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I, too, am renewing my prayers for you and Mike.
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Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you RIGHT now!!! I do hope that your husband is improving vastly, at this point. Men, can be (and most often, ARE) SOOOOOOOOO stubborn. I think, when they get sick, they take it as a personal affront to their "maleness" and their personal strength...
My DH is Quadriplegic. He really IS a wonderful man.... But, you find him sick--and I can GUARANTEE you, he will diminish it, and deny it and DEFINITELY stick his head in the sand to ignore any and all symptoms!!! In July, he had a TERRIBLE systemic infection(Pseudomonas). --One which is highly anti-biotic resistant, and therefore, a "Super-Infection". When he did become symptomatic, the symptoms came on, fast and furiously. He suddenly was running a very high temp and was hallucinating. HOWEVER, after trying to figure out what-the-heck was going on, and trying to get his temp down, etc...ect... I decided he was, by the hour, doing worse. So, with his LOUD denials that he "Was FINE!" and one-sided arguements that he was NOT going anywhere with the ambulance and squad, they did arrive with my call and take him to the ER. I apologized and told him, very simply: " I am real sorry you are so upset and angry at me right now. But you are WAY too ill for me to take care of you safely at home... The hospital did get him better (thankfully!!!!!!!!)
Is your DH on disability, or anything like that? If so(OR, even if NOT so!), you should REALLY try to call your local Area Dept. Of Aging. In our town, it is not listed with the local, state of federal govt. Offices. It is listed in the Business white pages!
My DH is not really old, but his disability DID qualify him for their help. The Local Area Dept. Of Aging, are actually a networking agency and can be of such HUGE help!!! Unless someone like them knows what you and your DH are up against, they would not come knocking on your door with help. BUT, that help IS out there, and with Prescription prices "Off the Charts"!!!, it is great when Doctors opt for lower costing medications, or find help to get the prescriptions filled as needed.
THINKING OF YOU--and get your rest, as you NEED to stay strong.
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Sending continuing prayers and vibes from Down Under for you both, cobber.
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MA I'm sorry I haven't been here for you. I am shocked, and my love goes out to you, I hope you feel it surround you, and my prayers are with you. How I wish I could be there with you, but in spirit I am.
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Thanks we just got back from another appointment. He is still not out of the woods yet, so they want to see him in 2 days again to put more packing into the wound. They renewed his pain meds and right now, thankfully, he is sleeping-
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I'll keep ya'll in my prayers...hopefully, he'll get a good nap!
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Thanks for the update, MA. Prayers renewed! Hang in there!
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Still sending vibes and prayers!
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