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OK, I'm really gonna do it!

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I am going to donate platelets today. I am sure nervous. I went to do it a few weeks ago and I wasn't so nervous. I couldn't donate that day because of a medication I was on, but I have been off of it for two weeks and now I can go. But I saw all the machinery. Oh, that looks scary. A needle in each arm. I put those needles in people all the time, but now we are talking about me, my arms. And to see my blood going out of one arm and back into the other. And on top of all that, I used to be a Jehovah's Witness and they are really against this. I left them ten years ago, but I was one for 43 years and things learned as a child are hard to get over. I have donated blood but that was quick and easy. This takes two hours. OK, I can do this. In three hours. I get to pick out a video to watch. I can do this. I can, I will. I will help someone who would otherwise bleed to death. What ever they are going through is much worse than this. If I keep on talking I will convince myself........ I am going to do this. I am. Becky
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Good luck Becky! You can do this!
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You will do wonderful! You CAN do it! Just don't look at it, pick a movie that will really grab your attention! You are doing a great thing!
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I'm very proud of you but not sure what it is that your doing? Is it like donating blood???
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One good thing is that I don't usually go to movies, so I haven't seen most of them. I need to pick something really absorbing. I wonder what would be a good choice. Comedy? Drama? Nothing gory. I already saw the Harry Potter movies, they would have been good. Hmmm. Any ideas? They have quite a collection, or I could stop by Block busters on the way. Becky
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I'm in awe of you ! It's so hard for me to just donate blood (I'm talking about the needles aspect - the hematocrit level/percentage of red blood cells which I usually do not have enough of - is a whole 'nother can of worms).
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Oh, I am healthy as a horse and always have enough red cells. And I have garden hoses for veins. I have type A+ blood, which they really don't need more of, so they asked me to do this platelet thing. And they told me I could do it every two weeks. Generous of them, don't you think? And as often as every three days, if they find a person who matches me specifically and they need me that often. I hope they have a lot of really good movies if that happens. Becky
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Originally Posted by zanniesmom
I am going to donate platelets today. Becky
Well I congratulate you on doing this and there are people on this list that will have been in need of them at some times during their lives. I had to retire doing it through ill health a few years ago and I finished at 88 pints given over the years. I never used to think anything of it, however, all 88 went somewhere over the years. Once I was deep sea fishing off Whitby - about 12 miles out and was bent into a heavy cod when my mobile rang in my pocket. With one hand still holding the rod, I took the call and when asked if it was a good time and was I near a motorwayn to get home urgent, I answered no. I was 12 miles out with a cod of about 30 lbs on the other end above a wreck. It was the local hospital who needed platelets for a young 4 year old girl who had been badly burnt.
About an hour later and many frantic calls to me, I ended up on a high speed boat back to my car and then escorted back to Leeds. The platelets went straight from me, were checked and then straight to this young girl in the local hospital. It gave me a hell of a sense of doing something and due to this, I can only extend my thanks for what you did and have done, for those yet to receive it, and those that have. One day, it may be me or anyone and I cannot express my thanks to you enough. It was a couple of hours was it not? - its nothing in comparrison to what the platelets were used for is it?
Best wishes
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OK, I am back. It wasn't so bad. I was surprised at how cold I got but they put lots of blankets on me and gave me little warm thingies to hold and one for my chest. And my lips got tingly, but she warned me about that.
So I signed up for every other Saturday until June.
I watched Man on Fire. Has anyone seen that? I just want to know, did the little girl live? It was getting too violent so I didn't care if I missed the end.
Oh, they wrapped my arm with bright green vet wrap! Well, for people it is called Coban, but I first saw it at the vet and so I always think of it as Vet Wrap.
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I dont really understand what it is????

aw thats so good that you managed to save that 4 yr old! i dont know if my blood will ever be good. Im always cold these days and very white. I have been meaning to get a check up but i never get around to it.
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P.s these days, i meant like since i was about 15 i have been getting very cold.
I used to be a heater and warm everyone up
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What a wonderful thing to do Becky! Glad it went well!
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Originally Posted by fwan
I dont really understand what it is????
Platelets are a type of blood cell that is needed to clot blood. Normal amounts are something like 250-500 thousand. If it gets below 10,000 a person is in danger of just spontaneously bleeding in their intestines or brain or anywhere. And if they are injured, well, they could die. Chemotherapy causes a decrease in platelets to very dangerous levels. So when people get chemo for cancer, especially kids for leukemia, they often require transfusions of platelets. It takes a couple of hours to donate, so it is not a popular thing to do and they are always running short. I have type A+ blood, and it isn't needed as much, since it is the most common, so I have decided to do the platelet donation instead.
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What an excellent thing for you to do!
Do you know of anywhere that I can read about it? I had never even heard about it until today and it sounds like something I may be willing to do
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I donate at American Red Cross. They are located everywhere, but if there isn't one near you, contact a local hospital and ask them. Ask for the lab, the person who answers the phone won't know. Here is the Red Cross site:
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