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Just another day at my house

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I just laughed so hard that my sides hurt. Had to share......

Today is my "power clean the house" day, so rather than sitting down to a decent lunch, I do the stand up, fix a quick sandwich and wolf it down before resuming.

In comes Muddy, my long haired black cat, who because he was a bottle fed orphaned baby and KNOWS that he owns me, thinks enough is enough and wants attention and he wants it NOW! *meow*, *meow*, *meooooowwwww*.

He follows me around the kitchen as I get the bread, lunchmeat, knife, make the sandwich, cut it in half and start eating. I'm pacing and he's following me step by step, all the time looking up and *meowling* at me.

I get thru about 3/4 of the first half of sandwich and he decides enough is enough. He jumps into the air at me, obviously expecting me to catch him. Guess what - he was right. I drop the sandwich and grab him just in time before he drops back to the floor. As I'm swinging him over my shoulder to give him the love he expects and deserves, in walks Spike (my black dog who until that time was napping peacefully on the sofa) and gobbles up the sandwich.

I grab the other half of sandwich with Muddy riding my shoulder and he makes a grab for the sandwich everytime I go to take a bite. He didn't want the sandwich, it was just getting in the way of me *LOVING* him. I placate him by letting him give the sandwich a little poke with each bite and hug him tighter. Spike's eyes follow every movement of the sandwich from his vantage point on the floor. I then take Muddy over to the ceiling fan to play his favorite game - sit in mom's arms while he bats at the ceiling fan pull. I have to use both arms on him as he lets go of me to play this game.

At that point the hilarity of the situation overcomes me and I start laughing. Muddy, still in my arms, just gives me another annoyed look as I was neither playing the game or petting him anymore.

Is this the most spoiled cat that you ever heard of? He is my little Mud-bug after all!!!
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Thats so cute! Muddy's definately got you wrapped around his paw
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Originally Posted by ash_bct

Thats so cute! Muddy's definately got you wrapped around his paw
too funnie!!!
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That's some covert team work I say!
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That sure reminds me of that old saying "Dogs have owners; cats have servants"

And I agree with Bathory - nice team work:-)

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Must be the "black" gang at my house!! Black cat, black dog......hmmmmm......

You said it right - he has me wrapped around his little furry paw! I love that little guy!!
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Wow! He's got you trained well! Don't worry, mine do too.
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Don't you love the way cats demand instant gratification of their needs?
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Awww,Muddy sounds like a cutie!
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