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so who has sent their Christmas/holiday cards already?

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I just finished writing mine, and was only goaded into doing so by having received 3 in the mail already. I don't know why, but I just kept thinking Christmas was weeks away.
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i finished sending mine to australia but i dont expect any in return.
I have only received one.. the rest of them probably forgot about me
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Yeah it's only 8 days away... surprise! I don't do Christmas cards... is that bad? I just don't know enough people to send them to... however this is the first year that I've actually received cards of my own, 3 already, so perhaps next year I will send some to those people, plus to my relatives, I suppose!

Yay that you just finished writing yours!
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I don't do Christmas Card either. The only people I ever get one from is my parents and Mom just does it so she can send one to the cats.
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I do Christmas cards! I have to mail out a few more cards tomorrow, and then I'm done!
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I'm overdue - shoulda mailed them last week. Gonna try to finish them up tonight so I can mail them tomorrow or monday
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I do it the lazy way: ecards! It's cheaper, faster, and allows you to send animated ones. The guy who delivers our newspaper (at 5:30 a.m.!) will get a card with a tip, though.
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I have some people that sent me some cards.... I will go to the PO with my SS and the cards that I am sending and im done.
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I'm so relieved to see not everyone has sent their Christmas cards yet!I'm doing mine tonight. I keep meaning to get them done, but as was said, I just thought Christmas was much further away! Tonight I can't find my green pen, so to those who receive cards from me, please forgive me for the unseasonable ink!
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All of my mailed ones are out. I'll pass out cards, at work, next week.
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Cards? Cards? You mean I have to do those yet, too? Oh, yeah!

I just came back from the post office, sending out my Christmas gifts. And one of those has to go out of state. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Last minute twofatcats, every year.

I haven't even started on my cards. And with my family and friends, it isn't just cards, it is letters, as almost all are out of state. Some of them I haven't seen in 20-45 years. I'll be sending out fewer cards and letters than I did years ago, but I still have my work cut out for me this weekend.
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I ususally do my cards in November and mail them out in the first week of December.......
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I have to buy some more cards. I mailed more than usual, this year and it seems that I like more of my co-workers, than I originally thought.
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The world can proceed according to plan, I've found my green pen!
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Well, I was so happy that I got my cards out in enough time that they'll be delivered by Christmas--then this weekend I was looking through some cards I had received and I noticed the dates on them. Then it suddenly occurred to me--I think I wrote 2005 on all my Christmas cards.

I am so embarrassed.
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I did all mine last Wed. Now I wish I was done shopping and all the packages were sent out...
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All mine are posted both here and overseas!
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I'm SO SO SO bad! I haven't sent my christmas cards yet and the overseas cut off date was the 12th of December. Meh.. you all might get them next christmas.
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*sigh* I am such a Maroon.... I sent out my cards on Saturday and the PO sent them back because I addressed the cards to me instead of the people that they were going to. I feel so bad. But my SS present has reached its destionation already .
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We just got ours out today. They told us they should still get there this week, except the one I sent overseas...
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I will be sending out the typical Christmas/New Year's card this year. I have been so busy getting ready that I haven't had time for the cards. Oh well, as long as I get them out early next week, they should be there before the end of the year.
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Sent all of my cards and packages out today. They said they should arrive by Friday, but if they don't, let's say I was aiming for New Year's Eve, so they're really early!
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