paid off the remains would be sent out and she could get them back.

Another woman who had brought her cat in saw how heartbroken the woman was and heard how she didn't have enough money and had to take the bus home after all this. While the woman with the dog went to the restroom, the other woman wrote out a check for the rest of her bill and told us to tell her it was taken care of and Merry Christmas and then proceeded to give her a ride home.

All of us girls at the desk were in tears. She had never met this woman before. It was so nice to see someone do something like this. We were having one of the worst days in a long time and this really touched us and cheered us up.

Sorry this is such a long post but I thought it was a very touching story.
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It brought tears to MY eyes! What a sweet woman with a big heart
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What a kind woman! Thank you for sharing a true and touching story.
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I am all teary-eyed after reading this... Thank you for sharing... it really re-affirms that there are some good people here in this world... If I could give her a big hug I would!
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Originally Posted by ComeresMom
It brought tears to MY eyes! What a sweet woman with a big heart
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Oh what a sweet touching story AND real, even better!
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Touching indeed! Nice to be reminded that there are still people in the world who are just basically kind. Thanks for sharing.
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No need to worry about this story being so long. It was well worth the read. It is good to see that there are still people out there that care. A big and a round of for that wonderful woman.
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That's such a great story! Thanks for sharing!
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Oh, this certainly has brought tears to my eyes, what an incredibly touching story! This is what the Christmas spirit is all about. What a beautiful, generous, caring woman! I wish I could do something wonderful for her in return, but I know she will be blessed for her unselfish, giving spirit! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!
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How wonderful! I do hope that after such a kind gesture, she didn't have bad news about her cat.
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aww that brought a tear to my eye too.

My mother was at the supermarket and this old woman was stealing a piece of meat because she couldnt afford it, so my mother payed her whole grocery bill which was only $15, This happened several times to old ladies untill one day the police came in and was taking a old woman (about her 70's) away and my mother was in tears saying no i will pay for her bill! but they didnt want her to and took the old lady to a police station. My mother felt so bad.
The police told my mother that these old ladies have alot of money from their pension but my mum doesnt believe it.

We have never been in that situation at the vet but im sure my mother would have done the same.

It hurts my head when people cant afford for their loved ones
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What a lovely thing to do. How kind.
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What a beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes as well. It's nice to know that there are such kind hearted, loving people like her out there. The world certainly needs more people like her.
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Oh I needed that story.......thank you so much for sharing...........
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