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Need help w/ kitten

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Yesterday (12/16) I replied to an ad locally. A lady said that she had himalayan kittens to give away. The lady said that she was old, just broke her arm, and was overwhelmed w/ cats & kittens. She couldn't afford to buy food for them or take care of them anymore. I've been wanting a persian, but I thought I was going to get a "good deal", FREE. Anyways, she had her brother meet me at a gas station w/ a kitten, I was told it was tame.
Well, it isn't tame. I currently have it in a pet taxi w/ a litter box, food, water, & a towel. I have let it out in a closed room 3 times. 2 times I've had to corner it & throw a towel over it to pick it up, and the other time I reached in & grabbed it w/ a towel.
I really do want to keep it, it is so beautiful, but it looks like it is several months old. I don't know if I should. I have 2 kids 4 & 10. They both know not to go in the spare room if the kitten is out, but I know that they are going to want to give it attention eventually. Right now they are scared of it though.
Any suggestions, or tips?
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You will have to give your kitty time to get used to you. Did this woman give you any registration papers? Is the kitten matted? Is it a boy or girl? Does it have shots? Leave the kitten in the room alone for now. Only visit when you can sit quietly and read out loud to the kitten. DO NOT pick it up or throw towels over it. This will only terrify it more than it is. On the home page to this site there are several articles on feral kitties and how to calm them. I think this is what you will have to do. It may take several weeks or even months, but the results will be worth it.
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If she met you at a gas station, chances are good she is either a kitty broker, nd has to many kittens right now and needs to get rid of a few. Purebred cats in kitty mills are generally sickly, unsocialized and terrified because of the rough treatment they get. They are crammed into cages, taken away from the mom way to early and do not know how to get along with people or other animals.

I would really treat this cat as a feral to some extent- here is an article about working with feral cats

And Teresa is spot on, let the cat out of the cage or carrier and don't be throwing towels over it or grabbing it up-
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okay, no more towels. I was just trying to protect my self.
No papers, vet records, nothing. She sd that it was still trying to nurse from the mother. It is probably about 8-10 inches tall, so really I'm not sure about the age. And I don't know if I have a male or female. The lady told me her story and just went on and on about her health and such. I just felt so sorry. I almost told her to bring me 2!
Anyways, I will definately read the recommended articles. Thank You.
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any idea of the age?

I suggest a snugglekittie and a trip to
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I'd guess about 5 months old.
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Here's an update- My daughter has named the kitty "Grimm", we still do not know if Grimm is a male or female. Grimm has started meowing and there is less hissing. I called the vet today & he gave me clomicalm. Have you heard of it. I've been looking it up, and have found it used for seperation anxiety in dogs, but nothing on cats. I am going to give it a try. Here's to hoping for the best!
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Did the vet not tell you what sex the kitty is? If the kitty is 5 months old it is easy to see testicles. At this age you should begin to think about spay or neuter.

What about the kitties shots? It is important that the shots be given to protect your kitty from airborn illnesses, distemper comes to mind.

Has the kitty been wormed? All these things need to be done ASAP.

A vet that would prescribe medication for a kitty he hasn't seen could cause the cat to become ill. He needs to check for heart problems and the weight and worms before prescribing meds or it could cause more problems.
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Well, the vet didn't even ask for me to bring Grimm in. I just called & asked if I could give Grimm anything to help calm him/her down. The vet said sure, I'll get you something, just stop by. I have used the vet for about 11 years now. He is very good, but yet now I am kinda second guessing him........... I am taking Grimm in to be spayed/neutered in a few weeks.
I did give Grimm a partial dose of the clomicalm. Grimm hasn't eaten dinner yet, but I am keeping an eye out.
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I would find another vet, even if you have used this one for 11 years. Mine will give me medication by a phone call as well but only if he has seen the cat! Please get Grimm to a vet for a full check-up
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oh good grief - the things people do

how wonderful of you to give this kitty a 2nd chance at life

I cant offer much advise but wanted to let you know that we are all here supporting you as you go through this - and I agree with Hissy - I would try a different vet as well.

good luck and keep us posted
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Your story is making my head spin and my brain hurt.

Your vet -- probably because of your long relationship -- was really casual about offering what sounds like an inappropriate medicine for a cat in Grimm's circumstances. If you can get him to be realize you are concerned about Grimm's complete health needs you might get better results

Grimm is going to need a lot of reassurance and health care right away to take care of all the issues already brought up by other board members. It sounds like your kids have a good attitude toward the little guy or girl and are willing to be patient while these things are worked out.

Thank you for taking care of Grimm - you're saving a cat's life -- and teaching your kids a great lesson in kindess, responsibility and committment. Perhaps your older child could sit in the room with Grimm and read to him/her for 10 minutes or so.
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Grimm update. After my last post we decided to let Grimm have all access to the house, (actually it was kinda an accident), it was a hide & seek game during the day, but at night Grimm would come out in the open and meow and let us admire from a distance. Well my son was taking out the trash & Grimm got out. I left the door open to the storage room on my carport & put food & water out. To my surprise, Grimm never wandered very far. Well last night I was cleaning out my car & looked up & seen the cat watching me and then it started meowing. To make a long story short I was able to coax Grimm back into the house, and Grimm is more trusting of me now, even took a treat from my hand. Still won't let us touch, but is definately wanting attention. Grimm has been meowing all of the time!!
So, vet visit is scheduled for March 3rd. Hopefully I will be able to get Grimm in the carrier without upsetting him too much!!
We are so excited! We'd just about given up hope of ever being able to tame him.
Just thought I'd let you know. Thank you for all of your replies!!
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Hi there,

Congrats on the new kitten. Good to hear Grimm is settling in a bit. I wish you the best with him and we love pictures!

Keep us posted.

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Well, Grimm is just as sweet as can be. Still a little skiddish every now & then, but very friendly!!
I was going to post a photo but I couldn't figure it out.
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