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Need help modifying annoying behavior

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My boyfriend's cat has been exhibiting some really annoying behavior. He loves to jump up on tables or counters and knock things off. Often he does this in the middle of the night in order to wake us up.

Is there any way to train him not to do this? Shooshing him off just seems to reinforce the behavior by giving him the attention he wants. Also, does anyone know of any natural cat repellents that would make him stay away from certain places?

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I have one very rude kitten that does this also. I got a spray bottle and put some water in it. It's set on a very fine mist, but when she gets on the counter I will tell her in a loud voice to get down. If she just looks at me, then I spray her one time with the bottle. She hasn't been on the counter in days and I only sprayed her a couple of times. I hated to do that, but didn't know what else to do.

Sticky paws works great to keep her from scratching on the couch, but on the counter it wasn't practical because I use it for the little bit of cooking that I do.

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cat normally dont like the feel of tinfoil , stickiness or citus smells. i would try placing tinfoil, lemon peels or orange peels or double sided tape on these areas when you go to bed and once she gets the idea you can stop placing them there. squirt guns work wonders but if you use this approach squirt her and look away so she doesnt associate the squirt gun with you. i used a squirt gun to train mine and it was very effective.
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If you don't want to put the sticky tape directly on the counter or shelves, you can put it on a towel and then drape the towel where you don't want the cat to go. Make sure you put it sticky side up!
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I tried that spray bottle thing with my kitten Oliver, who apparently has a love for water! He would jump up on something and then just stare at us until we would spray him - he loves it! Of course, this is the cat who has gotten in the shower with us while the water is running at full blast...
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