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Who would you choose?

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I guess this is the right place for this...

I was just wondering who you all would pick to play the characters in the books you love (I'm thinking mainly book series' ).

After reading so many installments of a novel series you kinda get an idea of who should play certain characters if they made it into a movie. And sometimes you don't agree with who they did choose to portray the character for the movie they did make.

My main 3 favorite book series are:

The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich
The Alex Delaware Series by Jonathan Kellerman
and the Alex Cross series by James Patterson.

The only two characters I can think of in the Stephanie Plum series would be The Rock for Ranger and maybe Brenden Fraser for Joe Morelli.

For Alex Delaware I think David Duchovny would be good.

I'm not sure about Alex Cross, but I don't think Morgan Freeman was the best choice, only because I see the character as a younger man.

I would like to hear everyone's else's choices and opinions!
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I love THE CAT WHO....books.
For James Qwilleran, I would think someone like Sean COnnery, only because of his mustache. For Polly Duncan, hmmmm, I am not sure. She is a soft-spoken, plump lady.
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