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Vibes Please! (Tango)

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I don't have a question so I thought it would be ok to post here... Just need some reasurance

Ok, well, Tango will be going in Monday morning to be spayed!
Worried Meowmy that I am, can you please spare some vibes that she will be perfectly fine?
I know the spay will be fine but I am so worried for her having to spend the night away from home, ect.
She is my baby and I hope you can all spare some thoughts for her! Thanks!
I will post an update when she comes home
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Oh, I know how that is. It's heart breaking to have to leave them there even though you know everything's going to be fine. We'll be thinking of you.
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She'll be in my prayers.
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Oh, Ashley, it is completely natural for you to feel worried about Tango having this procedure and having to spend the night away from home. You know that you are doing exactly the best thing for her, you're such a great Mommy! I'll be praying for your little girl and I know she will sail right throught the entire thing and will be back home in her Mommy's loving arms in no time at all!
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Calming thoughts coming your way from California!
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Sending good vibes to both of you.
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Of COURSE we can spare some thoughts!!! We all know that this is a perfectly routine procedure, but that doesn't mean that we're totally calm and rational about it.

Cindy and Fawn were done before we got them, but Suzy and Sam weren't. I remember only too well the basket case I was the day they were done, and I couldn't get to the vet quickly enough the next day to pick them up, even though everything had gone precisely as expected, and all was better than well.

You're a worried mommy. Only because you love her. She'll be fine. But here's a whole bunch o' and everything's OK vibes, just to keep you going until you sweetie is home safe
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I am sending good vibes your way for you and Tango! Everything will go ok...
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~~~~~~~~everything be fine vibes~~~~~~~~
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I am sure it will be fine, and to make you laugh, here is a picture of Ellie just after she came back from spaying, looking like a trussed up chicken! The next day she managed to get the bandage off and I had to tie it to her collar.
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Tango will be fine Sending fast recovery prayers your way Megan had this done last month so I know how you feel about leaving her overnight but it's better to have her there so they can watch her
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Sending good vibes!
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I'm sending "good spay" vibes!
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Send " good spay" and "easy recovery" vibes to little Tango and hugs and calming vibes to You Ashley.
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I will be thinking about you. Elfie goes in next month and I know how you feel. I never worried before, but Elfie is so little, only 3.5 lbs and so I am really worried, so I will be begging for good vibes when it is my turn. I have had cats for years and never had a bad spay. If you need to make a garment for her like Jenny's Ellie needed, try a sleeve from a sweat shirt or long sleeved tee shirt. It worked well for our little dog. Elfie is so little I will have to get a child's sweatshirt, or maybe I could use a sock. Becky
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Tango will be fine:-).. She will come through her spay with flying colours, an absolutely uneventful recovery - and you will too:-).

My vet lets me visit with my animals if they are in for more than a day. Ask yours if you can stop by the evening after the spay and just reassure yourself that Tango is perfectly alright - albeit groggy:-). Some will and some won't, but it won't hurt to ask. Even if she won't, you can always call for a status update and hear that she is doing great.

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Ashley, your little Tango will be in my thoughts! Post an update when she is home.
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aww dont worry ash
Im scared of my baby going to get spayed too!

P.s did you get my last pm?
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Ashley, she will sail through it all and I'm sending you good strong vibes. I bet you can't wait until she's in your arms and home! She's very lucky to have a caring, warm, smart mama like you~~~
Sasha sends a wink to his cousin up north~
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I'll be thinking about you and little Tango on monday and sending *Good Vibes* your way. Keep us updated
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Tango is home! YAY! She is a bit angry at me but she's getting over it
Thanks everyone! You were all so right that she would be fine :
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Hurray! Tango's home with her Mommy!
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I'm glad she is back home
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Somehow I missed this I was about to send good vibes and then saw that Tango is home. I'm glad that it went well - so I'll send my vibes for a speedy recovery instead.

We've sent four girls to be spayed in the past and they've all done just fine. Our don't stay overnight here though, they go in first thing in the morning and we pick them up after work in the evening.
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Most Excellent, Ashley!!! I am sooooooooooo glad to hear this. Give her a day or so-- also she might not have the best appetite, but then again she could gobble everything. Each kitty is different~~
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