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Introducing a new cat to your other felines advice...PLEASE!

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Vega just got here today and I have no clue how to introduce her to my 8 month old Siamese sisters. She sat in her carrier and they came to the door and smelled and her and such and then starting hissing at her. It was a shock to hear them hissing (I have never had them hiss at *anything* ) and of course she was scared and went to the back of her carrier.

Sparkles & Kesara are now in the basement, but I don't want to have to keep them in the basement long term, because I am rarely down there (it is unfinished) to play/socialize with them. Vega is in my daughter's playroom, which is an add on to my room. And she is comfortable and not the least bit scared. She follows me and my daughter where ever we go in the room, and the room is *small*

Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated
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Congratulations on your new addition to your family! I would recommend that you read this article and this thread ! You will find a great deal of helpful information there! Please feel free to ask us anything at all and keep us updated how your introduction process is going!
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Thanks a lot for the links! And I forgot to add that Vega is one BIG kitty, she is only 7 months old and she is solid weight. She is heavier than my 8 month old girls by *far* I think she needs to loose some weight, lol.
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We are going through pretty much the same thing right now. Bijou is a very big solid boy and Mika (our daughter's kitten - sister of Bijou but from a later litter) is very tiny and our daughter has moved back home with Mika.

We have been keeping Mika in our daughter's bedroom with food, litter, water, etc. during the day while we are at work and let her out with Bijou in the evenings and weekend. They will run and chase each other but then it starts to get a bit rough so we separate them for a time out.

We are renovating so there is a gap between the door frame and the wall to Jennifer's room so they can see each other and can actually reach their paws through to each other, so we think they are at least relating to each other.

At other times after some running and playing Bijou will lay down and Mika will literally lay on top of him. He'll groom her and she grooms him. After the nap it's back to play time and again sometimes it gets rough. I believe (but I'm no expert) that they are still sorting out who is the alpha cat. Although Mika is much smaller she doesn't back down.

We keep both their claws clipped so they won't scratch each other, but they sometimes bite each other fairly hard. That's time out time.

We plan to keep them separated when we are not here to supervise for quite a while yet - at least until Mika gets bigger.

So far this is working for us, so maybe you can set something like that up for your 3.
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