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Here are a couple of pics of our outside time today!
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Aww how cute, your kitty is gorgeous.
I love the last pic! :heart33:
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It sure looks warm up there!

and your kitty is soo cute!
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I love those pics and it looks like a nice day where a person can just go outside and enjoy the weather.
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Thanks! The weather was around 50 degress. Just right in my book for Christmas weather--we haven't had snow in 15 years! Mittens loves to sit on the porch when it is nice. He's a fraidy cat when a kid runs down the sidewalk though--he hobbles back inside!
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so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Oh Mitts & Watson, cute pics Candie!
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Great pics candie!!!!
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What cute pics! Thanks for sharing!
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You're such a beautiful baby enjoying the fabulous sunny day, Mittens, and how wonderful to see you with your babies, too, Candie!Thank you for these great pics!
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I like how you say he hobbles back inside.
Thats how we say my moms cat, Bella gets around.
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Awww lovely pics Candie. Your furbabies are gorgeous.
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Looks like a great cat porch to me!
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Mittens looks like he had fun outside, he's a cutie! Watson is adorable too! And oh my gosh, you still have LEAVES and other green things, I am so, so jealous!
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