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Stumpy owns Sam

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Our alpha cat Stumpy has always loved dogs, and grieved with the loss of each one over the years. When we adopted our 2 puppies last year, he was in heaven, and spent a good part of the last year training them to be his new "toys". Here is a picture we took of him the other night with Sam (now about 13 months old) - he loves to go up to the dogs and rub all over them. He sometimes will fling himself on his back between their legs and engage them by whapping at their faces. The dogs oblige back by licking or nibbling on him. I love to see dogs and cats interact like this!

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Amy that is such a cute picture!! And of two adorable subjects too.
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Aww how cute!
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That is one cute photo!
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Omg has that bupbup grown OR WHAT!!! Wow! Gorgeous pic.
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awww. i remember my dog with our cats... immagine having 8 kittens trying to jump on a dog and forever trying to catch his tail lol.
He ended up getting used to the cats and became their protector.
He always barked and made other cats away from our territory.
he knew which ones were ours
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Great picture! Want to kiss them both!
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OHhhhh, I want a dog!!! Love the pic!
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Sam is such a photogenic dog - rarely get a picture of him that isn't a good one. His brother Spike on the other hand is the "black dog", and we can rarely get a good picture of him. Our little puppies have grown into pretty good nearly adult dogs. People who meet them always observe what happy dogs they are.

Sam is pushing 70 pounds and has the full tail and back leg flumes like a golden retriever. Spike is pushing 80 pounds and is shorter but stocky like a lab. They graduated to the sofa a few months back so the cat/dog piles on top of us as we try to sit on the sofa are getting more challenging. Fortunately they all love each other so they just pile first on us then on each other.

But Stumpy just loves his dogs. I've had people over to the house that, when they see Stumpy with the dogs, declare "OMG that cat loves dogs".
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Awwwww, that is so sweet! They're adorable!
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