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Off to Brave the Christmas Mobs!

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I'm heading out to try and finish up my Christmas shopping. I must be nuts for waiting this late to do it. I did get a lot done over the past few days.....but I know that with today being's going to be wild out there!

I'm putting on my comfortable shoes and loading up on caffeine!

Who's done with their shopping?
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I haven't even started. I plan to give out movie passes or gift certificates for dinner for two. Most of my family are pack rats like me and I refuse to add to anyone's clutter. I wish they would take a hint and do the same for me. lol
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NOPE yet!!!!
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We did almost all of ours, good luck out there! I know I get very angry and on edge around all those people, I get...hissy to say the least, lol!
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Good Luck Robin!!!
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I got in and out of Target, relatively painlessly, this morning. Got a parking space, near the door, got everything on my list (plus a couple of other items) and got out the door only $50.00 poorer.

Now, my co-workers will get Christmas cards, my hair will be clean and the cats will have something to fling out of the litterboxes.
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Hope it goes well for you, Robin! Not the day I believe any of us would select, though, for shopping!
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WEll i finished my xmas shopping.
I just have to post some things off and im done!
Today i was at a really big supermarket called Toom.. i hadnt had breakfast and i was getting really nervy with all these people walking into me. plus my mother was making a big show and i just wanted to crawl and collapse. i couldn even lift the kitty litter by that time.
im feeling beter now but i just feel so sick
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Well today wasn't so bad. I took all the back roads to the mall to avoid the traffic and ate a sandwich before I left the house so I wouldn't have to stand around looking for a table in the food court. I didn't buy anything really heavy, so the circulation in my hands continued to flow. (unlike the other day!)

Thursday, I was at the mall, and had bought some really heavy stuff...mostly clothes for my girls....and the bag they gave me was cutting into my hands so bad! I went into Claire's and was going to get my girls some earrings and little trinkets for their stockings and the two sales girls were fooling around at the registers doing inventory on their gift cards while we all waited in line. That wouldn't have been so bad if they had just done what they were supposed to do and get done with it......but NOOOOOOO.......they were standing up there laughing and joking and talking about their friends and boyfriends and doing the gift cards SO slow. I stood there with that bag cutting into my hands for 15 minutes and they hadn't even begun to ring up the two people ahead of me. I finally got tired and waiting and put my merchandise up on top of one of the displays and walked out. I wondered to myself......"Why couldn't they have done their inventory before or after the store closed?" Maybe because they didn't want to have to stay a few minutes late to do it! <argh> What ever happened to "Customer Service?"

Anyway......the most exciting present I bought today was a couple of Hermit crabs for my nephew! He's 11 and he will love them! One of them has a shell painted like a football and the other is painted like a basketball. That'll be something cool he can show his buddies. Of course, I cleared it with my sister to make sure she didn't mind me getting those for him. And I have to keep them alive until next week!

I think I'm done shopping!
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I am totally through. The last thing I did was order pralines from for my cousins, all of whom are out of town. It saves me the trouble of mailing stuff.
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I'm done with my shopping, I finished last week.
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I got my mother's and stepfather's gifts today. I also got a watch for my mother-in-law. After dinner, we plan to go buy our landlords some Christmas cookies at this real spiffy bakery--they will sure love those!! I have a few gifts to get tomorrow--and I'll be done! Thank heavens!
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I braved the mall today myself, with husband and daughter in tow. It was PACKED and HOT. I refuse to let it put me in a bad mood though

We were there almost 4 hours and only managed to find two gifts! Luckily, I did 90% of my shopping online this year so I only have a few more to buy. We would walk into a store and my husband would say "I'm just not feelin' it!" LOL

So tomorrow, it's off to Target and Toys R Us. Hopefully we'll finish!
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Done shopping and mailing too- and I am glad to be done with it-
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I only have my kitten to buy for... other then him, I'm done.... gotta love online shopping
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Nope, haven't really started - although over here in NZ it's not madness like over there in the states!
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I am finally done!
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i have like 2 gift certs to buy and i think that's it.. but then u never know, i may think of something later.
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