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Look at this cute kitten!

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Early this morning I found a kitten on my front yard, I gave him some food and water but my cats did not like him so I had to put him outside. I heard that he was here for a few hours and when I came home he was gone. I have never seen this kitty before and if he comes back I'm going to look for his owners and if I don't find them, I will take him to the shelter. He deserves a better a life than this.

This kitty is so sweet!!!

Aww I love this pic!

Looks like a boy!

I took this pic before I left.
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Oh, he's too precious! I hope you find a good home for this sweet baby.
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Oh Tina, he's just precious! I sure hope something works out for him.
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I went out looking for him tonight but I couldn't find him. (maybe he has an owner) He was a little dirty this morning but it was raining. Hopefully he comes back and I can look for his owner, if not than I'm going to see if I could find him a furever home. The shelter is my last option.
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what a beautiful kitty!
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Awwww, what a sweet face!
I hope he does already have a home and was just out on an adventure.
If not I hope he shows up at your door again so you can help that baby out!
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What a cute baby. I hope you are able to find a home for it. He looks like he's been outside for awhile. At least you have given him some food.
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He looks so comfortable around people - I'm sure people will be lining up to take him and give him a home.
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what cute pictures i sure hope you find a nice home for that little angel
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Oh he is so cute, he doesn't look in the best condition so perhaps he hasn't got a home. Good luck finding him one Tina.
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Whoa so cute i would have taken him in if i were you
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Thank you guys, unfortunately I haven't found the kitty. I looked for him around the neighborhood and couldn't find him. My neighbor told that she hasn't seen him since that day. The reason why I couldn't take him in was because I was leaving to go to work and my kitties didn't like him. (Gordo and his 2 brothers did not like him) I feel bad for him because it's going to get cold tonight, we are going to drop to 50 degrees and tomorrow we are going to drop to the low 40's and with the wind it's going to feel like in the low 30s. Hopefully someone saw him and took him in. I'm not giving up and I'm going to continue to look for him.
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Good luck finding him a home!He is so cute!
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