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Play in litter box??

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Why does Char play in his litter box? I did switch his litter from a Korean one to Fresh Step. When I am cleaning it out which I do daily, he will go in there and try to play or go potty while I am cleaning it. After it is clean he plays in it. I don't understand why? He just started doing this with the new kitty litter.
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He may be marking it as his because it doesn't small the same.
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How old is Char, he looks like a kitten.
All of the kittens I've had liked to play in the litter too...and sleep in it as well I think it's a normal behavior, but who knows, I could be wrong!

BTW, my kitties who are all adults want to get in the litter when I'm changing it or right after!
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lol he is 11 weeks and is very very full of energy. I just found this odd. None of my other kittens have done this.
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my kitten does this as well. She only played in her smaller litter box though, rather than the large one my cat frequents. I ended up dumping out the litter and lining it with towel, and she still sleeps in it. My rabbit did the same thing, which is pretty common. I have no idea how common it is with cats, but it's nice to know Isabelle isn't the only one doing it! Neither of my other two cats ever did as kittens.
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My three hand raised orphans all thought the litter box was a play box long before they got the idea of its real purpose:-). I found them cuddled up asleep in it, playing in it, and enjoying playing with the litter. They are grown now but they still love to watch me dig out the box, and either jump in the cleaned box and 'rest' on top of the litter, or insist on using it for its appropriate purpose while I am cleaning it out or immediately afterwards. Your kitten's behaviour is perfectly normal:-).

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