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It's a year tonight since I lost my Jimmy

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I just wanted to take a moment amid the present wrapping and other Christmas preparations, to reflect, think quietly and remember Jimmy.

Jimmy died peacefully, with the vet's help, one year ago today, December 18th, at about 6.10 pm in the evening. He had been suffering from CRF, but
when I got home (my mum had been coming over to look after him while
I was out during the day) I knew I had to help him. He had lost the use of his legs and couldn't even stand. I had promised my children that he would still be there when they got home, so I got them home early from after school club to say goodbye, before I took him to the vet. It was heartbreaking, but I couldn't break my promise. As the car left the drive he gathered all his strength to raise his head up and look at the children for one last time, crying and waving to him through the window. Then his head sank back down into his bed and didn't really move again. We all had a very sad Christmas last year.

Jimmy was a very loving, black and white cat, who had spent nearly all his 14 and a half years with us, we got him at 4 months old. He had funny little individual habits that we remember, like holding conversations with us, he mewed, then we talked, then he mewed, then we talked etc. A real conversation. His other strange little habit happened because he was so fussy about getting his feet dirty; he wouldn't put them in the litter tray, but would cling on to one edge with all four paws in a line, balance there and hang his bottom over the tray. I've never seen another cat do this.

I still love you Jimmy. I've been out today to where you're buried in the garden to tell you. And even though it's the middle of winter and close to freezing point there's a plant in full flower right in front of your grave. Lots of little white flowers. I'll never forget you. And I hope that someday soon there is a breakthrough in prevention or treatment of this dreadful disease that causes so much suffering and takes so many of our loved ones.
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I'm so sorry this has been a hard day, I know I have had them also, bless you I know it stays with us a long time when we Love so much,
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I'm sorry about your Jimmy.

I hope too that someday there will a prevention and will be able to treat all of the dreadful diseases that causes so much suffering and take so many of our Fur-Babies.
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What a touching tribute to your Jimmy. He sounds like quite a character and I can well imagine how much he's missed.
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I'm glad you posted this just for Jimmy. I understand your reverie and your grief for him, as well as your light that you remember him -- his essence. I have lost mine to diseases as well and he had you for 14 happy years. What a wonderful mama you must've been inside and out. God bless you tonight.
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I too, am glad that you posted this for Jimmy. So sorry for your loss. I know it still deeply hurts one year later.
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The first year on is such a sad anniversary. You were together for over 14 years and happiness and love. He sounds like a really quirky little cat! The anniversaries will get easier although the pain never really goes it does lessen and you can look back and smile at the good and the rought times you have together as a family.
Thinking of you at this sad time.
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Jimmy R.I.P. your mommie always are in her mind!
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