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Cat fiction

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Given that everyone here enjoys time with cats and cats in general, you might (or might not) enjoy the following books:

The Catfantastic series. I have volumes 1-5, they are all anthologies compiled and edited by Andre Norton and feature fantasy, science fiction, and other stories featuring felines. Some stories feature recurring characters, but it is possible to start in the middle of the series and not be lost. Be warned, as some are sad -not many, but some.

The Quotable Cat is a Barnes and Noble book full of quotes selected by Denise Little. Good Cat stuff here.

Lastly, the Cats of Ulthar is a good cat story by HP Lovecraft.

Any other recommendations out there?
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My brother gave me a book called "Dancing With Cats" by Burton Silver and Heather Busch. It's a series of photo's and interviews with all different kinds of people who dance with their cats. Two memorable quotes from a little girl who said "Pussy tail does wiggles that make me want to do I don't know why things." and "Cat's never ever eat fairies, except sometimes by mistake." There is another book which I don't have (yet) called "Why Cats Paint".

I also have a pair of books called "The Ghatti's Tale" (Book One: Finders Seekers, Book Two: Mind-Speakers Call") by Gayle Greeno. Fantasy novels about a truth-seeing telepathic species of cats, and the humans they bond to.
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"Why Cats Paint" is a hoot. The 4th chapter, "Other Forms of Artistic Expression", is my favorite. Being biased, of course, I think that the couch shredding sculpture my dear departed TJ did was far superior to that amateur on page 82. It is still on display at my dad's house. We should charge admission...:tounge2:
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