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Need Advice Please Help

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Hello to everyone! Its been awhile since i posted and im sorry but ive been busy. I need some advice about a pet of mine and i know this forum is for cats but i dont know where else to go for some much needed advice.I have a dog that is part black lab and part collie. Ive been trying to find her a new home for quite awhile with no luck at all cause of her temperment.When i got her as a pup i thought she would grow with my kids but instead she has tried to bite my 2 yr old daughter twice.I asked a dog trainer about her behaviour and he told me that if shes aggressive and has tried to bite she will likely do it again and it could be bad so he told me i needed to find her a home with someone that dont have small children and is willing to take her. Thats where im stuck cause nobody wants a dog like that.Shes has her shots and shes fixed and she is a year old. My 3 cats get along with her to a point as long as she dont bother them but bringing her in the house means i have to put their food up so she dont eat it and it upsets them badly and i also have to put the litter box up which causes my cats to get upset and they find somewhere else to use the potty in my house which is a no no. I have her living outside cause im to afraid shes going to really hurt my 2 yr old cause she dont understand to her the dog is a play toy.I wont give my dog up to just anyone cause she really is a good dog she just needs more attention then what i can give cause i had to get a job to make ends meet and cant spend alot of time with assured that i know its winter but not to worry she has the coziest doghouse their is i make sure she is plenty warm and if it gets to cold i bring her in but plz if anyone can help me with advice i really could use it because i love her very much and just want the best for her.Please Please help Thankyou Kittens
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kittens...I would really suggest you post this over on the Petfinder message boards...I don't know dog behavior very well and would be concerned about advising you incorrectly. Since Petfinder is a message board filled with rescuers/shelter volunteers who work with dogs on a daily basis..they would probably have some good advice:

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Hi. Your dog's behavior is typical of a dog of that mix and of that age. This is why it is CRUCIAL to take puppies to obedience classes at the age of three months and continue to work on training every day. If the dog has not been trained from puppyhood, the aggression is typical of a young dog testing her limits. Your dog is a good dog, she's just untrained--plus, she's separated from the family and is probably unhappy. Dogs need to be with their people--their "pack." It's a rare dog who is happy living alone outside. At one year of age, she is still a puppy and is young enough to be trained and rehomed. If you can tell me what city you're in, I can find some resources for you, places for you to call for help in rehoming her. I'll check back tomorrow and get back to you.
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I just have to tell you that you cannot adopt this dog out to someone else now. First of all, who wants to adopt a dog who bites children? Secondly, if you do find her a home and she harms someone, you could be liable.

You need to have her evaluated to see if indeed the problem is fixable and due to lack of discipline and training and not a genetic glitch. Does this dog have any training at all? What kind?

How much exercise is she getting? Exercise is very important.

This is young mix of two very high energy dogs and being left in the backyard all the time is going to cause more issues and behavior problems.

Has she shown aggression to adults as well? She may merely be showing dominance over your child because she has been allowed to feel like she is in charge.

You got this puppy when you already had a baby and cats and say you have no time for her and that is not fair.

If you want to adopt her out, you need to work on her issues first. You also need to write up a contract and charge an adoption fee, because TERRIBLE things happen to animals given up for free.

Here is an article that should help, if you follow it:
Alpha Boot Camp
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Thanks so much for the advice i really appreciate it.Thanks for the article patc. I brought my dog in and im following what the article says and gonna try to work with her. I hope it works and so far she does understand the word sit. I taught her that when she was a pup but didnt realize how helpful that word is so were working together.Right now she is sitting right beside me watching me type.I do love my dog very much and want to help her any way i can. Shes a good dog.Im not going to give up on her. I will keep everyone posted on how shes doing with her training and thx again for the helpful advice and thx again to you patc you made a difference for me that im going to try.Kittens
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That's great news!!! Keep us posted!!!
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I wish you lots of luck and alot of times, things worth having don't come easy....keep us updated!
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update Gracie is doing great so far.Shes actually mellowed out from the last time i had her in the house all the time but she has came along way and i even have taught her to leave the cat food alone and just eat her own food so im making progress.When we let her out to the bathroom she doesnt run off anymore like she use to so thats great! As far as my fear with her around my toddler well were slowly making progress their to.i do keep a gait up that seperates her from my toddler if im not in the room just for safety reasons but they both communicate through the gait so its promising. I will keep you all posted the more progress im hoping to make and thanks for the replies i do appreciate them all. kittens
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thats really good
this dog only wants more love
I hope you get through it so you dont have to adopt her out
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Gracy has came along way and she is getting to be very obedient. Shes not as aggressive as she use to be shes mellowed out quite a bit. My cats dont bother her as much anymore and she doesnt bother them either.When she goes out to the bathroom we have her traind to where now she stays in the yard and does her business then barks to let us know she wants back in.Shes doing wonderful and i feel she will live with us for a very long time.Shes a great dog.
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Originally Posted by kittens
Gracy has came along way and she is getting to be very obedient. Shes not as aggressive as she use to be shes mellowed out quite a bit. My cats dont bother her as much anymore and she doesnt bother them either.When she goes out to the bathroom we have her traind to where now she stays in the yard and does her business then barks to let us know she wants back in.Shes doing wonderful and i feel she will live with us for a very long time.Shes a great dog.
Wow...great news!

I'm so happy to hear that Gracy will be a member of your family for a long time!
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Hello everyone. Thanks for all the replies.I really appreciate all of your encouragement for my dog but unfortunately something has gone terribly wrong.I mentioned awhile back how i was afraid that she would bite somebody and well unfortunately she did.My 2 yr old little girl got bit in the face pretty bad last night so i spent the whole night in the hospital.She had to have stitches in her face and her eye swellled shut.My 11 yr old daughter was in the the room with her when it happened she said melanie was walking passed the dog and tripped on her feet while she was chewing on her bone and she jumped up and bit her.I dont think gracy intentionally tried to hurt her.Maybe im wrong.I dont know but now shes in quarantine for the next 10 days and its up to the game warden if he feels shes fit to return home.Until then i have to sit and wonder what happens next cause i told them she was a good dog and i dont want her put to sleep cause she really is a good dog but they said that will depend on how her behaviour is with a dog trainer for the next 10 days.I will let you all know what happens when i find out. kittens
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Oh, I'm so sorry this has happened.

I hope your daughter recovers quickly, and I hope the best for your dog. Please keep us updated.
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some dogs get territorial over their food. i hope it all works out ok.
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Hello everyone.Thx for all your support but unfortunately my dog got put to sleep.They said her aggression was really bad and they didnt have a choice.I am so hurt over it.I didnt want her to be put down i guess i was hoping for a miracle but i didnt get it.My daughter is going to be fine she has a little bit of a scar and still has somewhat of a blackeye but its getting better.I havent put my dogs stuff away yet cause i just cant bare the thought of doing it just yet.I got to see her one last time before they put her to sleep and it just broke my heart so bad.I told her how much i loved her and how sorry i was and it didnt make things any better when she put her head on my shoulder almost as if she was saying goodbye.I hope she forgives me for this.I think about her nonstop everyday.I dont think i will ever get another dog because of this cause i feel like its all my fault that this all happened.She was my baby and she was doing so good i just dont know what went wrong.My kids finally started coming around but for awhile they hated me and told me i was wrong and ive tried to tell them that it wasnt my decision it was the animal wardens decision but they dont believe me.I guess their just hurting and givin time hopefully they will realize the truth.I will never forget her.Thx again for all the support.I really appreciated it. kittens
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I'm so sorry to hear that your dog was put to sleep!
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Usually once they taste human blood something changes in them. That is more than likely why they decided to put your dog to sleep. I hope your daughter does not grow up with a fear of dogs or she may get bit again-

moving this to crossing the bridge
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I am sorry to hear this. You will all be in my thoughts.
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I`m so sorry to hear that, my condolences... RIP sweet angel...
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