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My Siamese cat “Natacha†died last month. I would like to share the sad story of her death and pass my experience to cat lovers. Since then I still can’t get over it as I am still confused on what was the cause of her death.

I am living in a country on which the vet practicing & experience are focusing manly on treating farm animals. Pets are not lucky to have specialists.

Natacha started getting ill on May 2001. She had a frothy discharge coming out of her mouth. The vet diagnosed it as tonsillitis and gave her a course of antibiotic for 3 days.

On the third day because she was anorexic I asked him to give her B complex shot. She had recovered and got well.

One and a half month later the same symptoms reappeared again. They gave her another course of 3 days antibiotic but she had not responded to the treatment very well. She was suffering from short & fast breathing and frequent salivation. However she had not lost her appetite and her body temperature was with in the normal range. She appeared to be normal occasionally but listless.

After one month the symptoms reappeared again but it was much worse. She suffered from hard breathing (choking) and worse frothy discharge. The case had been diagnosed to pneumonia.

She did not respond well to the first antibiotic what made them change it to Sulfa. She became stable for only 1 day then she rebound. Her breathing became worse and worse and I sensed a mass in her distend abdomen. Despite of all of that she had never lost her appetite and she was drinking a lot. She constipated.

An x-ray had been recommended but she did not make it as she suddenly died.

When they made autopsy they said it was a heart failure but they have not specify the exact cause??

I need to know why she had suffered from pneumonia three times in 3 months. Is it common or well-known case, or there is a specific cause? Was it really pneumonia or that was something else? She used to eat only fish and she stopped eating it when she got ill and ate meat and liver instead.

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I am so sorry about your loss of Natacha. Unfortunately, I can't help you with your question. I would be just as confused as you. There are many intelligent, experienced cat owners here, though. Hopefully one of them may have an answer for you.
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I am sooooo sorry. I wish I knew what to tell you.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and Natacha.
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Dear Amel,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is difficult to tell, but your cat may have suffered from FIV or something like that which affects the immune system and makes the cat prone to infections. You can read more about it here:

It could have been other things as well. It's hard to tell.
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Thanks all for your nice words and sympathy

I have checked on the site you have recommended for me Anne! I don't think it was FIV as Natacha has never mixed with other cats besides she never got a fever and had no enlarged lymph nods.

I have made some other researches myself and I suspected on some leads which I really need to hear what the others think of them.

As I said before she used to depend on fish only for her meals which I read that there is an enzyme on fish which prevent absorption of vit. B1. As you may know the defecincy of it may cause a heart failure.

Another theory says that some Siamise may have congenital abnormality in the esophagus that may cause food to regurgitate and that result on respiratory problems.

I would be grateful if you could give me your opinion on these theories and if you have any other ideas??
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It could have been a nutritional problem if she fed only on fish. The best food for cats is good quality commercial food which is well balanced for cats' nutritional needs. Did you tell the vet at the time that she was fed only fish? Did the vet run any tests to see if there were any nutritional defeciencies?
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