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Busy week

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Last Wednesday, I started in my new position - "soft" collections. Had to learn a new computer system, as well as deal with an auto-dialer. It turns out that this job is easier than inbound customer service. To boot, I have REGULAR hours - no more 5:00 a.m. starts!

We are all doing very well. The head honcho was in, this week and he is pleasantly surprised at how well we are doing, for beginners. My new supervisor is much better, too. He doesn't nitpick and ride his team, over little stuff.

We got a performance bonus, from the client and it was distributed amongst the agents. Top performers were entered into a drawing, for gift certificates. My team had the most winners, including the grand prize: $1000.00. I won a $50 VISA gift card. Amazon.com, here I come!

Now that I'm getting re-acclimated to normal hours, I hope that I can be around here more.
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Congrats! on the regular hours, a better supervisor and an easier job
YAY! Sounds just wonderful
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Wow congrats on the $50 card, and yay for you being able to come on here more often!
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Wonderful news. Congratulations and way to go.

We'll look forward to "seeing" more of you.
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