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Hi I'm new, just wanted to introduce myself. This is a great forum.. I have this darling 4 year old desexed male "Bronson". Hes black and white, and fluffy. I would love to post a photo but I'm not sure how to. I am thinking of getting a kitten (only thinking at this stage) Would a female be better and get her speyed? Has anyone got any advice on how it might affect him having a new addition to the family? I don't want to upset him too much cuz hes the number one cat in the house!!

Thanks Leo
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Ok I just read how to post photos
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Hello Leo, welcome to the site. Ok, lets see some pictures
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Hi, welcome to TCS, to you and Bronson!So glad you joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Picture posting info on the way, can't wait to meet your little boy! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hi and welcome to the site, can't wait for pics!
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Well here goes, Introducing Bronson Leroy 14/11/00

Ps: The photo is not upside down, this is how he lays on the lounge!!
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Oh, Bronson, you're gorgeous!What a purrfect model!
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Hey and welcome! I got both of my boys at the same time because I thought the companionship would be good for them. I am sure others here would have good advice for you.
DawnofSierra and SnowLeop and mferr have all been helpful to me.
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Bronson is beautiful
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OMG he looks like my Pitufo. He even has the little black mark on the tip of his nose!
He is definitely a cutie!!!
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Wow!! Bronson will be flattered when I pass on all these compliments
Thank you all so much... My 7 year old and I love him extremely. That is the only reason I am having all these thoughts of whether to get another one.

By the way, don't fall for the "butter wouldnt melt in my mouth look" Bronson is not a big cat and usually is the one who gets beaten up by the local bully, however, a few months back, he bought home a live duck which he had to carry 200m and over the fence around to the back of our house. It was a fully grown duck and weighed nearly as much as he does. Needless to say, he was not given praise that day. (Im ashamed to say he did it twice and the second one didn't make it I think all my ranting and raving made him think twice about it as he hasnt done it since (well hasnt bought any home anyway)

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You are right, he does look like Pitufo!!! I love your darlings, they are gorgeous!!
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Aww thanks!

here is a pic of pitufo!
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Wow!!! That is Bronson!!! Its amazing..... I will try and find a better one to post......
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Heres another one... This is my favourite
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Hello and welcome!!!
Bronson is one beautiful boy!!!

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Awww Bronson, he definitely has a little more white on his face but I do love his little black mark on the tip of his nose!

Here is my favorite pic of Pitufo!
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Pitufo has the sweetest face. They both have green eyes and those loooong whiskers!!!!
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Hi Charcoal. What a cutie little cat
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!!
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Morning everyone I forgot to add yesterday a little bit more about Bronson and the people who he chose to care for and love him
Bronson lives in Queensland, Australia, however he was born in New South Wales. He was a 3 month old stray when my son and I brought him home, and he settled in straight away. Not great in the car (and I mean NOT great) we moved 5 hours from NSW to QLD and he literally chewed his way out of the large 'strong' cardboard box I had him in. Ok so hes strong, hence the ability to carry large feathered varieties As I mentioned yesterday I have a 7 year old son, who is so gentle with 'The Bron'. Great mates, although, one wants a dog of his own, which I have put off for another 12 months thank goodness. Bronson is not going to appreciate that one. Maybe I should forget the idea of another feline companion

Our home has always had at least one feline inhabiting it. Before Bronson there was Yogi who suffered from Diabetes for 3 years with two daily insulin needles. She passed away 4 years ago at 13.

Anyway enough rambling. Hope everyone has a good day!!
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Originally Posted by Leo68
Pitufo has the sweetest face. They both have green eyes and those loooong whiskers!!!!
Aww Pitufo says thanks! They do have long whiskers!
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Oh another Aussie! Welcome to TCS! I'm from NZ.
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Hi Wellington, pleased to meet you I am actually an adopted Aussie born in Christchurch!! I was going to say hi the other day when I saw that another kiwi cat prowls these parts. Have been here for 25 years last month. Would love to go back to NZ for a holiday, 1992 was the last time I went 'home'. Did you feel any of the big earthquake that hit off the South Island shore a few weeks back?

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Hi everyone
Well I went to see a friend's kittens and I weakened, so I wanted to introduce you to Charlotte who is 7 days old today!! She will be coming home to us at the end of January so I'd better prepare Bronson for the new arrival.

Would anyone have any advice on how I can help Bronson adjust better? Do I let them see each other straight away?
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Hi and welcome
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Welcome to the site

He looks beautiful!
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