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Is he a stray?

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We came home from shopping today and I looked away from the trunk where I was getting stuff and there was this gorgeous dark brown tabby cat walking over to me. He decided to turn and go down the sidewalk, which is when I noticed he wasn't neutered. I ran inside and grabbed a handful of cat food and brought it out, by this time he was 3 houses down and spraying a bush. He started to turn down the alley way but I called to him and he came over, I went to put the food on the ground and he imediately head butted my hand and started gorging on the food. He let me pet him, I could feel his thick winter coat, I couldn't exactly feel any ribs and he didn't look starved, but he acted like it. He had a sore behind his ear but didn't mind me touching it, more like a scab. He talked to me as well, I had never seen him before. Do you think he is a stray, or someones cat who just doesn't know much about cats? I worry about cats here outside because it is going to be in the 20's soon. He was such a sweet boy, he could easily find a new home if he were homeless.

Any idea on if I should act on this?
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chixyb..if it were me...I'd take him to get neutered....regardless of if he is owned or not...neutering will help him live a longer life AND will prevent him from daddying any litters come this spring (and it is cheaper and easier to recover from than spays). Since you don't know if he is owned, after he has been neutered, I'd simply build a shelter and see if he uses it. I don't recommend looking at the "condition" of the cat as a sign of it is owned or not...I've seen some very "healthy" ferals who obviously know where to get fed.

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Ok, if I see him again around here I will try and catch him, when I went out to get a picture of him he was already gone. Oh, and I made sure to wash my hands before I did anything else.
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Bless you for taking care of this kitty ..I hope you'll suceed with trapping and having him neutered..most of the time is hard to tell if a cat is feral, stray, porch pet..I was flabbergasted when my vet found two of the ferals I took almost flea-free, how many housecats have fleas (oc we medicated them for fleas and other parasites nonetheless)
Building a type of shelter is of great importance too..I set one in our backyard this year..best of luck, keep us posted.
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Hi Meagan - I agree 100% with Katie - get this guy neutered! Good luck with him - he sounds like a cat who's got it all: looks, personality, and most important, YOU to take care of him!!!
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A tip on how to find out if a cat is homeless: Put a collar on it and write your own name and number on it. If the cat goes home, the owner will call, and you will know it has a home.
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I have a friend who has done this - once she actually got an answer! I would caution you to use a breakaway collar if you do this, but personally I would be afraid to put a collar on him - I've heard too many horror stories of cats getting snagged on branches and fences and being unable to free themselves.
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