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EEK, Interview!

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Pet store that I applied to just called and want me to come in within the next hour for an interview! I better go change and find something to wear! EEEEEK!

Wish me luck, vibes, anything!
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Originally Posted by chixyb
Pet store that I applied to just called and want me to come in within the next hour for an interview! I better go change and find something to wear! EEEEEK!

Wish me luck, vibes, anything!
Goodluck, good vibes, anything, everything! Hope you get the job!

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Get the job vibes I am sending You Meagan.... Keep us updated!!
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Best of luck - that would be a great job!
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I got a job working in the kennel area there. It is hard work and you learn a lot. You weigh the puppies each day and take their temperature. You write down any signs of weight loss or illness. If you notice something wrong with them you take them right to the vet. I will be working hand in hand with the vet. I clean the cages and take care of the puppes and groom them.

I was hesitant at getting a job with a pet store that sells animals, but I can tell they actually care about the animals and take care of them. The woman is quite nice, I start tomorrow evening and will be working with her and her husband and they will train me. With all this work I could actually get a job at a vets office, she said it is basically like being a nurse.

I am so excited to actually get a job, after a month of working there I will get a raise and an in-store discount. Woohoo, thanks everyone!
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Congratulations on getting the job!!!!
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Awesome news!!
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CONGRATS on your new job That is wonderful news
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Congrats on the new job!!!!!
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Congratulations! That sounds just great! I hope you enjoy it.
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Oh Meagan, such wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for you! I'd love to work with puppies!!! Let us know how it goes!!
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My warmest congratulations! Having said that I have to tell you I'm green with jealousy! I want a job working with animals!

Seriously, way to go!
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That would be great to work with animals!
Even though it is puppies!!
I am soooo just kidding, the cats typed that really.
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You see--things are starting to look up for you!
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Congratulations, Meagan! You must be so excited!You'll not only be earning great pay, you'll be doing something you really enjoy!
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Wonderful news and such great experience!
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AWESOME! I want a job like that too! When I volunteered at the local animal society they let me try being a vet assistant and I got hooked -- it is fun to work with animals

Congratulations on the new job! Ya-hoo!
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Meagan Congrats!!!!!
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Congratulations - that is such great news !

How fun to be working with puppies. As an aside, does anybody here besides me notice that puppy breath actually smells good ? What happens when they grow up ?
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Ick! We have a Shih Tzu puppy and I call her stinky, rofl, I don't like the smell. But I guess I have to get used to it!

I start tonight at 5 pm, whats great is I can wear whatever I want, even sweats! Because I will be getting dirty and not working with customers, which I didn't want to do anyways! This job will actually help me, I believe I have a bit of ocd, I can't stand being or getting dirty, can't stand doing any dirty work without wearing gloves and then washing my hands even after wearing gloves. This will help me get past it.

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I am just seeing this Meagan - congratulations! So it seems that life is looking better for you in Virginia?? I am really happy for you! You go Girl!
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aww CONGRATS!!!!
well im applying for an interview either at a supermarket or at burger king i know its so lame but i need the money
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Congratulations on your new Job!
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CONGRATS MEAGAN!!! woohoo! My Mum just started a new job too!
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Well I am back from my first time on the job, worked 5-10. My feet are soooo sore from standing, but I had a good time. I have already learned a lot, like how to take puppies temps and flush out their eyes and nose. It doesn't even smell like you would think it does back there. Once you see a poop you take the tray out and spray it down, then put it back. I work again tomorrow 9-3. Only bad thing is I miss my TCS!
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Meagan, I am glad it went well. Hope it runs smoothy tomorrow as well.

For my Mums new job, since she is such a heavy sleeper and has to get up at 5:30 am, I've told her I will wake her up - since I'll go back to sleep no trouble.
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Aww Meagan, I've just caught up with the thread. Congratulations . I'm glad you're enjoying the job now that you've started. Let's hope it helps you get a job in a Vet's practice - sounds like that's what you really want.

Well Done! Now - what to do with that first paycheck?????
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Yeah it is going good, my real dream would be to go to college for nutrition and fitness, to be a personal trainer. But I really do need a job where I am off my feet, sitting at a desk or so. My feet are in so much pain, it feels like I am literally standing on bruises. My heels hurt so bad, all from my foot condition, which I don't remember the name. I wear Dr. Scholls shoes to work, but still after a couple hours on my feet it can be unbearable. I came home and could barely walk or climb the stairs. I soaked them in a foot bath with a massager and some epsom salt. I am so tired, I don't know how I am going to do this, tomorrow I work 1 hour more then I did today, thankfully I have Tuesday off, but the rest of the week I am working.
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OH Meagan, I can relate to that foot pain your talking about. Years ago, I had a job in a Hallmark shop, and it was all standing. I can't stand for more than an hour or two and no matter what kind of shoes i wear, my feet kill me. I would look for excuses to kneel down at work...anything to get off my feet. Since then I"ve had office work, where I can sit down. I give credit to anyone who works retail or any job that you can't sit down much.
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