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Lemony Snickets

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Can anybody tell me anything about this author and his books? I'm not really finding much except some people are complaining they're too violent and dark and others are saying they're no worse than Harry Potter.

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ok I read the first 2 books and found them depressing and morbid. Nothing positve ever seems to happen to the kids where at least in Harry Potter ( I have read all 5) he has great friends and wonderful adults to help him.
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The books are quite dark, no where near what most kids should read, but I found that I enjoyed them for the most part... If you want something similar to Harry Potter, just go with Harry Potter,
One thing though, there are the Harry Potter "Adult" versions (not meaning dirty or racy of course) and though I have never read those I have heard Lemony Snickets compared with them...
All in all I would look up in depth book reviews and see if they would be something you are interested in....
We all have different tastes
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There was a review tonight here on the local evening news. Joel Sigel basically said the rule should be "if you can read the books, you can see the movie" which illiminates small kids. They are dark tales.
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I love the books and can't wait to see the movie!
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I just saw the movie this evening!! Older kids might enjoy it,8-12 ages
younger than that it might be scarey. Every guardian these children have are killed. Not to give away the movie. But thats important when showing this to the little ones. We took ages 5-14yrs of age. Only the 11yr really liked it.
The two teenagers picked it apart. and the under 7 which there were three said it scared them and was sad.
I enjoyed the movie but the book is 100 times better.
Hope this helps if your thinking of taking the little ones.
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i enjoyed harry potter,
I havent heard of the Adult version though???
And i havent heard of lemony snickers
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I have all the Lemony Snicket books, there ok but I wouldn't take a young child to see those movies nor would I allow a young child to read them.
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I don't think it would be anything that I would be interested in.....
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They are wonderful books, but they are dark and for older children. I think my son was in the 3rd grade when we discovered them. Yes, the children's lives are full of terrible suffering (like being given only gum for supper and other ridiculous things like that) but they never give in to despair. They are always looking on the bright side of things and they always stick together. We're looking forward to seeing the movie.
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We're looking for something to take the place of Captain Underpants for my son, he's in 3rd grade this year. I want him to keep reading and books like that keep him reading. But he refuses to graduate off the Captain Underpants books. He likes them too much.
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