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Guess what we brought home from the hospital

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Had quite a scare yesterday.... We came back from doing some shopping and I suddenly noticed a strage wetness... I was afraid my water may have broke (long long before time - I'm on week 22).

I called our health service help line and was told to go to the hospital immiately, so off we went. Just as we went into the hospital and got past the registration desk, I suddenly heard a faint meow and saw a little kitten about 6 weeks old or so. I have no idea what this little thing was doing inside the hospital but there he was... Worried as we were and anxious to see the doctor, there was no way I could leave that little thing crying there. I was pretty sure that soon enough someone would notice him and throw him outside. So I insisted that we take the kitten and put in in the car (it was evening and cool)

I know it sounds a bit silly, but I felt that I came there so worried about saving my baby and here was this little baby also waiting to be saved by someone... You know what I mean? like a karma thing...

The doctors did a whole set of tests and made sure that everything was okay. I am not a bit dilated and there is no uterine activity, so they say it was a false alarm. The baby is doing just great, kicking around in plenty of fluid (we could see on the ultra sound).

And now we have a little kitten we need to find a home for. He is so cute! He was very hungry but he seems to be very healty and full of life. After a eating and sleeping (and pooping all in his little litter box!), I gave him a bath today (he was very dirty) and combed out all the fleas (I hope we did get all of them ). He is now playing happily with just about everything he can find. He is the purring snuggling kind of kitty and I know that his future owners are really going to have lots of fun with this little one!b
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This may sound crazy, and after all it is 3:30 a.m. and I'm exhausted from work at the bar...but I think this little bundle of love is a good omen.

The compassion you showed this kitten is wonderful considering the anxiety you must have been feeling, and I am so happy that everything is fine with your baby.

Both little ones will have much love and happiness to look forward to, as will their families!
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what a wonderful story! I believe in karma as well, and it sure sounds like to me that you were meant to find this little guy!
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It is true that all things are connected.
All the what-if's happened to you that night!
Thank God you are BOTH OK now!
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He's right here with me on the bed now. He is clean and well fed and mainly wants attention It's been a while since we had such a little one at home You know, I think he is about the size of our baby right now
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Think he would like to stay?
Any nanes running around in your head?
He is probably saying please or please keep me! I won't take up much room!
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Anne, what a wonderful story! Your baby is blessed to have such loving and compassionate parents. If the kitten stays, your little one will have a pet to grow up with.

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Dear Anne,

I truly think that kitty is an omen also. That was no coincidence and I also believe that this little furbaby and yours can grow up together. Bond is a strong thing. Let kitty purr on your belly so your little one can hear him. There is definitely some kind of connection there. Let him stay. What's one more poop in the box, as I say. And I've got 7.

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Much as I'm tempted to keep him, I think we'll have to find him a new home. We live in a tiny house with 2 cats and a dog and space is going to be even more limited for the cats now with the baby coming. Financial cost is also an issue. Our pets get the best care possible with the most expensive food, treats, toys and medical care and we won't settle for less. Yet, with me making zero income we are pretty much stressed to the limit there.

Hubby and me have a deal. We rescue every cat or dog that comes our way, but we then find them homes. Except from Mishmish, the cat that started it all , out other cat and the dog were adopted from shelters when we felt we could make room and afford to take good care of them. Over the past 2-3 years we have rescued more than 20 cats and dogs. I was tempted to take in each and every one of them but hubby was the voice of reason. He is right really. The only way we can afford to keep rescuing animals is by finding them good homes as soon as possible.

Rest assured though that the little guy will stay with us as long as it takes to find a good home. He will only go to a home where I will be convinced the new owners are willing and capable to take good care of him for the rest of his life.
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Anne - you are right!
Good luck on his little journey to a new GOOD home.
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What a wonderful story...with a happy ending for both your growing baby and the little furbaby you saved! I am sure that you will find a wonderful home for him and he will live happily ever after!
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Anne...What a wonderful story. That was so thoughtful of you to take the kitten home with you. I hope you find the little guy a real nice family.
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Maybe someday you will be able to tell your child the story of the baby kitten you found at the hospital and how he was a special sign of good luck.
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Oh Anne! What a wonderful story!!!!! I believe in karma and I think it was Gods way of telling you that there was a little furbaby in need of help and that is why he sent you to the hospital!
I am also VERY glad that you and your baby are fine! i was worried for a minute! (of course I was curious that maybe you had your baby and I missed it cause I haven't been on for long periods of time! )
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Anne - any progress in finding new baby kitty a good home?
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The little devil is still here He is so cute! But you know how cats of this age are...

We have put some notices in town and in the cat shelter and will keep posting some more.

One of our friends contacted us today and said he was looking for a cat. But they have a little cat and they're lookin for a docile adult so I referred him to the shelter...

I have patience - I know he may be with us for a few weeks before we find him a good home. I just hope I still have my hearing by then (he has taken to sucking my earlobes
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The kitten, now named Saki, has gone to a new home! He's turned out to be a very sweet and affectionate little guy and I really do miss him. But his new people are great people (hubby's collegue + his girlfriend) and I think he's found a good home!
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Anne that is good news for you and little Saki.
It sure is hard to say bood-bye - but maybe 'auntie Anne' will be able to visit now and then?
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