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Someone call the "Whaaaaambulance" please...

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I'm sick. Pity me, all right?

I had a head cold a week ago, which migrated to my chest. And then, this morning, I woke up with the worst headache and striking blasting pain in my ears. BOTH ears.

Saw the Dr. Guess what? I've got a raging ear infection in both ears. Amoxycillin, which makes me not feel well at the bottom end. But I'm taking it, so the top end feels better. NEITHER feel better. And I've got to fly next week. Oh yippeeee joy.

Then I had to go to the DMV, and their stupid automatic number caller upper thingy broke, so chaos reigned. What should've taken 45 minutes took 2 hours. So of course I was late for my appointments in my office.

Then I wanted to pay for my fathers and my airline tickets to Oregon next week. I couldn't remember what freaking airline I had booked us on, so it took calling 3 different ones before I discovered which one we were reserved on, and then I was able to pay. Thank God I remembered which only has 4 carriers, so choices were limited.

And then there was nothing enticing to eat for dinner, so I had a Hostess Cherry Pie. That was stupid. Now my belly's upset, too.

And of course, I stubbed my toe. For some reason, someone moved the wall in my hallway, and I thwumped my bare toes on it really hard. Of course, I had to sit down right away, and landed on Charlotte's tail. She shrieked like I was killing her, and swiped my ankle. Now I've got a couple of (well deserved) scratches on my leg, and my toe's black and blue.

And on top of it, I've got "Aunt Flo" visiting, and cramps which tylenol isn't touching. And my back hurts.

And all I want to do is sleep and eat chocolate.

Pity me. Call the Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance, reserved for whiney grown-ups who've had hard days. And send me over some cheese with my whine, all right? And make sure the guys with the big butterfly net and nice white coats are at least cute and smell good. That would be the best thing happening to me today...


Best (but right now, that's not so good...)
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Oh Michele! I can so relate to your post. I'm on my second week now of feeling poopie and on my second round of antibiotics because the first ones took care of one symptom (the upper respiratory infection) but not what it migrated into (sinus infection, double ear infection). And YES, the antibiotics have this wonderful way of making the stomach all crappy. Guess what? I got "my friend" last week too and all I could think was "what did I do to deserve THIS???"

Try to get rest and take good care of yourself (good luck around the holidays right?) -- I do hope your feeling better soon!! (lots of gatorade, lots of soup! and yes, chocolate )
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OH my!
Honey I can't offer much except to ask what type of cheese you would prefer?
I do hope that you feel better soon, someone puts that d*nm wall back where it belongs, Aunty Flo can shove it, and you can find some peace
What's your address? I'll mail you enough chocolate for the next year

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You poor thing! What a day you've had. I'm sending get well vibes and feel better now vibes as well. I'm including cyber hugs and soothing mint cyber tea for your tummy ache and the heat of the tea should sooth your ears as well. Elavate your aching toe and put an ice pack on it as you call in sick for the rest of next week and sleep to your hearts (and healths) content! You have my permission to feel as sorry for your self as you wish. After all you are sick, tired and in pain from various things and should rest and get lots of kitty snuggles. Pull the shades, unplug the phone, over feed the kitties and take a break!
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Originally Posted by ComeresMom
I got "my friend" last week too
more information than needed
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LOL don't forget to "LA LA LA LA" over

And on top of it, I've got "Aunt Flo" visiting, and cramps which tylenol isn't touching. And my back hurts.
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Sometimes it seems good to be a guy...but no matter.

Please get well soon...flying sick is one of the worst things to do.

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Aaaawwww Michele! You have every reason and right to whine. How about some nice Provalone? Maybe some Gouda? Or would a Sharp Cheddar be more to your liking?
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Awwwww.. Michele When it rains, it pours :/ I'm sorry lovey, but things will get better, i promise(they relaly only can go up)
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Michelle, I hope you feel better, I'll be sending you some good vibes.
Try to getsome rest.
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I think the best place will be the bed, surrounded by Simon, Charlotte (should she forgive me), Esse and Pie...with a good book, and some English Toffee.

It's just been such a rough day...and Spotz, you're right. Flying with ear infections promises to be exceedingly painful...although not contagious. I really hope this abates by then. I'm smart enough to have cancelled skydiving this weekend, because my ears would explode and my brains would leak out the sides of my head, and then where would I be?? But still...flying next week is not something I'm looking forward to.

G'night all...and sorry for being such a crankybutt. I'll be working tomorrow for a bit, but then I can relax the rest of the day (if you call laundry, housework and packing "relaxing"...), work on Sunday, Monday, and Tues until I leave. Yes, I think I'm going to bed now.

Thanks for the vibes and suggestions...I think some Mint tea would be really I'll add that to my "take to bed" list.

And Ash and Heidi, a good, well aged sharp cheddar would be preferable....LOL!

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Originally Posted by noni
...And send me over some cheese with my whine, all right? And make sure the guys with the big butterfly net and nice white coats are at least cute and smell good. That would be the best thing happening to me today...

Hope you feel better tomorrow.
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My advice to you is to do a couple of shots of something strong, pull the covers over your head, strategically place the cats around you, and sleep for the next 24 hours. Oh yeah, and take a lot of decongestants before you fly.

Sorry you had a rough day, but I have to admit that I laughed through your entire post!
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Oh, Michele, sometimes when one thing goes wrong it just seems to snowball into an avalanche, doesn't it?Enjoy your sharp cheddar, you can whine all you'd like after the rotten time you've had. After work, come straight home and snuggle up with your kitties! Hope you feel better very soon!
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I just saw this. My prescription would be a long, hot soak in the tub, accompanied by liberal applications of cognac. Back in the day, that worked wonders for me.
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I'll have to second that something strong here. Hey send some my way also. Hope you feel better soon and Miss Charlotte forgives you.
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MIchelle, sorry your not feeling well and had a rotten day, but just the way you wrote it cracked me up!
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What an awful day. It's O.K. to whine! I hope you are feeling better today!!
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Originally Posted by ComeresMom
LOL don't forget to "LA LA LA LA" over

I did not need to know the "Aunt Flo" info.
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Ok my hubby is a bit dence when it comes to our little pet names for this bodily function. I guess there are a lot of them out there and we women pick up on the "vibe" instantly. (Yes Iceman is my hubby and I got him hooked on cats)
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Your wall moved?? what are your houses built out of???
or am i silly?? i cant move my wall unless i chop it up and its made out of brick!
Im sorry youre having a bad day, my days havent been any better.

I was in a huge fight last night and as i was crying i couldnt breathe and my heart was beating weirdly and i was shaking wayy too much.
Still havent discovered whats wrong with me

But i would suggest you to soak ina nice bath coz thats what im going to do
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Michelle- mate, I truly hope you feel better soon! Sorry I did chuckle a bit with your description.
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For those of you who laughed at me - for shame! LOL, just kidding. One of the things that keeps me sane when the world piles on me is my sense of humor. I was sicker that you know what last night, but if I can get it out, and laugh at it (or create something someone else laughs at), then it's easier to make it through.

Thankfully today didn't go so badly...I did have a committee meeting today, and had about 4 hours of stuff I needed to re-write, but my assistant training director (I am the training director) stepped up and saved my butt....she's getting a nice gift tomorrow. A really nice bottle of Chambord...raspberry liqueur. I did buy some for myself, too, and some raspberry chocolate ice cream, so I'll have a nice dessert tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a bear - I've got clients in the morning, and another set in the afternoon...laundry didn't get done, nor did the last bit of Christmas shopping...but I'm still under the weather quite a tad, so that will either happen or it won't, and it's all right either way.

A bath, some Orange Chicken, and then my decedent dessert, and then off to bed with me ears still hurt a lot!

And Charlotte, the sweet love, forgave me about 10 minutes after I posted. She came up to the back of the chair (one of "her" spots), and cuddled on me. I kissed her tail, and she was alllllll better.

Thanks for the get well vibes and thoughts - I really do appreciate it. I hate ear infections...

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